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Mar. 2017
Water and Sanitation Month

                                       District Governor's Message

Dear Rotary Friends and Family,

Please keep in mind the upcoming:
*  District Conference in Sitka: April 27-30th.  

  Time flies when you're having fun, right?  I am completing my club visits with trips to Kodiak and Nome this week, and continue to be humbled by the friendships, the beauty of our District, and your dedication. Dave and I sincerely thank each and every one of you.
As the Springtime clock moves forward, despite the lack on an hour, it still seems as if there is a never-ending list of good things that are constantly happening in and around District 5010.  

For example, we recently sent off on  Miss Allison Furniss from Whitehorse on her own "adventure of a lifetime" to South Africa on a Global Grant Scholarship.  She begins her studies in the area of Peace and Conflict Resolution at the University of Cape Town.  She is an outstanding young woman whom I had the pleasure of meeting while in Whitehorse recently.  

Also, we are actively working on bringing to fruition a Global Grant with our friends in Panama in two different areas.  First, Past District Governor Ted Trueblood is spearheading an effort to identify a project with my friend, DG Franz Paredes, in District 4240-Panama, that will employ a Vocational Training Team, and offer both Districts the chance to do a meaningful project together.  Secondarily, Annette Smith of Juneau is a member of the International Fellowship of Diving Rotarians, and she has also put out feelers in that same District in order to put together a project that the Fellowship can both invest their funds in and participate.  I am crossing my fingers that both of these adventures come to fruition, because as many of you know, my family spent four years in Panama, and my eldest daughter was born there. 

Lastly, we cannot forget our long standing partnership with Project Amigo.  Our Juneau Rotarians and DGN Diane Fejes are there as I write, doing good. This year in Sitka, Max Mertz will be raffling off a trip to next year's Project Amigo!  How exciting.  This project is a true statement to the power of Rotary.

Speaking of Mexico, I am proud that we invested $13,000 of our District Dedicated Funds to help with a Global Grant to underwrite the Mexico Positive Peace Workshop.  Many thanks to Past District Governor Carolyn Jones for bringing our attention to this, and we will be sending a D5010 Rotarian there in May to participate.  This is truly a monumental project.

These are all important things to note because they illustrate how your Rotary Foundation investments are being used not only locally, but globally.  We always strive to be good stewards of our funds.  When folks make donations to our Foundation, the expectation is that those funds will go for doing good around our communities and the world.  During the past few years, D5010 has experienced a carryover amount.  These amounts are specifically for projects like the ones listed above. With careful guidance from Foundation Chair,  Woody Angst and the Grants Committee, we are truing these numbers up.

District Governor Michelle O'Brien
First Dude David Dixon

Rotary Club of Soldotna President Chris Hough reviews the Club's legacy with DG Michelle O'Brien during her club visit

Want Ad: 
Rotary Harry Kieling, District Governor 2017-2018.

There will be other appointments to District positions in the next couple of months. I am excited about the level and dedication of the upcoming PE's and club officers and the District staff. I see a continuation of the great things all of you are doing.

If you have a passion to help at the District 5010 level, please email me.

DGE Kieling at International Assembly
in San Diego.
Rotary President Elect Ian Reisley and DGE Kieling

Thank you all for your service to Rotary." 
DGE - Harry Kieling

District 5010 is proud to host the 23rd Annual Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) in the Golden Heart City, Fairbanks Alaska March 23-26, 2017

Andre Layal - Membership Chair

D5010 Membership Chair
cell 907-460-7786

The district now has 1776 Active Rotary members and 113 Honorary members

Thanks you,

Whitehorse: Allison Furniss: District 5010 and TRF Rotary Scholar  goes to Cape Town, South Africa

