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Aug. 2016
Membership and New
 Club Development Month

                                       District Governor's Message

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

The new Rotary year is off to a great start!  It's fantastic to hear from clubs and Rotarians around Alaska and the Yukon about your enthusiasm for everything Rotary.  From membership, to local and global projects, and much much more...it's very clear that District 5010 has great things happening.  From big clubs to small, there is really nothing stopping any of us from making this a year to remember.

With that being said, it has been my honor to visit the Ketchikan, Sitka, Petersburg, and Juneau clubs so far.  As a District Governor with a full time job, I sincerely appreciate your willingness to be both flexible and creative as we come together as a team to talk about the great things happening in your community.  I look forward to visiting Juneau again in the near future to complete the Southeast circle.

With that being said, August is Membership Month.  What does that mean for your club and your  community?  It is my hope that you are inviting new friends to not only participate in Rotary, but to also partner with your club in service projects and in youth activities.  I envision a Rotary that is welcoming to all, and one that actively engages community partners in order to not only spread the message of Rotary throughout Alaska and the Yukon, but to also make a difference in our communities.  I hope you'll join me in embracing the idea that we should all be creating events and opportunities for members of our community to join in our fun. Have you thought about what you can do in the respect?  Remember, make Rotary exciting and inspiring, and you can never go wrong.

In our recent club visits, Rosie and I saw first-hand how clubs in the Southeast are actively reaching out to their communities.  Projects with significant impact, events that welcome the public, and a friendly atmosphere that cannot help but be attractive and relevant.  Please take the time to read Rosie's great newsletter to learn more about our clubs and what is happening around our fine District.  We should all be proud!

I look forward to traveling to Anchorage in early August, and I hope to see all of you soon.  Remember, your team of District volunteers is here for YOU.  Don't hesitate to let us know how we can help make your Rotary experience extraordinary.

DG Michelle O'Brien

This also is the 100th year of The Rotary Foundation.

Special gifts : to obtain instructions for Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Unitrusts email  plannedgiving@rotary.org or call +1-847-866-3100

Woody Angst, District 5010 Foundation Chair, former District 5010 Governor Brad Gamble and Former First Lady Tonya Gamble a Rotary Foundation Donation Award.  This picture is a glass memento from Rotary International and Woody is presenting them their personal "Major Donor, Level 2" pins.   

District 5010, DGN, Diane Fiejes, was Eagle River' Speaker.  She spoke  about District 5010's goals, initiatives and took our inputs on how clubs can be a stronger  and how to enhance relationships with District 5010. 

The Rotary Foundation
D5010 Giving in 2015-2016

Final accounting appears to be completed at The Rotary Foundation.  Here are some interesting observations regarding D5010's contributions during the 2015-2016 Rotary year.

To the Annual Fund - - - -
- our goal for 2015-2016 was $327,246
- we contributed $361,721 -- that was $34,475 (10.5%) over our goal.
- we contributed $97,777.46 in June -- 27.26% of our total contributions (a bit stressful here in D5010 but a common year end for TRF in Evanston)
- we contributed more than in any year since D2225 was formed.
- we generated the fourth highest DDF in the history of D5010.(Wow)
- 38 of our 39 clubs contributed to the Annual Fund
- 16 clubs exceeded their goal -- by anywhere from 2% to 536% (Super)
- 2 clubs were within 5% of reaching their goal (Nice)

To the Polio Plus Program - - - -
- our goal for 2015-2016 was $51,176.
- we contributed $79,199.88 -- that was $28,023.88 (54.76%) over our goal.
- 29 of our 39 clubs contributed to Polio Plus.
- D5010 also transferred $31,726 of its DDF to Polio Plus.

On behalf of the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation and a proud PDG Brad Gamble, grateful thanks and appreciation for your inspiring interest and super support for The Rotary Foundation. 

Encores are permitted.   Let's make 2016-2017 another great year -- the 100th for TRF and the 30th for D5010.  

The Rotary Foundation
Individual Donor Histories

Rotarians occasionally express concern that the records of their individual contributions to The Rotary Foundation do not appear to be accurate.  This is a legitimate although not a frequent concern that easily can be checked and corrected if necessary.

