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Rotary Serving Humanity

Sept. 2016
Basic Education and Literacy Month

                                       District Governor's Message

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

In Rotary International, August is celebrated as "Rotary Membership Month". All around District 5010 we have made great strides in introducing our Rotary fellowship to new folks, and welcoming them to our wonderful clubs.  We have had a record number of inquiries via the Rotary International website, and many clubs have held membership events, too!  This is great news.  Our numbers are UP.

I often talk about Rotary in terms of being "welcoming."  After having the honor of visiting clubs in Southeast and in Anchorage recently, it is very clear to me that the friendly atmosphere of our clubs is alive and well. Keep up the great work.
Rotary in my mind is all about its members, the people. You successfully implement community projects, as well as projects worldwide. Without you and your involvement in the community, it would be very difficult to see successful projects through.  By having projects that are highly visible, highly effective in the community, and you tap into the passions of newer and potential members. 
During club meetings, I continue to encourage you to focus more on fellowship and cooperation and to identify new opportunities for growth for members with less experience.   After all, it wasn't too long ago that folks like me were newer and younger members who were looking for a way to not only contribute, but to grow. Let's grow new leaders, who are eager to contribute in a big way.

Help new members with useful information and suggestions so they can offer their support in implementing future projects. A strong team is always more efficient and given its experience, it will serve well over the coming years. Don't forget to engage the community by communicating the results of your initiatives and your fellowship through the press, social media, and your newsletters.
As we move into the autumn season, both Dave and I are so excited to see the happenings around our fine District and to visit many more clubs and communities.  It is such an honor to serve you, and remember, as always, we are here to listen to your needs, and to help you grow your clubs, and to grow you as Rotarians.
DG Michelle O'Brien

Russian Jack Club just inducted two new women

Senator Dan Sullivan, guest speaker at Anchorage Downtown:
A wonderfully informative presentation by Senator Sullivan.  And with lots of humor too!  Alaska is very lucky to have the qualifications, experience and personality that Dan Sullivan brings to being our U.S. Senator!!  And a big thank you Senator Sullivan for being our guest speaker today.
Bill Chambers  Club Photographer

Anchorage East inducts two new members...Thank you, Left to right President Paul McGuire, Shawn Florio, jDG O'Brien, Reed Smith  and Arnie Cohen. 

Anchorage South:  DG O'Brien, Red to Blue Badger Chris Gray, President (Duchess) Jess Gutzwiler, and Red to Blue Badger Brad Erickson

Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia 

District Governor Steve Yoshida chartered the Rotary Club of Yakutsk in 1994. He was accompanied by DGE Jack Randolph and others from Alaska, including Past District Governors, Skip Cook and Alana Bergh.

Our most amazing adventure began when our group of five Rotarians and a friendly explorer arrived in Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia the last week of July. We were met at their new, modern airport by Rotarians, banners, flowers, and sunshine...which had been absent in Anchorage and Fairbanks for some time.  The next six days were a renewal and celebration of long time friendships, and a tour of a city on a roll.
District Governor Steve Yoshida chartered the Rotary Club of Yakutsk in 1994. He was accompanied by DGE Jack Randolph and others from Alaska, including future governors Skip Cook and Alana Bergh.  Alana and husband Ron got a Russian daughter out of the deal and this trip was to introduce Ron to his "daughter's hometown". College Rotarians Pamela Flory and Glenn Potts, and Ruby Jaques from Idaho were visiting for the first time. PDG Ted Trueblood made the trip, looking at opportunities for partnering on a health initiative.
Friendship Exchange is aptly named, and the Russian Rotarians do it royally. Our first day in town we were treated to a barbecue at the dacha of one of the club members. We introduced all around, and were entertained by Yakutian Throat singing.
A whirlwind of connections and contrasts ensued.  Since Fairbanks and Yakutsk are sister cities, we met with the vice mayor of Yakutsk, and the city administration provided our transportation as we visited the sites.  We viewed magnificent jewelry in the Yakutia Treasury, spectacular nature at the Permafrost Kingdom and UNESCO world heritage site of the Lena Pillars.   We scored scarce tickets for a philharmonic performance and were treated to a private operatic concert arranged just for us.  Other events featured traditional Jew's Harp playing and Yakutian throat singing.   Village people invited us into their homes and gardens, and entrepreneurs at "startup incubator" Techno-Park guided us through their innovative industries including paint manufacturing, steel building insulated panels, window production and a number of high tech gaming and computer applications. 
We stayed at (five stars on Trip Advisor) B&B Bravo! owned by Rotarian Katya Clark,  This comprises the top floor of an apartment building, so we got the flavor of downtown living, and delicious Russian style breakfasts.  At the time of the club charter Katya had just graduated university and now she is a past president of the club. She is the daughter of charter member Kapa Alexeyeva who is well known to many in the Rotary world.
Among their many projects, Rotary Yakutsk is working to upgrade the building where special needs children study and are cared for.  Like in the US, autism seems to be on the rise, as well as Down syndrome as women delay childbearing while establishing businesses and careers. Kids are learning skills that will allow some to have meaningful, if not complex jobs. 
And, if you're a foodie, you'll love Russia.  Fresh and organic is the norm, not a marketing message.  Fish and vegetables dominate, and in Yakutsk, there are many varieties of meats on the table, along with traditional pelmeny and borscht. South American and New Zealand wines are on the menus.
Summer of 2017 the Yakutsk Rotarians will visit Alaska.  Let us know if you want to be involved