  In late January, District 5010 Governor Michelle O'Brien, Foundation Chair Woody Angst, Global Scholarship Chair Arnie Cohen and district global scholar committee members learned that The Rotary Foundation (TRF) had approved an application by Allison Furniss from Whitehorse to become a Rotary global scholar.
     Allison has a $30,090 (US dollars) scholarship for one year of graduate studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  School commenced March 13th and continues to December 2017, without any breaks!   
     This year Allison is completing a graduate pre-qualifying program in Political Studies pertaining to Rotary's Area of Focus "peace, and conflict prevention/resolution."  Her studies focus on peace building in communities and regions affected by conflict, with emphasis on human rights advocacy, reconciliation and social justice.   After her first year, Allison hopes to continue studies at the same university to acquire a Masters' Degree in Justice and Transformations under the same Area of Focus
     Allison is being hosted by Rotary Club of Sea Point, Cape Town. She also is representing Rotary District 5010 with speaking engagements and hands-on volunteer activities during her time in South Africa.    
     "I have a specific desire to study in the global south and on the African continent. At the University of Cape Town, the effects of theory and practice of international development are right there in the community around me," said Furniss. "The current global political climate calls on us to learn from international partners and build skills to act in this time of on-going social inequality. I am honoured and humbled to have the support of Rotary in the pursuit of my graduate studies."
Born and raised a Yukoner, Allison worked for four years in Tanzania and Namibia to empower children and youth through sport for development and peace building. Locally, she worked at BYTE - Empowering Youth Society, conducting workshops and outreach activities for Yukon youth.  Up to her departure she was the Student Engagement Coordinator at Yukon College.
The Rotary Club of Whitehorse Rendezvous is sponsoring Allison.  Global Scholar Committee Chair Arnie Cohen notes that  Allison capably demonstrated how her previous work in Africa and the Yukon, her volunteer activities, her proposed academic program and her longer-term career plan align with Rotary's priorities.
     The TRF Global Grant Scholarship Program is a partnership between two Rotary Districts.  It funds graduate level course-work or research for one to four academic years in one of Rotary's Six Areas of Focus. These include peace and conflict prevention and resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, and economic and community development.  This is the first year that our District has offered this scholarship program with the District's funds matched by The Rotary Foundation's World Fund on a one for one basis.



Perhaps you already know that TRF - - - -
-- currently has a partnership with the Gates' Foundation through 2018;
-- will extend that partnership through 2020;
-- recently awarded polio grants totaling $35.0 million to ten countries; and
-- intends to continue awarding similar polio grants three times annually, totaling $105.0 million.

YTD in 2017 there have been 
--  3 new cases of the wild polio virus
--  0 cases of the circulating virus resulting from emmunizations

YTD in 2016 there were
--  5 new cases of the wild polio virus

We are making progress.  But we are not finished.  Therefore,
--  tell the story of Polio Eradication to Rotarians
--  tell the story of Polio Eradication to the media
--  encourage major gifts
--  watch Bill Gates's presentation in Atlanta
--  encourage each club to strive to reach TRF's challenge goal of $1,500 donated next year.

Remember, that all donations to TRF for the Polio Eradication effort are spent immediately.  

Thus, the continuing support of districts, clubs, and Rotarians is essential during the next few years until the world health organizations declare that Polio has been eradicated.

District 5010 has committed to transferring 20% of it available DDF annually to support Polio Eradication.  Let's encourage clubs and Rotarians to continue their support.

Thanks for your efforts and generous support for The Rotary Foundation and its Polio Eradication Campaign.
PS  - - - -
Our donations as support for Polio Eradication are "in addition to" rather than "instead of" our donations to the Annual Fund of TRF.

Woody Angst
Anchorage International Rotary - Foundation Auction
Each year Anchorage International holds an Auction that is to raise funds for the Foundation.  Cleverly scheduled to always be the Friday before Valentine's Day for those members that need some assistance buying a great VDay present.  This year 2 great members took on the task of making this happen.  Jan Ingram and Celeste Cohen put this event together and were able to have the most profitable year ever.  This was all done during the one hour lunch meeting.  Several new ideas helped put this Auction over the top.  The Auction was able to net over $20,000.00 during the lunch.  That makes an average of $290.00 for each member.  Thank You Ladies !! 

EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year!!!)
The Rotary Foundation is KEY!!!   
One of the great ways we do good for the world!!!  
Become a Paul Harris Fellow and more!!!
Peace Centers and studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution
When the TRF began to award the Peace Fellowships, there were about 60 universities around the world that offered courses in "Peace and Conflict Resolution."

Now there are about 600 universities around the world that offer courses in "Peace and Conflict Resolution."

Therefore, RI TRF is looking to update its evaluation of the universities with the intent of retaining the six universities with the best curriculum for advanced study in "Peace and Conflict Resolution." TRF has a consultant that has been hired to assist with this update effort.  A decision is expected to be made in September 2017.

If you are interested click here:   https://www.rotary.org/our-programs/peace-fellowships

Juneau...Glacier Valley Club Photo - President Karen Tarver

Presidents Want a Presidential Citation?...Update your goals on Club Central!
Also, Presidents help your PEs establish their goals before they go to PNWPETS in February!!!

Have a District Grant project in mind and also think International Project!

Looking forward to seeing you at PNWPETS
Juneau Downtown Club
Short history about our club's involvement win the African Library Project:

o   Juneau Rotary Club partnered has with Hearthside Books since 2009 with Susan Hickey (this is our 7th year). In the past 2 years, we have been working with Brenda Weaver the new owner of Hearthside Books.

o   Our club is one of 4 Rotary Clubs that have been involved in the African Mobile Library project (all but our club are one year sponsors)
    • New Bern Rotary Club of North Carolina (2012)
    • District 5330 Murieta, CA (2016)
    • Duluth MN Rotoract Club (2015)

o   Since 2009 our club has contributed $7000 in helping to bring over 10,000 books and teaching materials to Sub-Saharan African schools


o   In 2014 we helped provide books to the Sisatsawemi Primary School in Swaziland

    • The school has 800 students and now an 800 book library

o   This year we helped send 120 books to Sogakope Basic School in Sogakope Ghana

    • This school as started in 2007 with 25 students, it now has 560 students
Some facts about the African regions we support with our Book Project:
  • o   There are more than 1 in 3 adults that cannot read
  • o   182 million adults are unable to read or write
  • o   48 million youths (15-24 yrs old) are illiterate
  • o   22% of primary aged children are not in school
  • o   That makes 30 million primary aged children who are not in school
  • o   The population of Sub-Saharan Africa is 913 million (as of 2012)
  • o   Life expectancy is 58 years old
  • o   44% of people live below the international poverty line of $1.25/day
  • o   63% of people have access to "improved"(adequate) water source
  • o   The US literacy rate is 99%. It is 59% in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • o   Of the 11 countries with the lowest adult literacy rates, 10 are in Africa.
How do we get books to these students:

o   Hearthside Books our partner has committed to collecting 1000 books each year that are donated or purchased with donation funds


o   These books are boxed up and shipped from Juneau to the African Library Project central collection point in New Orleans where they are shipped to Africa.


o   Once at the central receiving port the book cartons are transferred to other boats, trucks, planes for further distribution. Books sent last December arrived this July in Ghana.


o   Once in the past few years our books arrived at a remote school via camel train in the last leg of their journey into young reader's hands.


o   Although just books, the process to clear customs is lengthy and adds quite a bit of delay in the overall delivery process.


o   The African Library Project has been a top rated non-profit since 2012 and has delivered over 1 million books to young readers. They match donors to schools, with schools applying to receive library books.


o   You can learn more about the African Library Project at www.africanlibraryproject.org


Pacific Northwest Presidential Elect Training Seminar - Seattle
DGE Kieling's Presidential Flight team ready to roll!
DGE Harry Keiling Team.District 5010's presidents attended many educational seminars, socials, District Leadership training under Chris Letterman.

