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Rotary Serving Humanity

Nov. 2017
Rotary Foundation Month

District Governor's Message

Dear Rotary Friends and Family,

DG Kieling at International Assembly in San Diego!  He met many interesting DGs from around the country!!!

Report from DG Kieling:
Iceman's Icicles for November.

I finished all of my club visits by the end of October. Thanks Club Presidents, AG's and LaMarr for working out the schedule and your great support. What a wonderfully encouraging time I had doing it. All of the clubs and all the Rotarians I met and got to know gave me great comfort and encouragement that we have the best District in the Rotary world. I am so honored to be your District Governor.

During my club visits I briefed you on what I wanted to accomplish in the year and I asked your support in the four goals I outlined. So how are we doing?
  1. End polio once and for all. The world wide number of new cases has risen to 14 which is half of what it was this time last year but it is not zero. We are already starting to plan a grand celebration at our District Conference when we can say there are no new cases in 2018. Remember reaching that goal is still dependent on your self less giving and support.
  2. Membership. As I mentioned in my last email to you we have brought in 34 new members since July 1
    . Out of 17 Districts in Zone 24 we are in the lead with new members. Now we only need 53 additional new members to reach our goal of 5% net new members. We have some clubs that are shooting for 10%. Hoorah!! The District still stands ready to help defray some of the costs of a Club membership event. Let Lindsay and I know.
  3. District Wide Service Project.  An amazing demonstration of what our District 5010 Rotarians can do. We have got the first back packs in hand and have had two incredible packing parties with Rotarians from all over the District. 35 of our 40 clubs have pledged monetary support and 30 out of forty have sent in checks. So far we have pledges for over $40,000. I'm still convinced we can involve all forty clubs in this wonderful effort. I will continue working on that.
  4. Administrative Improvements.  We have a great District that runs smoothly, but we are working on some changes that can make it even more efficient and effective. To mention a couple: 
  • Diane, Andre, and Tanya Gamble are working with Youth Exchange to see where we as the District Leadership can add value to our great program. Jeff Johnson, Cheryl Keepers, Jamie Letterman, and Becky Beck have all stepped up to new positions. Thank You all. 
  • We have requested that Rotarians who travel on Rotary business write Trip Reports when they return. The first two (mine and Michael Ferris) are listed on our web site. This way, all of us can benefit with what's going on in the Rotary world even though we can't make the trip. Thanks Mike
  • Finally, Diane has been working on completing the project to get positions descriptions written for all District position. Thanks Diane
Thanks to all of you for what you do for Rotary

DG Harry (Iceman)

I also wanted to send out a quick note to all of 5010 Rotarians on a couple of issues. 
First, thank you for your tremendous support in our membership efforts. The figures came out yesterday and our District has recruited 34 new members since the first of July. That represents an almost 2% net gain for the Rotary Year. Your efforts have placed our District in the number 1 position out of 16 Districts in our Zone. Now is the time to plug in our afterburners and go even faster. If we can get 34 net new members in the first 4 months, we can get 68 net new members in the next 8 months which will enable us to exceed our goal of 5% net new members. Don't forget my offer of a District match ($$) on membership events. First City took  me up on the offer and had a very successful social (and new members)
Rotary Cares For Kids has become unbelievable . The efforts and support of all of you is humbling. Thank You on behalf of so many wonderful kids who deserve a better than the hand they were dealt.
Third, now is the time to submit proposals for the next RI Council on Legislation. If you have an idea please submit it to your club president. Club  Presidents please submit your proposals to Jane Little and I not later than  15 December . Here is the guidelines and format.
To help you and your clubs prepare 
legislation, RI has updated the How to Propose Legislation course in Rotary's 
Learning Center. The course can be 
found by going to My Rotary>Learning & Reference>Learning Center.
Thank All of You for being such incredible Rotarians
DG Harry (AKA Iceman)

Rotary Membership Moment
Hey there fellow Rotarians,

 It is time for another membership moment! One of the groups I was involved in, while I lived in Anchorage, was BSF ( Bible Study Fellowship) ! One evening, the Discussion Leader noted that it took 7 times, to ask a person to attend, before they would actually show up. That has always stuck with me. My friend, Jan Nyboer, probably asked me that many times before I actually attended a meeting with him. I completed 7 years before I moved to Kodiak. I am in the gym business. It probably takes that many times to get someone to try the gym out.