 PDG Ted Trueblood's Russian Health Initiative - TB victims

They danced for the team. 

Youth Exchange...that time of the year...outbounds leaving to Finland!
Next...Recruiting getting fired up!  and Fall Conference in Willow

Fall Orientation for Inbounds and Rebounds (debriefing) at Willow, Alaska!  Good job all!!!

Anchorage Gateway Club
District Governor O'Brien and Anchorage Gateway President, Sylvanus Fowlis

$12,000 in scholarships a year for a club of less than 25
This also is the 100th year of The Rotary Foundation.

Special gifts : to obtain instructions for Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Unitrusts email  plannedgiving@rotary.org or call +1-847-866-3100


Woody Angst

Want Ad: 
Harry Kieling, District Governor 2017-2018.

Harry is working hard with the District Governor string preparing for next year!

Another thing:
Showboat your awesome club on a poster!
Diane Fejes named as DG for 2018-19
Future District 5010 Governor  Diane Fejes (Also the Leadership Academy Dean)  

Diane is also working hard preparing for her year as District Governor!

Leadership Academy is full and is starting soon!
" Our ongoing goal is to have every club have an applicant at least every other year and groups of members working together are welcome."

Thank you too, to all the faculty - Harriett Schloer, Dan Kennedy and Ariel Talen-Keller, Rosie Roppel, Susan Bethel, Jodi Stuart, and Sondra Kaplan and Will Files. 

Diane Fejes, Academy Dean

2015-16 District 5010 Leadership Academy Graduates, faculty, Dean, and RI Representative Laura Steelquist

Juneau's new Rotary Club, which hopes to be online byOctober 1.
Rotary Club of Juneau 58° Innovators

The Rotary Club of Juneau 58° Innovators looks to form and begin meeting as soon as October 2016. A meet-and- greet has been scheduled for August 25 th (upstairs at Rockwell) at 5:00pm to invite prospective members to join the club. The new club will embrace the changes recommended in RI Council on Legislation. Meetings will be held on Thursdays - twice per month - in the afternoon (proposed meeting start time is 5:00pm) at a location TBD. The new club will offer greater flexibility in meeting times; allow for new unique memberships; and will focus on fun, service and fellowship while doing the good works of Rotary in our community and internationally. The steering committee has adopted a Club Constitution, Club Bylaws and dues structure. Membership categories for the new club will include:

 Corporate Members

 Professional Members

 New Professional Members

 Spouse/Partner Members

 Student Members

Rotary's focus of doing good in the world, with the flexibility of a new club model, will open opportunities to grow membership and enlarge the entire Juneau Rotary family. The new club looks forward to partnering with existing clubs and working together to address Rotary's avenues of service locally, within the great state of Alaska and internationally.