Reasons for errors in a donor history include:
- The donor has more than one My Rotary account for various reasons..  
     These accounts easily can be combined.
- Both cash and recognition points have been combined for Paul Harris Fellow recognitions.
     Reports are available to confirm the amount of cash and recognition points.
- Clerical errors may have been made when RI automated its data base of donor histories
   or when RI upgraded its server and system software.
     Staff in Foundation Research can investigate concerns and correct mistakes in a donor's
     history that resulted from these errors.

Final accounting for last year is completed, Now is an excellent time for Rotarians to review their donor histories which are available in their MyRotary accounts.  The individual donor history is the first report under Foundation Reports.  Access is restricted to the individual account holder.

Rotarians who have a question or concern should contact their respective club Foundation Chair for help.  Rotarians also can contact the Support Center for Rotary International directly at Phone:  847-866-3000 or email.  rotary.org.  The RI staff can access the data base and answer most questions immediately or can make the appropriate referral for assistance.

The Rotary Foundation
Major Donor, Arch Klumph Society and Bequest Society
D5010 Members in 2015-2016

Rotary District 5010 has many great leaders whose actions often speak louder than their words. This certainly is true with respect to support for The Rotary Foundation.

The Trustees of The Rotary Foundation recognize individuals who unselfishly support the programs of the Foundation through their generous gifts.  Specifically,
-- as a Major Donor for gifts of $10,000 or more;
-- as an Arch Klumph Society Member for gifts of $250,000 or more; and 
-- as a Bequest Society Member for future gifts of $10,000 or more.

See the picture in this newsletter of PDG Brad and Tonya Gamble receiving their Major Donor recognition from DRFC Woody Angst on behalf of the Trustees during the regular meeting of the Eagle River Area Rotary Club.

In our district, we proudly recognize:216 individuals or couples for their gifts. 
-- 123  Major Donors (10 now deceased)
--     2  Arch Klumph Society Members
--   91  Bequest Society Members (6 now deceased and their gifts realized)

The district effectively proudly recognizes 1 out of 8 of its members for their commitments to The Rotary Foundation

During the 2015-2016 Rotary year, D5010 recognized 20 individuals who became new members or who increased their level of recognition.
-- 16   Major Donors
--   4   Bequest Society

Interestingly, this was the best year of total recognitions (20) since the Russian clubs split off as D2225 effective 1 July 2012. It also was the best year ever for Major Donor recognitions which came from 14 of our 39 clubs, effectively from 1 of 3 clubs in the district.  2009-1010 was the only year with more total recognitions (23) yet the recognitions came from 13 of 41 clubs.

Through their gifts, all of these individuals and couples have been "a gift to the world" and have earned our admiration and respect.

Woody Angst

Want Ad: 
Harry Kieling, District Governor 2017-2018.

Harry is working hard with the District Governor string preparing for next year!

Another thing:
Showboat your awesome club on a poster!
Diane Fejes named as DG for 2018-19
Future District 5010 Governor  Diane Fejes (Also the Leadership Academy Dean)  

Diane is also working hard preparing for her year as District Governor!

The 2016-17 application is available at the District Conference and is currently on the District Website. 
" Our ongoing goal is to have every club have an applicant at least every other year and groups of members working together are welcome."

Thank you too, to all the faculty - Harriett Schloer, Dan Kennedy and Ariel Talen-Keller, Rosie Roppel, Susan Bethel, Jodi Stuart, and Sondra Kaplan and Will Files. 

Diane Fejes, Academy Dean

2015-16 District 5010 Leadership Academy Graduates, faculty, Dean, and RI Representative Laura Steelquist

Juneau Glacier Valley's 6th Annual Day at the Pool
July is very busy with the Rotary club of Juneau Glacier Valley's 6th annual Day at the Pool on July 9th,  a Tri-club project installing playground equipment (July 16) at a local elementary school, a visit from DG Michelle and ADG Rosie (July 19), all while working on our largest fundraiser the 'Juneau Glacier Valley Rotary Club $10,000 Duck Derby' to be held on August 6th.
The Day at the Pool provides three free swim sessions and is a partnership with the City and Borough of Juneau, Glacier Swim Club and our club.  Sponsorship from local businesses cover the admission fee for up to 600 children and adults, who might otherwise not have a chance to swim.  The project helps expose youth and families to swimming as a sport and a fun family activity.  Importance on learning how to swim is mentioned as kids enjoy free hot dogs, watch local community members get wet in a large dunk tank and enjoy face painting.  This year a mini-swim meet allowed kids to sign up and be timed while swimming to compete against their own times or their friends.