District 5010 Princess Team



Flight Team "All Present...Let me tell you a story," says DGE Kieling.


DGE Classmates...Congratulations! 

YOUTH EXCHANGE...Assignments are coming out!
Here are our Inbounds and Outbounds at Winter ShushOut!

ECLUB Far Reaching - RYLA
January in Texas. With a wider reach than most 5010 Rotary clubs, our 5010 eClub is able to support RYLA programs beyond Alaska-Yukon.  District 5840 held their RYLA over the Martin Luther King weekend.  Our 5010 eClub aided with transportation of Fredericksburg students to the event and sponsorship of a high school student from Harper Texas. Youthful energy and enthusiasm is universal!
NOME: Bering Sea Women's Group
The mission of the Bering Sea Women's Group in Nome is to provide a safe haven for women and children who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or other violent crimes while promoting a safe, healthy, and violence-free community.  In 2016 their building was completely remodeled but they lacked a large functional kitchen table to share communal meals and for social gatherings. Members of the Nome Rotary Club took up this challenge and raised the funds necessary to obtain a table that is big enough for all their needs.

Picture 1 Rotaian Nikki Nash (L) and Bering Sea Womens Group employee (R)
Picture 2 Rotarian Denice Gilroy (L) and Rotarian Charlie Lean (L)

Rotary International Convention
Fellowships are groups of Rotarians, spouses, and Rotaractors with similar recreation or vocational interests. The RI Board officially recognizes them but Fellowships operate independently with their own rules, dues and administrative structure. They offer opportunities to make lasting friendships outside of one's own club, district and country.
They have a prominent role at Rotary's International Conventions.
  • The House of Friendship is where convention attendee first go to feel welcome, meet friends and see displays of the many Rotary International Fellowships and Action Groups.
  • Fellowships often designate a convention hotel for members to stay together. 
  • Fellowships plan meals and social events all during the convention.
  • Fellowships often plan activities for their members before and following the convention.
RI now recognizes 73 Fellowships with interests as varied as yachting, flying, home exchanges, cycling and wine appreciation. They have members from at least three countries and find creative opportunities for service, fun, and advancing world understanding. They serve to promote fellowship and enhance a Rotarian's experience beyond relationships with those in one's own club.
I joined my first Fellowship when I sought a way to enrich my experience while attending an RI Convention in Australia. I wanted a way to extend my visit in the host country and link up with other Rotarians with my vocational or recreational interests that wished to do so as well. My investigation led to my wife and my joining the International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians and taking part in their ten-day flying adventure all around Queensland. What a marvelous indulgence in the hospitality and friendship of Rotarians! After the Atlanta RI Convention the Flying Rotarians have planned a ten day fly-away to significant destinations throughout the southeast. So too have many of the other fellowships.
June is designated Rotary Fellowship month. Seize on this time to become acquainted with Rotary Fellowships, make Rotary friends who share your vocation, avocation, recreation or social passion, or plan a club meeting about Fellowships.  
For a listing of all the Fellowships and contact information for joining, go to www.rotary.org/fellowships. For a program on Rotary Fellowships to your club, contact the District Fellowship Chair, Thomas Johnston ( tomjohnston@verizon.net).

Dictionaries - Does your club distribute dictionaries to 3rd Graders
Ketchikan First City Rotary Does!!!

Juneau Interact
Distinguished finalist award to Tasha Elizarde for work done as Inertract club president and work on Homeless Awareness sleepout. 