Membership in this new club will be restricted for current Juneau area Rotarians to protect existing Juneau Rotary club's membership. As recommended by the assigned Special Assistant to the District Governor, Past District Governor Gayle Knepper, a threshold will be set limiting members to the new club to no more than 10% from any existing club in the first year. The new club will require a minimum of twenty-five (25) charter members. Should you have any questions about the new club, please reach out to:

Bill Peters bpeters@truenorthfcu.org 723-9711
Chris Letterman chris.letterman@gmail.com 723-8324
Jamie Letterman lettermanj@gmail.com 723-7243
Shelly Wright shellywright@gci.net 723-4995
Mike Mauseth micheal.mauseth@wellsfargo.com 321-1268
Winter Boots for the Vulnerable- Alaska:
Dear Fellow Alaska Rotarians,

Kelly Trang and I are fellow Rotarians- Kihei-Wailea on Maui. 
We have a variety of projects we do. We need your help on this very worthy one... 

Winter Boots for the Vulnerable- Alaska:

Sustainable and Viable Earth ( SAVEarth.us) is our non-profit humanitarian aid NGO.  The current main project is providing winter boots to the vulnerable. These boots are assembled from new stock ski boot liners (donated from Surefoot and Intuition- custom ski boot companies) that we are saving from going into landfills. Last August we delivered 560 pairs of winter boots to Anchorage. We had the very kind assistance of Kyle Rudy and volunteers from the ChangePoint church with storage, assembly and distribution to various homeless shelters in Anchorage and beyond. This effort was very well received...( http://www.ktva.com/donated-boots-warming-the-feet-of-anchorages-homeless-930/).  

We have 1100 pairs of winter boots this year!!

We need the support of Rotary clubs in Alaska. We need to purchase 970 pairs of PVC rubber overboots to match the ski boot liners. The boots need to be shipped from storage in Las Vegas (~10 pallets).
The boots need to be assembled (inner liners put into overboots) and sorted. 
530 pairs will need neoprene rubber footbeds for extra cushioning and warmth. The footbeds need to be cut from large sheets.
All the prep will take approximately 6-8 volunteers helping for 3 days. 
The boots need to be distributed to homeless shelters, soup kitchens, churches, etc. in mid-October. Besides Anchorage, we hope to reach those in need in Fairbanks, other larger towns and native communities.

The project budget is:
$10,000 for 10' tall PVC overboots ($10.75/ pair) from Tingley Rubber Corp. (We are trying to negotiate this down)
$3000 for shipping ~10 pallets from Las Vegas to Anchorage. (anyone an expert in shipping to AK?)
$600 for 14- 3/8" neoprene rubber sheets for footbeds. (We are trying to negotiate this down also)

Alaska has approximately 35 clubs. If everyone pitches in, this could amount to a few hundred dollars per club (Rotary crowd-funding!). We are starting with $1000 from our club, and an application for a district 5000 grant for $1500.

We do have one main concern- about sustainability. We hope to have a way of recycling the boots in the spring. We would like to see the shelters collect the boots, then someone can arrange to power-wash them and store them for next winter.  One solution to collect the maximum may be the institution of a footwear exchange program. People return boots in the spring in exchange for a pair of summer shoes.
Low income poor should have a way of storing their own boots at their own homes.

Our Maui club is sponsoring this effort. Anchorage Gateway was contacted initially and has agreed to host.
We hope that this will be a great project and opportunity for multiple Alaska clubs... making a big impact on helping to alleviate serious suffering amongst your (our!) most vulnerable. 

Please offer suggestions about need in regions outside of Anchorage.

We sincerely hope to continue to do good and would truly appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance,

Mark Barry & Kelly Trang

156 Mauu Place 
Haiku, HI  96708
Cell:  (702) 592-2062  
Skype:  drmbarry

Websites:   coedn.org

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."  -Winston Churchill

Bridgman - Shelter Box

ShelterBox team arrives in quake zone.
In August, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck near Perugia, Italy, leaving destruction in its wake, hundreds of people dead and more than 1,000 displaced. Tremors were felt as far away as Rome. 

ShelterBox is drawing on all its strengths in responding to the Italy quake. In-country affiliates and local Rotarians have helped the charity's response team to "hit the ground running" as they arrive in the quake zone today. But the damage is immense, and the ground still shakes

The earthquake has leveled the Italian mountain towns and villages of Rieti and Ascoli Piceno provinces. Italy's National Service of Civil Protection says the possibility of finding people alive is falling as time goes by, but nonetheless 5,000 people are still involved in a massive rescue effort.

Journalists and bystanders have been advised to leave Amatrice as "the town is crumbling", almost completely razed by the ongoing quakes and expected to have the greatest number of victims. Here a frantic race against the clock to find any survivors continues. Rescuers were heartened as some children have been found alive, but the overall toll is expected to exceed that of the quake in 2009 in Abruzzo when over 300 people died.

