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Oct 2017
Youth Services Month

                                       District Governor's Message

Dear Rotary Friends and Family,

PDG Michelle O'Brien passes the gavel to DG Harry Kieling at Rotary District 5010 Conference in Sitka

DG "Iceman" Harry Kieling says,

Welcome to Rotary in Alaska and the Yukon. Our Rotary District is just one of many Districts around the world, but we are unique. We are one of the largest-from Nome to Ketchikan and from Homer to Whitehorse. We are phenomenal at attracting and retaining members because we give them an opportunity to serve their communities and the world and have fun with their friends while doing it.

Whether you are a long time Alaskan or Yukoner or just moved here, you will find a friendly and fun club nearby ready to welcome you. We'll give you an opportunity to serve your community and the world.
Rotary has an extensive array of youth programs, scores of local community service projects and an opportunity to be part of one of the most incredible projects in world history-ending polio. Our meetings are fun, interesting, and worthwhile. All you've got to do is let us know you are interested. We will take you to a club meeting or community project where you will meet Rotarians who are eager to show you why we enjoy being Rotarians.

30 Years of Women in Rotary - Photo taken at District 5010 Conference
Of course we have MANY MORE WOMEN IN THIS DISTRICT NOT IN THE PICTURE!!!  Congratulation RI for admitting women into Rotary!

District 5010 Governors and Future Governors
Harry Kieling District Governor 2017-18 Downtown Anchorage Club

Andre and Sherrie Layral District Governor 2019-2020 Fairbanks

Diane Fejes District Governor 2018-2019 Downtown Anchorage Club.
At Zone in Hardford, CT, District 5010 Governor string Left Andre Layral DGN, RI President Ian Risely, Diane Fejes DGE, RI Vice President Dean Rohrs and DG Harry Kieling. 

Caroline Jones wins prestigious award at RI Convention
 "The Sylvia Whitlock Award" 
Past RI VP Jennifer Jones, Past Trustee Carolyn E. Jones and Past RI President Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar. 

Congratulations to our own Carolyn Jones!

Carolyn Jones of District 5010 (Anchorage) is the first recipient of and holding the mother of all trophies: the Sylvia Whitlock Award recognizing individuals who have contributed to the success of women in Rotary.

[Dr. Sylvia Whitlock was one of 3 women whose membership in the Rotary Club of Duarte, CA led to the club's expulsion from Rotary; the formation of the "ex-Rotary club of Duarte; a lawsuit that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court; and the Court's 1987 decision that Rotary clubs in California could not exclude women from membership based on their gender.  Obviously the impact of that decision spread far and wide and today women belong to Rotary clubs all over the world.  Sylvia is believed to be the first woman president of a Rotary club; she is now a past district governor and still a Rotarian.]
Carolyn says, "I cannot tell you for a fact why I am the first awardee but I think it is because I was the first woman Trustee of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International and, thereby, the first woman to hold a senior Rotary leadership position."

Will Files wins the "Service Above Self" Award - Homer Club

  Rotary's highest honor recognizes up to 150 Rotarians each year who demonstrate their commitment to helping others by volunteering their time and talents.
Rotary District Conference 2018 in Seward

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District 5010 (2018) conference in Seward.  

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Be Humble, Be Kind, Take Action AWARD   - This is not a complete list.  More in the next issue! 
DG, First City Rotary Ketchikan, Dave Valentine.
Ketchikan 2000: Christine Newbill with President Sherrie Yunker

Kenai Kathy Heindl, DG Kieling
Sitka: DG and John Weltcamp
Seward:  DG, Lori Draper
Juneau Glacier Valley: Dan Dawson
Petersburg:  Dave Berg

Juneau: Innovators:  Bethany Gasson

Juneau Gastineau:  Julie Olson
Whitehorse:  Donna Swales
Barrow:  Mike Jeffrey
Juneau Downtown:  Bob Didier
Eagle River: Katie Justice
Kodiak Noon:  Dr. Bob Johnson

Soldotna: David Wartonbee

DG on the Road in District 5010 Alaska - Yukon
Lindsey Knight got DG to working out!  