Before I knew about Rotary, Officer Joe Young, a member of my Gold's Gym, probably asked me to join Rotary 4 or 5 times. To be honest, the fines scared me, I did not know they were mostly for fun, and the perfect attendance scared me, however, I have 17 years perfect attendance at this point. 

Then, the late, great, Josh Jennett, a personal training client, asked me another 3 or 4 times!
y very first meeting, with Josh, as soon as they did the pledge and the invocation, I was hooked!! And I have been every since. On a humorous note, I did not know who this Paul Harris fellow they kept talking about for maybe the first year!

So keep asking ! You may only be number 3 or 4!!
Remember, a guest a month, a member a year!

Yours In Rotary,
Lindsay Knight
District 5010 Membership Chair
907-539-7298  lindsay@powerhousegym.com

Michael Ferris reports from Zone:
"We're a leadership organization of local business, professionals and civic leaders.  We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships, and through that, we're able to get things done in this community."  I loved the idea of a Happy Buck to see a Rotarian in the paper and not a fine.

District 5010 Governors and Future Governors

At Zone in Hardford, CT, District 5010 Governor string Left Andre Layral DGN, RI President Ian Risely, Diane Fejes DGE, RI Vice President Dean Rohrs and DG Harry Kieling. 

Zone news - PDG Michelle O'Brien

"Ketchikan Rotary Membership Mixer" at the Alaska Fish House
"Ketchikan Rotary Membership Mixer - September 28, 2017 at the Alaska Fish House
 The Alaska Fish House was the venue for this after-work mixer, with hors d'oeuvres, a cash bar and live music. Members of First City Rotary and Rotary 2000 were invited and encouraged to bring guests.  Approximately 30 people attended-15 First City Rotary Club members, 3 Rotary 2000 Club members, and 12 guests. So far, two guests have expressed interest in becoming members of First City Rotary."
We actually had a couple more folks than were on the sign in sheet our membership chair had available.  Mike Pollen was there too.     We inducted a new member and a rebound last week at our meeting, which brings us to 5 new members since  July 1.  We did lose a couple at the end of July when we went through our membership list and removed folks who had dropped in the previous few months.  Still I think we are net up 2-3 from year end.  We have two waiting to join!  

Scott Brandt-Erichsen, President of Ketchikan First City Rotary

Below are pictures of the social...

Social Chair Bianca Jurzak and PDG O'Brien
ADG Roppel and First City Rotary Treasurer Cynna Gubatayao

Social Chair: Bianca Jurzak, ADG Mike Pollen Fairbanks, FirstCityRotary treasurer: Cynna Gubatayao,  1st City Speaker chair: Bess Clark, YEO Christine Newbill Rotary 2000
First City Dan Christiansen and Membership Chair Pat Tully
Results:  Rtn Lois Munch pins new member USCG Frank Reed 
Results...First City President Scott Brandt-Erichsen, Membership Chair Pat Tully, reinstate Marna Cessnun former Youth Exchange and Interact of Kayhi advisor.

District Leadership Academy
Greetings Fellow D5010 Rotarians!

My name is Jodi Stuart, your new District Leadership Academy Dean for the 2017-18 course year! I'm excited to begin work as your Dean. I believe strongly that being prepared with knowledge is the best way to be of service to my Club. I have been my Club's Secretary for 6 years before I started the process of becoming a District Leadership Academy graduate. I wish I had done it sooner! 

The information provided through the Academy is helpful as well as the relationships made with other Clubs and Rotarians. I encourage everyone that is thinking of being in a position of leadership to participate in the Academy. The Academy provides knowledge and resources while instilling an additional level of enthusiasm for the work that we do as Rotarians. I recommend getting a team together for every Club in the District to attend!

So, who is taking the District Leadership Academy? Presidents-elect, Presidents Nominee, Past Presidents, Assistant Governors, District Committee Chairs, as well as all club officers and directors and those who aspire to serve as leaders at the club or district level, are encouraged to enroll in the District Leadership Academy (DLA) program. The DLA is an 8 month series of courses in Communications, Membership, Public Image, Youth Services, RI Organization, and The Rotary Foundation. All courses are taught online " using the Global Classroom eLearning Center. 

Each course is taught by an experienced Rotarian with extensive knowledge in their specific course topic. There are times throughout the courses to catch up if you fall behind as well!
Since District 5110 (the Academy founding district) began the program 19 years ago, 12 Rotary districts have adopted the DLA to train their club and district leaders. In all, these districts have graduated more than 1400 Rotarians. 