Fairbanks Sunriser's Rotary Club
During the 2011-12 Rotary year Fairbanks Sunrisers Rotary had a vision for a small park and play area next to the soccer practice fields and softball fields. The idea was a family friendly area to gather during youth sporting events at the South Davis sports complex.

After initial discussion with FNSB Parks and Recreation staff, the club agreed to instead develop an alternate space across the street from the original site the club had interest in developing.

Club members worked together in June 2012 to clear brush and cut trees, hauling these through knee deep water for later removal.

Throughout the summer of 2012, additional trees were cleared and fill dirt was hauled to the site. Johnson River Enterprises provided land contouring preparing the site for development. In September 2012 club members hauled the trees and brush away and the project was put to bed for the winter.

In spring 2013 the club worked with Johnson River Enterprises to install a swing set while simultaneously pursuing other outside funding to add additional playground pieces.

The club sought outside funding for the project and soon the project vision expanded to include a pavilion and additional playground pieces. A sizeable grant was received from Tanana Valley Youth Sports Association in August 2013.  The club also contributed significant funds toward the project. The project was shut down for the winter months while the pavilion and additional playground equipment was ordered, arriving in spring 2014.

The club drew up a new plan for the playground space and concluded that the original bark material would pose a barrier for access to the playground equipment by children with disabilities whom the playground was targeting as users.

After researching other base materials, the club decided on an astro turf type material. The cost of this material, and foam padding beneath it to meet ADA requirements, meant the club would again put the project on hold in 2015 to seek funding needed to purchase 4500 sq ft of ForeverLawn.

The club partnered in June 2015 with the Alaska Center for Children and Adults (ACCA) on an application for a Tier 1 Rasmuson grant, which was approved in spring 2016. The ForeverLawn material was ordered in April 2016, and generous in-kind assistance by TOTE Maritime and Carlile Transportation made it possible to ship the materials from Olympia, WA to Fairbanks in June 2016.

Throughout the periods noted above, Fairbanks Sunrisers Rotary applied for, received and matched several small D5010 Rotary District grants making it possible to move the project forward in baby steps.

On  August 15-17, 2016 , a final group effort will be made to install the ForeverLawn material, followed by final installation of all playground equipment.

A celebration and park dedication is planned in late August 2016. A public image media effort will be planned to  showcase the project, recognize the many partners and raise awareness of Rotary's contribution to the Fairbanks community.

Fairbanks Sunrisers is indebted to Johnson River Enterprises who has provided considerable labor, equipment, fuel and materials toward the club project. Without their ongoing support the project would have been impossible to achieve.

FNSB Parks and Recreation Department has provided technical assistance, materials and of course the land the park sits on.

ACCA has been a wonderful partner to work with on the Rasmuson grant and will assist with a social media campaign to promote the grand opening.

Dedicated Rotarians from the club have helped in fundraising, manpower and through their encouragement and support for our club project.

Respectfully submitted by Andre' Layral
Playground Project Chair 


Youth Exchange...that time of the year...outbounds leaving to Finland!
Next...Recruiting getting fired up!  Ella of First City Rotary Kethikan leaves tomorrow!!!  

Petersburg - 75 years old and DIstrict Governor and AG visit!
For the DG and AG visit:  Petersburg threw a grand party and recruited folks.  One was sworn in at the party.  They had a lot to celebrate

Sweet Carolina Petersburg inbound student leaving back to Brazil surrounded by Dave Berg, Victoria Wagner ( host family) and friends Itzy Marquez Marissa Nilsen, Nancy Berg, Me, Leanne Laperyi, and Holli Davis.

This is their float decoration for the 4th of July.

DG O'Brien, AG Roppel and Radio Intern talk about Rotary in Petersburg, District, and the World.