(Juneau Rotaract treasurer Portland Highbaugh) with DG Harry and First Lady Pat at Juneau's Rotary clubs' Social at the Red Dog Saloon!
Whitehorse, Yukon:  DG Harry violated his own rule and used an acronym. Sarge at arms Rod Hill was delighted to fine Harry

DG Harry kicks off his new Rotary year in Ketchikan on July 4.  Here he is on First City Rotary's float and with First City Rotary (now outbound Conor Wodehouse to South Africa) and then inbound Giovani Corvelli from Brazil.  DG was in the boat with AG Roppel where he pulled the winning duck ticket from the creek as it made it to end before the others...



When you donate to the Foundation, we do many wonderful things!!!

Foundation! Foundation! Foundation!
There are some very exciting goings on in OUR Rotary Foundation world, and we here in District 5010 have a lot to be proud of!  Did you know that WE, District 5010, lead our Zone in Foundation giving participation?  That's right; over 70% of our Rotarians have contributed to The Rotary Foundation every year for the past 3 years, and that beats the Rotary International average by more than just a little!  That's great, but I think we can do even better.  Let's all strive to get to 100% this year! One way to do that is by making your contributions through Rotary Direct.  It's quick and easy to do; just download the form from www.rotary.org or you can complete the process through your My Rotary account. You can decide how much, where to direct the contribution and when you would like the contribution made.  It's that simple!  Questions?  Ask your club Rotary Foundation chair or contact me, District Rotary Foundation Chair Brad Gamble, or our Foundation Annual Giving chair Bill Ure.  We are here to help.

District 5010 also leads Zone 24 in the number of Major Donors to the Foundation and Bequest Society members!  These gifts ensure the strength of OUR Rotary Foundation not only today, but also well into the future.

Do you know what else?  This generous Foundation support by YOU is being put into action by YOU!  Through the Foundation Grants programs, we have 26 District Grant projects in progress by 23 of our clubs.  Our clubs and district are also participants in 5 Global Grants and we are currently funding a Global Grant Scholar in South Africa! That's why we have OUR Rotary Foundation; so that WE can do good in the world.  We have a dedicated and hard-working Foundation Grants team, lead by Alex Slivka, George Elgee and Denise Ringhand, making sure that these grants are administered properly and that good stewardship of the funds that YOU have donated is exercised.

And let's not forget our fight to End Polio Now!  We continue to make great strides in this effort and we are getting very close.  The numbers continue to move in the right direction, but we still get the occasional setback.  This just shows that we cannot let up on this promise we have made to the world.  We will Drop to Zero!  World Polio Day is October 24, so if your club has not yet made plans to increase awareness of our fight, then please consider doing so.  Our End Polio Now chair, Dave Kester would love to hear about any events you may have planned. Thank you for your tireless efforts and continuing support.  We are Rotary: Making A Difference.
-Brad Gamble, District Rotary Foundation Chair

District Leadership Academy
Greetings Fellow D5010 Rotarians!

My name is Jodi Stuart, your new District Leadership Academy Dean for the 2017-18 course year! I'm excited to begin work as your Dean. I believe strongly that being prepared with knowledge is the best way to be of service to my Club. I have been my Club's Secretary for 6 years before I started the process of becoming a District Leadership Academy graduate. I wish I had done it sooner! 

The information provided through the Academy is helpful as well as the relationships made with other Clubs and Rotarians. I encourage everyone that is thinking of being in a position of leadership to participate in the Academy. The Academy provides knowledge and resources while instilling an additional level of enthusiasm for the work that we do as Rotarians. I recommend getting a team together for every Club in the District to attend!

So, who is taking the District Leadership Academy? Presidents-elect, Presidents Nominee, Past Presidents, Assistant Governors, District Committee Chairs, as well as all club officers and directors and those who aspire to serve as leaders at the club or district level, are encouraged to enroll in the District Leadership Academy (DLA) program. The DLA is an 8 month series of courses in Communications, Membership, Public Image, Youth Services, RI Organization, and The Rotary Foundation. All courses are taught online " using the Global Classroom eLearning Center. 

Each course is taught by an experienced Rotarian with extensive knowledge in their specific course topic. There are times throughout the courses to catch up if you fall behind as well!
Since District 5110 (the Academy founding district) began the program 19 years ago, 12 Rotary districts have adopted the DLA to train their club and district leaders. In all, these districts have graduated more than 1400 Rotarians. 