Our District 5010 Leadership Academy training will provide our Rotarians with the broadest Rotary background possible, thereby enabling them to be the effective leaders that our clubs and district will need to grow and strengthen Rotary. All interested Rotarians are encouraged to learn more about the DLA and enroll for the Class of 2017. Download DLA information enrollment documents from our District Leadership Academy link on the D5010 website.

So, look around your Club and ask yourself, do I know what could make my Club the best Club it can be? If you do, come share your knowledge with the District Leadership Academy. If you don't, come get some knowledge from the District Leadership Academy! Overall, I want to invite all of you that aren't graduates of the program to join us. There is limited space, so make sure to get your application in early!

I look forward to being your District Leadership Academy Dean!

Jodi Stuart
Soldotna Rotary Club

RYLA 2018 in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada May 3 to May 6, 2018.
The Rendezvous Club is going to make this happen in 2018.

  The dates chosen are  May 3 to May 6, 2018.  This is our first choice and I'm confident this will work.  We had to give an alternate date (week before).
Passports are mandatory. RYLA FOLKS...PLEASE PLAN AHEAD!
RYLA 2018 planned for April x-xx, 2018 at _____ in Whitehorse, Canada
  • Clubs to designate their RYLA Representative by December.
  • Club Commitment Form is the first step, bring it up at your next board meeting.
  • All U.S. participants will need a valid U.S. Passport.
  • Information & Forms will be posted to the District 5010 webpage in December.
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards a.k.a. RYLA is one of four Rotary International youth programs.  In District 5010 RYLA is open to high school sophomores and juniors.  RYLA is an opportunity to gain valuable leadership and decision-making skills in a supportive seminar setting.
As your club's RYLA rep, your main responsibility is to promote RYLA to your fellow Rotarians, recruit a pool of eligible teens, and select 1-2 local teens to represent your club and community. Specifically, RYLA Reps:
  •   Determine how many students your club will be able to sponsor; Average cost is $325 for student and $100 for Chaperone.
  •   Handle payment for your club for all sponsored students and chaperones (this includes requesting the check from your club President/ Secretary /Treasurer;
  • Lead a small committee of Rotarians from your club to recruit, screen, and select participants to attend RYLA;
  • Be the liaison between the students and RYLA program; and
  • Handle the logistics of travel- often combined with other clubs in the area.
  • The "RYLA Toolkit" has all the forms- making it fun and easy.



Rotary District Conference 2018 in Seward

Register here:

District 5010 (2018) conference in Seward.  

Click here for more information go to our district webite: Click here

Click here for registration:  click here

Contact Harbor 360 Hotel:  click here

Discount page for travel and hotels:  Click here

Kodiak Chamber Award "Service Organization of the Year Award" 
to Kodiak Morning Club
Pictured:  Left to right:  AG Lindsay Knight, Tom and Sandy (treasurer) Solenberger... Originally from the Nome Club

Rotary Cares for Kids
This very short video really captures the emotion and the need:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QnYLdlmXgY (2 minutes)


Youth Exchange  Leadership Change and Congratulations!
Thank you to three incredible Youth Exchange leaders in District 5010 Alaska Yukon.

Cheryl Combs, the outgoing Chair, has served our District well and faithfully giving every ounce of her time and energy to our Program. The District and the many families and students she helped will forever be grateful.

Sally Saddler, the outgoing Inbound Coordinator and a long time dedicated Rotarian and Youth Exchange leader,  has stepped down.  Sally's contributions to Youth Exchange over the years have been legendary and her infinite care for the kids will be missed.

Julie Erickson, the Anchorage Area Coordinator, Anchorage South RC,  who has served faithfully has stepped down.  Although Julie has not been in the position very long, her caring and thoughtful leadership were obvious in the time she served. She will be missed as will all of the dedicated Rotarians who will be leaving.

New Youth Exchange Leadership.
It is with great pleasure I announce the appointment of four new leaders to our incredible District Youth Exchange Program. 