At the lawn party, DG O'Brien swore in new member Gary Curry with President Dezi Burrell of Petersburg club!  

Bridgman - Shelter Box
Bridgman completes 37,600 mile trek around the world at Prudhoe Bay

After four years Tim Bridgman from  Devon, England completed his world wide fundraising challenge for Shelterbox at the Arctic Ocean in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

Mr. Bridgman has visited 40 countries and five continents. On  August 11  he will be returning home to a normal life after this for your adventure.

For more information watch KTVA news on Sunday, August 7.

Andre Layal - Membership Chair

D5010 Membership Chair
cell 907-460-7786
Its July and by now club presidents have settled into their new role. This means that presidents

have shared their club goals for the year, introduced committee chairs and asked members to serve on committees to assist in implement strategies that will result in success in their club's efforts.

Rotary's number one priority is to grow membership worldwide, one club at a time. In other words, if a club has no strategy for increasing membership the club will be left standing still. Recent Council on Legislation changes provide many opportunities for clubs to try new membership strategies.

Whether club's decide to add new types and categories of membership or choose to keep the same membership rules covered currently in their club By-Laws, ultimately each club will want to carefully consider how new COL flexibility options will help strengthen the club. COL changes provide flexibility for clubs, yet it is important that each club approach this new opportunity thoughtfully to ensure new membership options (when and how often to meet, what constitutes a meeting, how your club meets, policies for missed meetings) adopted build on the strengths of your club and enhance your membership efforts.

Some new flexible options for membership might include a: Young Professional membership;  Associate membership; Corporate membership; Family membership, or any other options your club may decide. Whatever new memberships your club decides on will necessitate adoption in your club By-Laws.

Clubs may ask, "where do we begin?" Hold a planning session for your club and discuss these changes with your membership. Consider inviting a Rotarian speaker from outside your club who is knowledgeable of these changes, and/or a neutral Rotarian facilitator to guide your club through a conversation, including a review of your club By-Laws. Your local Assistant Governor can assist your club in finding someone to work with.

The criteria members must meet to be considered for membership has also changed. The current RI constitution requires "Adult person of good character and good business, professional and/or community reputation". In addition, it requires the member have a position as proprietor, partner, etc. of business or profession; be retired from such position; or be a community leader.

The new The new membership criteria eliminates the above business and professional criteria and provides only that a club be composed of "Adult persons who demonstrate good character, integrity, and leadership; possess good reputation within their business, profession and/or community; and are willing to serve in their community and/or around the world".

As District Membership Chair, I'll be sharing new Rotary Membership Resources with club Presidents and club Membership Committee Chairs. Details will be shared soon with clubs announcing a webinar for club Presidents, Membership Committee Chairs and other interested

Rotary members.  Please feel free to direct any questions you may have, directly to me, about any of the changes mentioned in this article. If your club has a unique strategy you plan to implement this year, I encourage you to share it with me.


Andre' Layral
D5010 Membership Chair

cell 907-460- 7786
Andre' Layral
D5010 Membership Chair
cell 907-460-7786
EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year!!!)
The Rotary Foundation is KEY!!!   
One of the great ways we do good for the world!!!  
Become a Paul Harris Fellow and more!!!
Article Headline
RI and District 5010 initiative "Rotary Community Corps"
Rotary International  adapted the Rotary Community Corp program(RCC)  in 1988 following its introduction in 1985.  The program as envisioned is a program that will allow Rotary and Rotarians to work with community members on service projects to improve their local community.

RI understands  there are a lot of opportunities for service. The majority of service projects  are preformed by people who are not Rotarians.  It is safe to say that there is a culture of helping and this culture does offer Rotary an avenue of service outside the traditional club organization by engaging people in communities who recognize needs and are trying to address them.

In a nutshell the RCC program can provide a vehicle for  citizen groups to access Rotary member expertise and grants outside of the formal Rotary Club structure.   Rotary describes the program as "a team of non-Rotarians who are flexible partners in service for Rotary"
The RCC is a priority program for RI and DGE Michelle has listed it as one of her top priorities for her Rotary year (2016-2017).  This initiative offers District 5010 a tool to serve our communities by leveraging  Rotary's human and financial capital.