RYE Students Kick-Off Iditarod Challenge
This past January at the RYE winter conference, all 22 RYE students signed up with ShelterBoxUSA for their "Service Above-Self" projects. 8 students initially wanted to take part in the overnight in the tent at the restart. When the restart moved from Willow to Fairbanks 2 dropped out.
After the ceremonial start in Anchorage 6 students ventured to Eagle River where they dug out a space and, wearing snowshoes, tampered down an area large enough for the tent to be placed. Putting up the 63 pound tent with metal poles is much more time consuming in snow than in the warmth of summer.
Everyone had a hot meal, went for a 2 mile hike and then got ready for a chilling experience. Mother Nature decided -2 degrees was the challenge. Although 2 students chose to go inside half way through the night, 4 hard core souls stayed with Nancy Dodge, RYE volunteer/ShelterBoxUSA ambassador, until breakfast at 7:30 AM.
Congratulations to David Als from Denmark (Anchorage South Rotary Club), Kim Bader from Switzerland (Eagle River Rotary Club), Zoe Johannsen from Austria (Anchorage East Rotary Club) and Tasha du Toit from South Africa (Palmer Rotary Club).
These 6 students have raised over $3000 for ShelterBoxUSA, the largest Project Partner of Rotary International. The District 5010 Iditarod Challenge continues through March. Several clubs have started the race and are on their way to the finish line with a $1049 donation. Will your club win this prestigious event? Send your check into ShelterBoxUSA/Iditarod Challenge, 7359 Merchant Court, Sarasota, FL 34240 or call 941 907-6036 to use your credit card.

Rotary International Monthly themes and dates - 2016-17 calendar

Visit this calendar throughout the year to find award deadlines and convention and event information. Develop meeting agendas, projects, or public image campaigns based on these special occasions. All dates are subject to change.


The Rotary Months designations changed, effective 1 July 2015. You'll find the new ones below, in the 2015-16 calendar. Use them at your regular meetings to promote Rotary's involvement in these activities.



1 July - Start of new Rotary officers' year of service

Membership and New Club Development Month

Basic Education and Literacy Month

1 September - Deadline to submit nominations for the Rotary Service Above Self Award

Economic and Community Development Month

Rotary Foundation Month

1 November - Deadline to submit nominations for The Rotary Foundation Service Award for a Polio-Free World

1 November - Deadline to submit nominations for the Rotary Vocational Service Leadership Award

2-8 November - World Interact Week

Disease Prevention and Treatment Month

15 December - Early registration discount ends for RI Convention

Vocational Service Month

17-23 January - International Assembly, San Diego, California, USA

Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month

23 February - Rotary's anniversary

Water and Sanitation Month

1 March - Deadline for district governors to submit nominations for the Rotarian Spouse/Partner Service Award

7-13 March - World Rotaract Week

15 March - Deadline for district governors to submit nominations for the Significant Achievement Award (for clubs)

31 March - Preregistration discount ends for RI Convention

Maternal and Child Health Month

1 April - Deadline to report activities to earn a Presidential Citation for Rotary and Rotaract clubs

11-15 April - Council on Legislation

15 April - Deadline to report activities to earn a Presidential Citation for Interact clubs

30 April - Registration/ticket cancellation deadline for RI Convention

Youth Services Month

28 May-1 June - RI Convention, Seoul, Korea

Rotary Fellowships Month

30 June - Deadline to submit nominations for The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award

30 June - Deadline for zones to submit nominations for the Rotary Global Alumni Service to Humanity Award

30 June - Deadline for zones to submit nominations for the Rotary Alumni Association of the Year


Thank you for your Service in Rotary to Serve Humanity.
DG Michelle O'Brien and First Dude Rotarian Dave Dixon, Retired USCG


In Rotary Spirit,
Did I say we had fun at PNWPETS? (Pacific Northwest Presidential Elect Training Seminar!)

  Rosie Roppel News Editor -  
Next deadline is April 15, 2017 - 
PLEASE SEND TO ME  COPY READY AND LARGER FORMAT PICTURES and I need names of folks in pictures.)
The Rotary Club of Ketchikan First City
(I want to thank all of your who have posted to Facebook, Clubrunner, and have sent in photos and information for the newsletter...Rotary Serving Humanity!!!)

Rotary District 5010

John Germ
Rotarian Photographers 
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Rotary International Convention 2017


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Thank you to Strive for hosting our District Leadership meeting this February 2017.

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