Jeff Johnson, Palmer Rotary Club (RC), will become the District 5010 Youth Exchange Committee Chair. Jeff joined The Palmer Rotary Club in 2004 and initially led the membership committee.  In 200I, Jeff became the Youth Exchange Officer, and in 2011 became the Youth Exchange Area Coordinator for the Mat Su Region. In the eleven years Jeff was the YEO, the Palmer club exchanged 26 students.  Any one that knows him would say, his passion is the students.
Cheryl Keepers, will serve as the Deputy Chair alongside Jeff. Cheryl started her youth exchange career on a high school sister city exchange to Oaxaca Mexico, followed by graduate work in international administration and employment in international community development.  She joined College Rotary in 1999.  After serving as community service chair, she served as Youth Exchange Officer (2003) and Area Coordinator (2006) for the Northern Region in 2006, Cheryl is excited to continue to contribute to such a dedicated team of District 5010 Rotarians.
Jamie Letterman, Juneau 58 Degree Innovators, has agreed to be the Inbound Coordinator for our Youth Exchange Program. Jamie is truly an amazing Rotarian and Youth Exchange loyalist. She has been associated with Youth Exchange for almost 18 years and is the mother of two past exchange students and she has hosted 4 into their home. She was a regular contributor to RYLA and YE orientations. Jamie will bring her extensive experience, seasoned judgement and deep caring for her students to the position.
Becky Beck, Anchorage Downtown, will become the Anchorage Area Coordinator. She has been involved with YE for those 14 years and has served on the Club Board of Directors.
Becky will fill in behind Julie Erickson, Anchorage South RC,  who has served faithfully in that capacity. Although Julie has not been in the position very long, her caring and thoughtful leadership were obvious in the time she served. She will be missed as will all of the dedicated Rotarians who will be leaving.
Please help me and the DG line both thank the officers who will be leaving and congratulate those who stepped forward to pick up the challenge of leadership.
DG Harry (Iceman)  

Shannon Haugland, the District outbound coordinator, has shared a few of the outbounds blogs:

Blog one:  This is from Olivia Wilcox, who is in Sweden this year. Olivia is the third in her family to go on exchange. (Sisters Brittany and Erika went to Thailand and Bolivia).  

Blog two:Tasha Talvi's blog... check it out. ... fun reading!
Membership: Congratulations...Gretchin Klein transfers to Anchorage East from Ketchikan
A photo with the lovely Heather Flynn on the left, my sponsor at Anchorage East Rotary Club. (Gretchin)

E-Club celebrates Polio in Texas - Frushours!

Peaee Conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada
A  great Rotary opportunity to participate in the Presidential Conference on Environmental Sustainability and Peace in Vancouver, BC, Canada on Friday-Sunday, February 9-11, 2018.
This is the first of six Peacebuilding Conferences to be offered during 2017-18 RI President Ian Risely's year.  Environmental Sustainability is a major focus of his year.
You can learn more by going to:   www.environmentandpeace.com
Here you can find information on speakers, program, conference registration, banquet and extra social tickets, sponsorship and display tables.
There is also a Facebook page at Presidential Peacebuilding Conference BC 2018.
There is a YouTube entry at:   https://you.tu.be/1-Fu8D55mYE
Vancouver, BC is a beautiful city, and I hope you will plan to join me in attending this opportunity in our backyard (Alaska and Yukon).

I have a room reserved for myself with two double beds, so if you are male, have interest in attending and would like to share the cost of the room, please let me know, and I can add you to the reservation.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions at  907-460-7786 or  alayral.1920@gmail.com

Andre' Layral
D5010 DGN 2019-2020

Polio Plus
The 5th Annual World Polio Day was held on October 24 and co-hosted with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, Washington.  The livestreamed Polio Update was viewed by more than 100,000 viewers around the world and thousands have viewed it on the website or on YouTube afterwards.  Anchorage hosted a viewing event that evening at the Bear Square Theater (see attached picture) and was one of over 2,000 viewing events around the world.  You still have an opportunity to check out the program by visiting www.emdpolio.org or YouTube (type in world polio day 2017 countdown to history)

Rotarians are on the verge of making one of the most significant public health achievements of all time.  With only 2 countries reporting new Polio cases in 2017, it is imperative we continue our efforts and increase the funding to end this crippling disease.  All contributions towards PolioPlus will be matched 2-1 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, tripling the financial impact.  Direct your contributions to PolioPlus and be a part of this countdown to history.  With your help, we will soon be able to tell the world, we made Polio History!
Dave Kester,
5010 District Polio Plus Chair



When you donate to the Foundation, we do many wonderful things!!!

Foundation! Foundation! Foundation!

-Brad Gamble, District Rotary Foundation Chair

Dictionaries about the District...Literacy
Ketchikan First City Rotary yearly delivers dictionaries to all 3rd graders on three islands.