On the second night since the initial quake, there were reports of people spending the night in cars or outdoors, as well as in communal tents provided by the Red Cross and Italian agencies. 

International disaster relief charity ShelterBox now has a response team in the quake zone, arrangements having been made in advance by ShelterBox Italy based in Milan, and by Rotary contacts. .

ShelterBox Operations Coordinator Jon Berg says, "We have a team in the affected area to coordinate with the responding agencies and carry out assessments to ascertain the level of need, the options available and most appropriate response from us. Our Italian contacts and affiliate have been updating us with information since yesterday morning so that we are able to hit the ground running. Our work could potentially include supporting people close to their homes, depending on the safety of each situation, or in community camps planned by the local authorities. But their first task will be getting a better understanding of the situation and the need."

With thousands of aid workers now helping across the region it is also possible that ShelterBox could offer temporary accommodation for humanitarian teams from colleague agencies.

In recent years, ShelterBox has deployed to Italian earthquakes twice. In 2012 it supplied 132 tents following a 6.0 quake, and in 2009 in Abruzzo when over 300 people died in a 6.3 quake the charity deployed 294 ShelterBoxes

Rotary Cookbook!
Need a good cookbook?  Contact Russian Jack Club!!!
Andre Layal - Membership Chair

D5010 Membership Chair
cell 907-460-7786

The new The new membership criteria eliminates the above business and professional criteria and provides only that a club be composed of "Adult persons who demonstrate good character, integrity, and leadership; possess good reputation within their business, profession and/or community; and are willing to serve in their community and/or around the world".

As District Membership Chair, I'll be sharing new Rotary Membership Resources with club Presidents and club Membership Committee Chairs. Details will be shared soon with clubs announcing a webinar for club Presidents, Membership Committee Chairs and other interested

Rotary members.  Please feel free to direct any questions you may have, directly to me, about any of the changes mentioned in this article. If your club has a unique strategy you plan to implement this year, I encourage you to share it with me.


Andre' Layral
D5010 Membership Chair

cell 907-460- 7786
Andre' Layral
D5010 Membership Chair
cell 907-460-7786
EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year!!!)
The Rotary Foundation is KEY!!!   
One of the great ways we do good for the world!!!  
Become a Paul Harris Fellow and more!!!
Trainers' Toolkit

New resources in the Learning Center
We have some handy new resources in the Learning Center

Trainers Toolkit course update
We've added new planning tools to support your events:
  • Budget Worksheet (Excel)
  • Facilitator checklist (Word)
  • Planning calendar (Word)
Use the keyword "toolkit" on the search bar to find the course in the Learning Center.     
Rotary Club Central Resources course
We've updated this course to support 2016-17 officers. It includes:
  • How to access Rotary Club Central
  • Club reference guide
  • District reference guide
  • Goal planning worksheet
  • "Setting goals in Rotary Club Central" video
  • Rotary Club Central PowerPoint presentation
Use the keyword "central" on the search bar to find the course in the Learning Center.

Rotary Dream Team

Hello Dreamers and Doers!
This is an 8 minute film about the latest Polio Immunization and Dam building project of the Rotary Dream Teams in India - 2016. Rotarians and friends of Rotary who want to really Make a Difference are invited to join us in February 2017 for the next project - email us at "inbound@hipoints.com" to receive the Trip information for 2017.

Sanjiv Saran
Past President
Director- International Projects
Rotary Club of Delhi Megapolis
RI District 3011 India

The Rotary Dream Team - India 2017
Program, Costs & Trip Application Form for US & Canada (Version 1.0)
International Project Lead: PDG Elias Thomas, D 7780 (Maine, USA)

Project Manager: Past Pres. Sanjiv Saran (RC Delhi Megapolis, D 3010, India)
Trip Logistics & Accommodations arranged byHigh Points of India 39, Paschimi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057, India

Email: inbound@hipoints.com

Travellers down the ages have tried to discover the Essence of India. To many, it

has remained an enigmatic kaleidoscope. To some it has revealed ancient,

abiding, universal Truths. None could remain untouched by the epic proportions

of its size, its artistic heritage, or the wealth and variety of its vibrant cultures.