For me this program offers and opportunity to expand "Rotary Service" and I hope you will consider its potential service opportunities  for your club.
We all are aware of some of the major initiatives of RI, Youth Exchange, Foundation, RYLA, Polio , and we all are aware of what our individual clubs do.  This can be a new arrow in your quiver of service.

I would like to ask you as Club and District leaders four  things
1) Review the program.   Go to
2)Introduce RCC to your membership.   Bring the program up to Club through the Board or during  Club Meetings.
3) Consider scheduling a presentation on the initiative during one of your Club Meetings   You or a club member can do this or if you would like I can try to coordinate a   presentation at your club.   When you visit the RI web review all of the material available including the Power Point Presentation.
4) Let me know of your club's interest or if there are members who might be interested  helping to  develop the program in our District

I am including my contact information.
In Rotary Service I thank you for your consideration.

Greg Wakefield    
747 E. Ship Creek Ave.
Anchorage, AK  99501
Phone:  907-276-3506  Direct Line  907-865-3700
                Mobile   907-223-8079

Trainers' Toolkit

New resources in the Learning Center
We have some handy new resources in the Learning Center

Trainers Toolkit course update
We've added new planning tools to support your events:
  • Budget Worksheet (Excel)
  • Facilitator checklist (Word)
  • Planning calendar (Word)
Use the keyword "toolkit" on the search bar to find the course in the Learning Center.     
Rotary Club Central Resources course
We've updated this course to support 2016-17 officers. It includes:
  • How to access Rotary Club Central
  • Club reference guide
  • District reference guide
  • Goal planning worksheet
  • "Setting goals in Rotary Club Central" video
  • Rotary Club Central PowerPoint presentation
Use the keyword "central" on the search bar to find the course in the Learning Center.

Anchorage International Rotary Club.    
Computing to North Star Elementary School
Anchorage International Rotary Club partners with Network Users Group Alaska to bring the world of computing to North Star Elementary School. The project is now in its 9th year.

North Star Elementary is one of the most diverse elementary schools in the Anchorage School District, consisting of grades K through 6. The school principal, Mr. Marcus Wilson, reports the school teaches children whose 37 native languages bring special challenges to his creative, talented faculty. Mr.

Wilson explains North Star Elementary with all its diversity includes many young families just getting an economic foothold in this Anchorage, Alaska community. He finds families often do not have financial means of providing computers to access the cyber community.

Ms. Ella Brown, who was Vice Principal in 2008, and several other faculty members, came up with the idea of an outreach program, which they titled Parent's University. They recognized utilization of Internet resources would assist learning and provide basis for student research. Ms. Brown recognized the family setting is key to motivating children even though parents may have limited computer literacy.

Ms. Brown approached Rotarian and PDG,Ted Trueblood, who was a participant in the  program at North Star. The seed of the idea was planted. "Would it be possible for Rotary to provide computer systems for families unable to purchase new computers?" Certainly, AIR could provide financial means but faced a challenge providing technical wherewithal to pull the program together.

That is, until a Rotarian, Tim Trueblood, also Projects Chair with Network Users of Alaska, saw a synergistic opportunity. With the backing of John Tibor, President of NUGA, and the NUGA Board of Directors and with generous donations of both Rotarians and NUGA members, the project was started.

Since inception of the program, selection of recipient families has been a choice of school administrators and teachers familiar with students and their needs.

During this past school year, 2015-2016, Anchorage International Rotary and NUGA hosted three Parents University sessions.. During each session, thirteen NSS families received instruction on fully reconditioned computer systems while learning about the Internet. In passing, it should be noted each system included a current operating system, an office suite, computer utilities, Internet browsers, antivirus, a firewall, and a monitor, keyboard and mouse. To date this project has provide just shy of 350 computer systems to the community.

AIR and NUGA members acted as instructors and lab assistants. At the conclusion of each orientation, each family took their computer system home to retain for personal use.

As in years past, Anchorage International Rotary provided a grant (for purchase of refurbished monitors and for software licenses), volunteer workers and most all the recycled computers. For their part, Network Users Group Alaska provided many volunteer hours to recondition the computers, install, update and test all software. Additionally both partners provided instructors and lab assistants for the attending families.