Pat Tully of First City Rotary Ketchikan heading up Dictionary Project

First City Rotarian Chere Klein delivers dictionaries to Ketchikan 3rd grader.

Each year
Anchorage South Rotary raises money to serve our community through various working projects, volunteer events, and direct contributions. One of our favorite programs is the Dictionary Delivery Project! We purchase thousands of dictionaries to supply every 3rd grader in the Anchorage School District with their very own copy. These are not just boring reference books, either, they have trivia, quick essentials, tables, and fun facts in the back. Many of the students tell us this is the first book they have ever been given. We love to deliver them in person because it gives us all a chance to talk about being a good citizen, the importance of caring for others, and what Rotary is all about.

Mike Ferris of Anchorage South

They are from Jess Gutzwiler Anchorage South

Anchorage Downtown Club
From left to right we have Leah Boltz, Megyn Greider and Piper Foster-Wilder.  These three members of the Downtown Anchorage Rotary Club are producing a new generation of upcoming Rotarians!

Raffle - Russian Jack
Fellow Rotarians  Eliud Delgado and Don Rogers selling raffle tickets for Russian Jack Rotary Annual Scholarship Fund.  Tickets are $20 each and if you would like to purchase one of these tickets please call  907-764-0883 or  907-349-9104 for tickets or information.

Winner will be drawn  Dec. 19th.  
a single $20 ticket may win....

 Alaska Sports Package includes:
Weatherby Model Mark V Weathermark 300 WBY Bolt Action Rifle
S/S Barrel with Black Monte Carlo Matte Gel Coat Gray Spiderweb Stock.
Inlcudes Leupold Scope VX-3i-10x40mm Win-Plex Custom Dial System, Rings, Sling, 20 rounds of Weatherby 300 WBY 180 gn Cartridges, and Expedition Rifle Gun Case.

Browning Citori 725 Field 12 Gauge Shotgun
Over & Under, Gloss Oil, Grade II/III Walnut Stock.
Features Top-Tang Thumb Safety and 25 Rounds of Estate Shotgun Shells.

Manufacturers Suggested Retail price $5,077.38

Rendezvous Rotary Club Whitehorse - Yukon
The Rendezvous Rotary Club of Whitehorse held its 26th annual Wine and Fine Food Festival on October 19th.  The event raises over $30,000 each year for local and international projects.  The participating wine agencies donate fine wines for the silent auction tables, but this year they added to their contributions.  The agents are seen here with some of the dozens of new socks and toothbrushes they brought to supplement the club's contribution to the community Outreach Van, which will distribute them Whitehorse's homeless and people in need.

Here is harry presenting his District award Be  humble, be kind,  take
action award to Anne Kennedy, Whitehorse Rendezvous Rotary Club, Sept, 12th,
College Rotary - Fairbanks, Alaska
College Rotary grill installation
College Rotary added another dimension to the public pavilion it built at Georgeson Botanical Garden on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus by installing a grill this fall. The project was overseen by Ron Bergh. After the installation, garden volunteers and College Rotarians toasted their joint effort.

Photo 1: The finished and installed grill.
Photo 2: Glen Potts works on the grill's framework.
Photo 3: A forklift carries the assembled grill through the pavilion at Georgeson Botanical Garden.
Photo 4: Workers associated with College Rotary included Jerry McBeath, president Cindy Wentworth, Nicole Stewart, Ron Bergh, Alana Bergh, Barb Hompesch and Rena Flint.

Carol Callahan receives Be Humble, Be Kind, Take Action award
Carol Callahan, a longtime member of College Rotary and its treasurer, received the Be Kind award from district governor Harry Keiling - via FaceTime because she was out of town - in October.


Rotary Club of Eagle River 
Janet and Ray Holmsen.  Ray was recognized as a nearly 40 year member of our Club as an Honorary Member. Ray is a truly a credit to Rotary.

2017 so far has been productive and satisfying for the Rotary Club of Eagle River Area as it strives to balance activities, service and fellowship.

Areas of Activity

Choices (for 8 th graders - good choices lead to good outcomes)
Rotary Cares for Kids
Student Recognition (recognizing the those students that are not quite at the top of the class)
Youth Exchange (hosting an "in bound" student and sending off an "out bound" student)


Holiday Basket (a Thanksgiving breakfast and dinner)
Roadside Cleanup

Service Projects

Boys and Girls Club Flooring Installation
Chief Alex Park Enhancements
Fall Festival
(1) Shelter Box


A portion of our meetings is devoted to fellowship - having gotten together we just socialize, chat, share our life's stories of daily events, memories and hopes.