Since 2008, the Rotary Dream Teams come to India every year to work hands -on

with humanitarian projects in the heart of India. Before or after the project, they

also take a short holiday to enjoy a slice of India's many contrasting cultural

flavors and landscapes.

In 2017, our project is located in the Indian state of Punjab. It presents a unique

experience for those who like to Make a Difference, like the Outdoors, and

cherish close interaction with distant cultures.

Project Amigo - Juneau Glacier Valley Project

Project Amigo - Voc ed Project Announcement for Hub and website
Sharon, the following is for the hub and her pic is attached.  I will get this posted to the website.
During our work week visit to Project Amigo last winter, then President Charlie identified a need to reach kids and young adults who could not be part of the Project Amigo traditional educational track due to lack of parent support, life events, or other factors.  We asked Project Amigo about the possibility of establishing a vocational program to hopefully provide additional opportunities for these kids. 
Over the spring and summer, Project Amigo worked on the idea and worked with club leadership to come up with a plan.  We are happy to announce that we and Project Amigo have established the Glacier Valley Rotary Project Amigo Vocational Education Program.  Under the new program, Project Amigo will identify students that fall outside the traditional path but display potential for self-improvement that would come from attending a vocational program available in the Colima area.  The club will pay for the students' school registration and tuition, food supplies for classes, one meal per day, transportation to and from school, and staff support.  Vocational programs are shorter in duration than a traditional education, typically lasting from one to three years.  As the program starts, we anticipate assisting one student at a time, although one student may overlap with others. 
During their recent visit to Juneau, Rob Crandall and Heidi Steckler - our work week coordinators - were excited to hear that we were working with Project Amigo to establish this program and made a significant contribution to the club to assist us with funding to get it started.  Their generous donation is greatly appreciated.  Our first student is really a joint venture with Rob, Heidi and their kids.
Our first student is Maria Guadalupe "Lupita" Apolinar Martinez who lives in Cofradia.  She is 24, has finished junior high, and wants to study cooking. With a cooking degree she hopes to be able to work in nicer restaurants in Colima and places like La Reserva just up from Cofradia. Currently, she works 2-3 nights per week at a taco stand and sometimes fills in cleaning houses at Project Amigo. Project Amigo has found her to be hardworking with a lot of potential, but has had a hard time in life. Her sister died and Lupita fills in as a mom to her niece and nephew. She has no real job prospects in Cofradia and wants to do more. She is also starting to study high school online, which is free.  Project Amigo felt that she is an excellent first candidate and we agree! 
We will have periodic updates from Lupita as her school progresses and she will be involved in the same student support system that Project Amigo provides to its other students.  We are hopeful that this will provide a new opportunity for Lupita!

Anchorage East Rotary celebrates 10 years of Mobil Food Pantry
Anchorage East Rotary just celebrated their 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Mobile Food Pantry this Saturday. They have their normal mobile food pantry distribution at  1:30, which was followed by a celebration of mobile food pantries in Alaska at  3pm, hosted by the Food Bank. 

Past President Dave Kester, spoke at the celebration. Clark Mishler of our Mobile Food Pantry distribution .

Letter from Dave Kester:

It just seems like yesterday that Anchorage East Rotary was christening the beginning of their newest Signature Community Service Project, the Mobile FoodPantry (MFP).  However, believe it or not, that was over a decade ago; proving that time truly does fly when you are having fun! 
Please join in on the fun and excitement celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Mobile Food Pantry on Saturday, August 13th at the Food Bank of Alaska Warehouse located at 2121 Spar Avenue from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  You are encouraged to join us first for our regular distribution at the Fairview Rec Center at 1:30 pm and then head on over to the Food Bank for the party and festivities.   This event is to celebrate the many years the Mobile Food Pantry has been serving the community and to thank all the volunteers that have helped with the distributions over the years.  In addition, since the  original MFP truck has entered beer truck heaven, you'll be able to view the new Rotary Wheel emblazoned food truck that will be taking its place.  The event will include live speakers, volunteer recognition, party favors and plenty of food and beverages catered by Qdoba.  You will not want to miss out on all the fun and be a part of history as we celebrate a great success for helping those in our community that need food assistance.  It is a testament to what being a gift to the world truly means and proof that Rotary Serves Humanity.  Please rsvp to smitchell@foodbankofalaska.org.  I hope to see you there.
Your Past President and friend,