Our District 5010 Leadership Academy training will provide our Rotarians with the broadest Rotary background possible, thereby enabling them to be the effective leaders that our clubs and district will need to grow and strengthen Rotary. All interested Rotarians are encouraged to learn more about the DLA and enroll for the Class of 2017. Download DLA information enrollment documents from our District Leadership Academy link on the D5010 website.

So, look around your Club and ask yourself, do I know what could make my Club the best Club it can be? If you do, come share your knowledge with the District Leadership Academy. If you don't, come get some knowledge from the District Leadership Academy! Overall, I want to invite all of you that aren't graduates of the program to join us. There is limited space, so make sure to get your application in early!

I look forward to being your District Leadership Academy Dean!

Jodi Stuart
Soldotna Rotary Club

Rotary Interact of District 5010
Michelle Strickler, Interact Chair, says:   We now have 13 Interact Clubs in D5010, an increase of 1 club this year with the launch of Petersburg Interact last fall -- so exciting!  The launch of that club resulted in at least one new Rotary member who is the Interact Advisor from the school.  We will see the launch of a new middle school Interact club in fall 2017 -- under the steady hand of Glacier Valley Rotarian, Dan Dawson.

Rotary Interact of Kayhi, Ketchikan, Alaska...sponsored by First City Rotary

Rotary Interact of Petersburg

Joint meeting of 2 Rotary Interact Clubs of Juneau

Club Mentoring and Leadership Training. by Andre Layral

While we are just a few months into the current 2017-18 Rotary Year, it is worth asking, "What is your club doing to mentor new members and intentionally  prepare future leaders in your club and beyond?".
Club mentors are the "welcoming handshake" of the club. How is your club mentoring members and preparing new members in all things Rotary? Having a well planned orientation program and an ongoing mentoring plan for new members is one key to engaging and retaining new members.

Helping new members feel comfortable in the club, and with Rotary, begins the learning process of being a Rotarian. Feeling welcome and engaged keeps members in Rotary. Serving one's club and
participating in club service projects is a key engagement strategy.One of the fundamental responsibilities of every club member is to serve their club. Clubs that have clear goals and strategies and communicate them frequently to their club members are more likely to achieve their intended goals. Help your members understand the purpose of various committees, and strive to match member interests, skills and abilities to better serve club committees.

Most clubs have trusted leaders assigned to chair club committees. Pairing new members with club committee chairs is a simple and effective leadership mentoring approach. Some clubs assign all members to one or more committees then provide training as a group at a Club Assembly. Other clubs may prefer to mentor 1:1 on an as needed basis, which can also be an effective strategy. Ask committee chairs to provide periodic updates on the purpose of their committee and key actions their committee is taking to meet club goals.

What attributes should your club be seeking in mentors and future leaders? Here are just a few:
* Has a high level of knowledge, dedication and interest in the club and Rotary
* Is willing and able to devote time and energy to provide guidance to new members
* Understands the operations of the club from social events to fund raisers
* Can articulate the bigger picture of Rotary such as The Rotary Foundation.

Committee Chairs, and the Rotarians they work with, each have different roles and therefore different needs as they serve the club. All committee chairs and mentors should be asked two questions:
1. What support will you most need in your role as Committee Chair?
2. What knowledge about Rotary, and skills will you need to develop that will help you most as a

A couple great Rotary publications that can help clubs start a Leadership Mentoring Program are
listed below:

Be A Vibrant Club - 245EN-A_be_vibrant_club_north_america-5.pdf
Lead Your Club - President's Edition - 222en.pdf
Rotary Basics - rotary_basics_en.pdf

The D5010 District Leadership Academy is an excellent program that prepares Rotarians who have interest in serving in the District level.  
For more information, go to:

Project Amigo 2017
Anchorage South Rotarian and group interpreter, Kailie Abascal, putting toothpaste on donated toothbrushes for students.

District Gov Nominee Diane Fejes and eight Anchorage South Rotarians headed South to Cofradia de Sutchitlan in Colima, Mexico to participate in a Private Work Week at Project Amigo last week (March 18-25). The Rotarians brought several hundred pounds of clothing donations to provide to the participating schools of Project Amigo.
During the Private Work Week, the Anchorage Rotarians painted a school and school furniture, distributed donations, helped teach dental hygiene, read with students, participated in art projects with students and had great one on one time with the scholarship recipients of Project Amigo.
Friendships were made, hugs were shared and tears were shed when we said our final good-byes! We all left Project Amigo humbled and incredibly grateful for what we have and wanting to give more, but most importantly as better Rotarians!