At times during the year we get together at a Rotarian's house to enjoy each other's company in an informal setting known as a Fireside.    

Rotary 2000 - Ketchikan  "Festive Participants at Trunk-or-Treat"
Rotary 2000's annual Trunk-or-Treat was a success! Children and parents started lining up at  5:30 , at  6 pm  sharp, it was a mad dash through the fun, scary, and ghoulish line of Trunk-or-Treat cars. This year there was a twist! A double prize for the crowd favorite: $100 gift certificate to Cape Fox and $250 donation to a local charity of the winner's choice in their name. Island to Island Veterinary Clinic was the spooky winner. Thank you to all of our participants and the gracious donations from Alaska Marine Lines, Cape Fox, and Dr. David Albertson. 
Island to Island Vet. Clinic Ketchikan wins the prize!

Soldotna Club
Unloading some of the 154 high efficiency Ecocina cook stoves donated by Soldotna Rotary Club to needy families living at the Cidudad Sandino city dump.  

Juneau Gastineau Club
Just wanted to let you guys know this fun (and I think effective) thing that President James Bibb is doing in his year.  Every Wednesday he sends a little note about the meeting on Thursday.  This one was particularly amusing, but I think it's effective in encouraging attendance.  For those that miss the meeting, we have a member take notes to send to the membership about the meeting, mostly about Sgt at Arms, what their Rotary friends have been up to and a brief note about the program.  Often included are upcoming events and other Rotary meetings where a make-up can be had.

Good stuff from the Juneau-Gastineau Rotary Club!

Candy  Behrends
Sitka Rotary CLub
 President Jeff Budd of   Sitka  Rotary Dave Miller, Rotary member and Fire Chief and the speaker for the d ay , Gov Bill Walker and Donna Walker and  the   new   Sitka  City Manger Keith Brady.The gov was  in town  for AK Day stuff an  just   stopped  in  announced  and had lunch with us. 

Below:  Girl Scouts  and Big Bro/Sis at the Pioneer Home. Hope these are OK. Cheers, Jeff B

E-Club  in Texas
Pat and George Frushour ...  24 October. EClub fights polio in Texas!
Belize opportunity
If you have never before  been to Belize---- then 2018 is the  year to treat yourself  to an unforgettable 
experience and meet some of the most  splendiferous  Rotarians of Central America.   
The Belize, Uniendo America Project Fair, in 2018 is the place to begin your International 
Project Adventure;  And if developing an International Project is  not your  only dream  and  desire---- 

1.       You can never GET LOST  in the only English speaking country in Central America
2.      Interested in practicing or improving your Maya, Spanish, German, Garifuna, Creole, Chinese, Hindi or Urdu and Arabic?----THEN BELIZE IS THE PERFECT                              LANGUAGE  LABORATORY FOR YOU.
3.      If you are unfamiliar with the secrets of  Microcredit  and the arcane and mysterious workings of your Rotary Foundation then you need to be here and listen to the                  experts shed light on the inner workings of these enigmatic institutions. 
4.      Not one but TWO Blue Holes and the second longest Barrier Reef in the world.  Good diving too!
5.      5268 species of North American Birds can't all be wrong; they are enjoying the warmth, sunshine and the hospitality of Belize from October to May.
6.      The most dynamic people from seven of the smallest and most interesting and beautiful countries in the Western hemisphere are here to help you makeCentral                       America and the world a better place to live.
7.      The best LITTLE zoo in the world with the only Harpy Eagle in captivity.
8.       If you have a special Interest that you want to discuss,   e nterprise  that you would like to begin, or unique concern that needs attention then ROUNDTABLE is for you. 

 9.       Belize is the only country in the world where  you can  drink DELICIOUS BILIKEN  BEER
OOPS   I   FORGOT   WHAT   # 10  IS!   Well  9  is  enough....
And  to  Make  Your  Visit  As  Easy  As  8-9-10  Just  Open  The  Attachments  Below  &  Register.