Fairbanks - Wrapping up their playground project


Homer-Kachemak Bay Rotary Club with friends
Annual Labor Day Event at Mike and Shelli's in Halibut Cove
About 40 Rotarians and their spouses attended Mike and Shelli Gordon's annual Labor Day Picnic Sunday at their cabin in Halibut Cove.  We met at the boat launch ramp at 12:30 PM and traveled across the bay in four boats among sea otters, whales, and calm seas.  Many thanks to Steve Yoshida, Curt Olson, Bob Hartley and Tom Early for providing the boat transportation.  Also enjoying the good food and fellowship were Rotarians Jane Little, past District Governor from the Downtown Club, and Past District Governor Carolyn Jones.  Clem Tillion, resident of Halibut Cove and past Alaska State Senate President, also boated over to join us.  Despite occasional rain showers, we ate our fill and wandered through the beautiful gardens and grounds of the Gordon's property.  We are extremely grateful to Mike and Shellie Gordon for their hospitality.

Fairbanks Rotary Club - Tanana Lakes Recreation Area
Pictures of hauling 1500 yards of gravel to the new Rotary Play Park at Tanana Lakes Recreation Area for the parking lot. To come is the new sign and some blocks to mark the parking areas. This is the step 1 of a multiple year project

Rotary International Monthly themes and dates - 2016-17 calendar

Visit this calendar throughout the year to find award deadlines and convention and event information. Develop meeting agendas, projects, or public image campaigns based on these special occasions. All dates are subject to change.


The Rotary Months designations changed, effective 1 July 2015. You'll find the new ones below, in the 2015-16 calendar. Use them at your regular meetings to promote Rotary's involvement in these activities.



1 July - Start of new Rotary officers' year of service

Membership and New Club Development Month

Basic Education and Literacy Month

1 September - Deadline to submit nominations for the Rotary Service Above Self Award

Economic and Community Development Month

Rotary Foundation Month

1 November - Deadline to submit nominations for The Rotary Foundation Service Award for a Polio-Free World

1 November - Deadline to submit nominations for the Rotary Vocational Service Leadership Award

2-8 November - World Interact Week

Disease Prevention and Treatment Month

15 December - Early registration discount ends for RI Convention

Vocational Service Month

17-23 January - International Assembly, San Diego, California, USA

Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month

23 February - Rotary's anniversary

Water and Sanitation Month

1 March - Deadline for district governors to submit nominations for the Rotarian Spouse/Partner Service Award

7-13 March - World Rotaract Week

15 March - Deadline for district governors to submit nominations for the Significant Achievement Award (for clubs)

31 March - Preregistration discount ends for RI Convention

Maternal and Child Health Month

1 April - Deadline to report activities to earn a Presidential Citation for Rotary and Rotaract clubs

11-15 April - Council on Legislation

15 April - Deadline to report activities to earn a Presidential Citation for Interact clubs

30 April - Registration/ticket cancellation deadline for RI Convention

Youth Services Month

28 May-1 June - RI Convention, Seoul, Korea

Rotary Fellowships Month

30 June - Deadline to submit nominations for The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award

30 June - Deadline for zones to submit nominations for the Rotary Global Alumni Service to Humanity Award

30 June - Deadline for zones to submit nominations for the Rotary Alumni Association of the Year


We Want YOU!
The 2017 Sitka District Conference Committee has openings for individuals who are talented in the following areas:
and more!

Thank you for your Service in Rotary to Serve Humanity.
DG Michelle O'Brien and First Dude Rotarian Dave Dixon, Retired USCG


In Rotary Spirit,

Rosie Roppel News Editor -  
Next deadline is Sept. 18, 2016
(COPY READY AND LARGER FORMAT PICTURES and I need names of folks in pictures.)
The Rotary Club of Ketchikan First City
(I want to thank all of your who have posted to Facebook, Clubrunner, and have sent in photos and information for the newsletter...Rotary Serving Humanity!!!)

Rotary District 5010


John Germ
Featured Article
Where has DG O'Brien been and where is she going?
DG is doing her club visits: 

1.  Russian Jack inducted two new female members.


2.  Anchorage downtown inducted Senator Dan Sullivan as an Honorary Member.

3.  Anchorage East inducted two new members.

4.  Juneau has a new club.

5.  Petersburg has a new Interact Club.

6. Anchorage South two Red to Blue Badges

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