L to R: Past DG Terri Hall, Anchorage South Pres. Jess Gutzwiler, Denise Kipke, DGN Diane Fejes, Julia Tucker and many students of Plaza de Toro enjoying the recently painted furniture!

RYLA 2018 in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada May 3 to May 6, 2018.
The Rendezvous Club is going to make this happen in 2018.

  The dates chosen are  May 3 to May 6, 2018.  This is our first choice and I'm confident this will work.  We had to give an alternate date (week before).
Passports are mandatory. RYLA FOLKS...PLEASE PLAN AHEAD!

Rotary Cares for Kids
This very short video really captures the emotion and the need:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QnYLdlmXgY (2 minutes)


Youth Exchange Fall Orientation - Wonderful Team of Youth and YEOs!!!

Juneau Clubs...Five Club Team!
Presidents: Jamie Letterman (Innovators), Beth Weldon (Glacier Valley), Bridgett Lujan (Juneau Downtown), James Bibb (Glacier Valley), Mars Duran(Juneau Rotaract)
This wonderful group of fine presidents work independently and cooperatively on larger projects!  What a great model!!!
Juneau Clubs
Zack Gordon Teen Center

Juneau:  DG Harry, Sharon Gaiptman, AG Roppel on the air.

Juneau:  DG in the air!
Juneau:  DG Harry at Brewfest Beer Pairing

World Polio Day
It is not every day you have the opportunity to make history.  However, Rotarians around the world are on the verge of making history by eradicating Polio from the face of the earth.  You will be pleased to know, cases in the 3 remaining countries that have the Polio virus continue to go down substantially each year.  As I write this, so far in 2017, RI reports there have been just 6 reported cases in Afghanistan, 4 in Pakistan and 0 in Nigeria.  With being this close, it is critical to maintain momentum as we "Countdown to History".
You may have heard at the Rotary International Convention in June, key donors and nations around the world pledged an additional $1.2 billion to energize the fight.  Recently, the UK added an additional $130 million pledge.  Rotary has committed to raising $50 million a year for the next 3 years to finish the fight.  In order to achieve this, RI has asked each club to make a $1,500 contribution to PolioPlus.  As an added incentive, each dollar given towards PolioPlus will be matched 2 to 1 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  I encourage you to energize your club and join Rotarians around the world to make Polio history!
World Polio Day is  October 24, 2017. As your 5010 District Polio Plus Chair, let me encourage your club to tune in to the live Polio Update from the Gates Foundation or host your own World Polio Day event. Register YOUR event at  endpolio.org/worldpolioday.   You will find World Polio Day resources on the webpage as well.
To assist you in promoting World Polio Day and encouraging PolioPlus contributions with your club, I've attached a "Countdown to History" Brochure .
I thank you in advance for leading the way for this "Countdown to History" to end Polio now!  Please feel free to contact me if I can help in any way.  I look forward to the day when all of us can say proudly,  . . .  "We made Polio history!"
Dave Kester,
5010 District Polio Plus Chair

Rotary Membership Moment
My name is Lindsay Knight and I am the new, District 5010 Membership Chair, for Governor Harry, and for YOU!

I have a challenge for myself, and all of District 5010!
I challenge everyone of us, to invite at least one person a month to our Rotary meetings!  I challenge all of us to secure one new member a year! If we could do this, AND keep all our current members, well, you do the math!

When you invite your friend, don't say, "Would you like to go to a meeting with me?" In my mind, that would be similar to saying, " Would you like to go with me to get a root canal?"

Invite them to breakfast, or to lunch! It still bothers me that no one invited Bill Gates!  This really works. I actually had 12 guests myself last week!

Good Luck with this my friends!