Respectfully,  Yours  In  Rotary
PDG,  AndrĂ©  Lopez  


Kenai Rotary Club Wine Raffle Details:

Kenai Rotary Club Wine Raffle Details:

First Place: Five Cases of Red or White Wine*
Second Place: Mixed Red Wine Basket with Various Cheeses
Third Place: Mixed White Wine Basket with Various Cheeses
Fourth Place: A Select Bottle of Champagne

Contact any Kenai Rotarian for tickets

$20/ Ticket or 6 Tickets for $100
Only 300 hundred tickets will be printed

Drawing to be held Friday, November 29th at 6:00 p.m.

All the raffle proceeds will be used for the youth activity fund of the Kenai Rotary Club

*All wine (except Champagne) will be a premium selection from "JOSH CELLARS" Winery, wines produced from selected grapes of California's best vineyards. The first place winner has a choice of receiving a cash payment of $750.00 in-lieu of the five cases of wine.

The raffle is being conducted by the Kenai Rotary Club under their state permit 1772.

For more info, contact David Brighton:
(907) 690-5732 or mr.brighton@gmail.com
PO Box 2640, Kenai, AK 99611

EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year!!!)
The Rotary Foundation is KEY!!!   
One of the great ways we do good for the world!!!  
Become a Paul Harris Fellow and more!!!

 Rotary Monthly themes and Calendar
Visit this calendar throughout the year to find award nomination due dates and convention and event information. Develop meeting agendas, projects, or public image campaigns based on these special occasions. All dates are subject to change.

July 2017
1 July - Start of new Rotary officers' year of service
August 2017Membership and New Club Development MonthSeptember 2017Basic Education and

Literacy Month October 2017Economic and Community Development Month
2-8 October - Rotary Alumni Reconnect Week
30 October-5 November - World Interact Week

 November 2017 Rotary Foundation Month
1 November -  Service Award for a Polio-Free World nominations are due
1 November -  Service Above Self Award nominations are due
11 November -  Rotary Day at the UN

 December 2017Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
15 December - Early registration discount ends for the  Rotary International Convention

 January 2018 Vocational Service Month
14-20  January -  International Assembly , San Diego, California, USA

February 2018 Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month
10 February - Presidential Peace building Conference:  Environmental Sustainability and Peace, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
17 February - Presidential Peacebuilding Conference:  Water and Sanitation and Peace, Beirut, Lebanon
23 February - Rotary's anniversary
24 February - Presidential Peace building Conference:  Disease Prevention and Treatment and Peace, Coventry, England, United Kingdom

March 2018 Water and Sanitation Month
12-18 March - World Rotaract Week
17 March - Presidential Peacebuilding Conference:  Economic and Community Development and Peace, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
31 March - Preregistration discount ends for the  Rotary International Convention

 April 2018 Maternal and Child Health Month
1 April -  Rotary Award for Excellence in Service to Humanity nominations are due
28 April - Presidential Peacebuilding Conference:  Maternal and Child Health and Peace, Taranto, Italy
30 April -  Rotary International Convention registrations and ticket cancellations are due

 May 2018 Youth Service Month

June 2018 Rotary Fellowships Month
2 June - Presidential Peacebuilding Conference:  Basic Education and Literacy and Peace, Chicago, Illinois, USA
23-27 June -  Rotary International Convention, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
30 June - Last day for Rotary and Rotaract clubs to report goals for the  Rotary Citation
30 June -  Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award nominations are due
30 June -  Rotary Alumni Global Service Award nominations (from zones) are due
30 June -  Rotary Alumni Association of the Year Award nominations (from zones) are due

July 2018
1 July - Start of new Rotary officers' year of service

 August 2018
15 August - Last day to report  Rotary Citation achievements for Interact clubs

A look ahead to international events in 2019 and 2020. All dates are tentative.
12-19 January - International Assembly, San Diego, California, USA
1-5 June - Rotary International Convention, Hamburg, Germany
19-25 January - International Assembly, San Diego, California, USA
6-10 June - Rotary International Convention, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

In Rotary Spirit,
District Governor Harry Kieling 2017-18
Rotary District 5010

Rosie Roppel News editor -  
Next deadline is Dec. 15, 2017 - 
PLEASE SEND TO ME  COPY READY AND LARGER FORMAT PICTURES and I need names of folks in pictures.)
The Rotary Club of Ketchikan First City
(I want to thank all of your who have posted to Facebook, Clubrunner, and have sent in photos and information for the newsletter...Rotary Serving Humanity!!!)

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District 5010 (2018) conference in Seward.  Click here for more information:  http://rotarydistrict5010.org/
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2017-18 Theme for Rotary International

Rotary International President 2017-18 Ian Risely

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