Rotary International Monthly themes and dates - 2016-17 calendar

Visit this calendar throughout the year to find award deadlines and convention and event information. Develop meeting agendas, projects, or public image campaigns based on these special occasions. All dates are subject to change.


The Rotary Months designations changed, effective 1 July 2015. You'll find the new ones below, in the 2015-16 calendar. Use them at your regular meetings to promote Rotary's involvement in these activities.



1 July - Start of new Rotary officers' year of service

Membership and New Club Development Month

Basic Education and Literacy Month

1 September - Deadline to submit nominations for the Rotary Service Above Self Award

Economic and Community Development Month

Rotary Foundation Month

1 November - Deadline to submit nominations for The Rotary Foundation Service Award for a Polio-Free World

1 November - Deadline to submit nominations for the Rotary Vocational Service Leadership Award

2-8 November - World Interact Week

Disease Prevention and Treatment Month

15 December - Early registration discount ends for RI Convention

Vocational Service Month

17-23 January - International Assembly, San Diego, California, USA

Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month

23 February - Rotary's anniversary

Water and Sanitation Month

1 March - Deadline for district governors to submit nominations for the Rotarian Spouse/Partner Service Award

7-13 March - World Rotaract Week

15 March - Deadline for district governors to submit nominations for the Significant Achievement Award (for clubs)

31 March - Preregistration discount ends for RI Convention

Maternal and Child Health Month

1 April - Deadline to report activities to earn a Presidential Citation for Rotary and Rotaract clubs

11-15 April - Council on Legislation

15 April - Deadline to report activities to earn a Presidential Citation for Interact clubs

30 April - Registration/ticket cancellation deadline for RI Convention

Youth Services Month

28 May-1 June - RI Convention, Seoul, Korea

Rotary Fellowships Month

30 June - Deadline to submit nominations for The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award

30 June - Deadline for zones to submit nominations for the Rotary Global Alumni Service to Humanity Award

30 June - Deadline for zones to submit nominations for the Rotary Alumni Association of the Year


Want Ads!!!
What do we want? We want you and your ideas. For example, how many of you know about how the District is structured or what District positions there are. Or how you could get a District position that is an area you might be interested in. The Want Ads section we may be able to offer some information. We hope to be able to publish District jobs or projects that are either vacant or forecast to be vacant. The ad would include what the position is and what it entails. Also we would list time frames and desirable qualifications. There are a lot of cool District positions that could stimulate your Rotary passion. Jobs where you can really make a difference. But it doesn't have to be just job openings.

See below:

Thank you for your Service in Rotary to Serve Humanity.
DG Michelle O'Brien and First Dude Rotarian Dave Dixon, Retired USCG


In Rotary Spirit,

Rosie Roppel News Editor -  
Next deadline is August 15, 2016
The Rotary Club of Ketchikan First City
(I want to thank all of your who have posted to Facebook, Clubrunner, and have sent in photos and information for the newsletter..."Be a Gift to the World")

Rotary District 5010


John Germ
Where has DG O'Brien been and where is she going?
DG is doing her club visits.  So far she has visited clubs in this order: with her AGs.  Rosie Roppel AG for Southeast.

*  Ketchikan First City (home club)  (inducted 3 new members - One USCG)  social, and board meeting Scheduled for radio and tv interviews. (Pres. Steve Rydeen)
*  Ketchikan 2000 - (1 Paul Harris) - (Pres. Steve Boehlert)
*   Sitka - They film meetings for TV...(Toured Dist. Conf. Site... Going to be great! and t oured  many projects)!  Social! inducted 1 new member (USCG) (Pres. Karl Stedman) 
 *   Juneau Board meetings (3)  New club forming, Rotaract club revitalized
 * Juneau Project and Capital Tours (Pres. Karen Tarver and Pres. Pam Varni) 
 *  Juneau Downtown club. (Pres. Armando DeGuzman)  
  *  Returning to Juneau Clubs
* Petersburg (board meeting, lawn party, radio interview, inducted 1 member who signed up on the internet) starting Interact Club, projects tour. (President Desi Burrell)

DG O'Brien is taveling to Anchorage clubs with AG Doran Powell...stay tuned...

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