Yours In Rotary,
Lindsay Knight
District 5010 Membership Chair
907-539-7298  lindsay@powerhousegym.com

Ketchikan First Rotary Club in Alaska


RYE Students Kick-Off Iditarod Challenge
This past January at the RYE winter conference, all 22 RYE students signed up with ShelterBoxUSA for their "Service Above-Self" projects. 8 students initially wanted to take part in the overnight in the tent at the restart. When the restart moved from Willow to Fairbanks 2 dropped out.
After the ceremonial start in Anchorage 6 students ventured to Eagle River where they dug out a space and, wearing snowshoes, tampered down an area large enough for the tent to be placed. Putting up the 63 pound tent with metal poles is much more time consuming in snow than in the warmth of summer.
Everyone had a hot meal, went for a 2 mile hike and then got ready for a chilling experience. Mother Nature decided -2 degrees was the challenge. Although 2 students chose to go inside half way through the night, 4 hard core souls stayed with Nancy Dodge, RYE volunteer/ShelterBoxUSA ambassador, until breakfast at 7:30 AM.
Congratulations to David Als from Denmark (Anchorage South Rotary Club), Kim Bader from Switzerland (Eagle River Rotary Club), Zoe Johannsen from Austria (Anchorage East Rotary Club) and Tasha du Toit from South Africa (Palmer Rotary Club).
These 6 students have raised over $3000 for ShelterBoxUSA, the largest Project Partner of Rotary International. The District 5010 Iditarod Challenge continues through March. Several clubs have started the race and are on their way to the finish line with a $1049 donation. Will your club win this prestigious event? Send your check into ShelterBoxUSA/Iditarod Challenge, 7359 Merchant Court, Sarasota, FL 34240 or call 941 907-6036 to use your credit card.

EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year!!!)
The Rotary Foundation is KEY!!!   
One of the great ways we do good for the world!!!  
Become a Paul Harris Fellow and more!!!

 Rotary Monthly themes and Calendar
Visit this calendar throughout the year to find award nomination due dates and convention and event information. Develop meeting agendas, projects, or public image campaigns based on these special occasions. All dates are subject to change.

July 2017
1 July - Start of new Rotary officers' year of service
August 2017Membership and New Club Development MonthSeptember 2017Basic Education and

Literacy Month October 2017Economic and Community Development Month
2-8 October - Rotary Alumni Reconnect Week
30 October-5 November - World Interact Week

 November 2017 Rotary Foundation Month
1 November -  Service Award for a Polio-Free World nominations are due
1 November -  Service Above Self Award nominations are due
11 November -  Rotary Day at the UN

 December 2017Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
15 December - Early registration discount ends for the  Rotary International Convention

 January 2018 Vocational Service Month
14-20  January -  International Assembly , San Diego, California, USA

February 2018 Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month
10 February - Presidential Peace building Conference:  Environmental Sustainability and Peace, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
17 February - Presidential Peacebuilding Conference:  Water and Sanitation and Peace, Beirut, Lebanon
23 February - Rotary's anniversary
24 February - Presidential Peace building Conference:  Disease Prevention and Treatment and Peace, Coventry, England, United Kingdom

March 2018 Water and Sanitation Month
12-18 March - World Rotaract Week
17 March - Presidential Peacebuilding Conference:  Economic and Community Development and Peace, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
31 March - Preregistration discount ends for the  Rotary International Convention

 April 2018 Maternal and Child Health Month
1 April -  Rotary Award for Excellence in Service to Humanity nominations are due
28 April - Presidential Peacebuilding Conference:  Maternal and Child Health and Peace, Taranto, Italy
30 April -  Rotary International Convention registrations and ticket cancellations are due

 May 2018 Youth Service Month

June 2018 Rotary Fellowships Month
2 June - Presidential Peacebuilding Conference:  Basic Education and Literacy and Peace, Chicago, Illinois, USA
23-27 June -  Rotary International Convention, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
30 June - Last day for Rotary and Rotaract clubs to report goals for the  Rotary Citation
30 June -  Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award nominations are due
30 June -  Rotary Alumni Global Service Award nominations (from zones) are due
30 June -  Rotary Alumni Association of the Year Award nominations (from zones) are due

July 2018
1 July - Start of new Rotary officers' year of service

 August 2018
15 August - Last day to report  Rotary Citation achievements for Interact clubs

A look ahead to international events in 2019 and 2020. All dates are tentative.
12-19 January - International Assembly, San Diego, California, USA
1-5 June - Rotary International Convention, Hamburg, Germany
19-25 January - International Assembly, San Diego, California, USA
6-10 June - Rotary International Convention, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

In Rotary Spirit,
District Governor Harry Kieling 2017-18
Rotary District 5010

Rosie Roppel News editor -  
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The Rotary Club of Ketchikan First City
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