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"Top of the World"

Be a Gift to the World

Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month

District Governor Brad and the First Lady Tonya Gamble

District Governor's Messag Greetings Fellow Rotarians,

It's March! This is the time when the snow is melting and the temperatures are rising. The days are
getting longer and, certainly my outlook is getting brighter. It's March and, in our world of Rotary, that also means this is the month where our focus turns to clean water and sanitation. As I'm writing this, I'm looking at a glass of water that I just got from my kitchen faucet. It's clear, it's pure and it's cold. I didn't have to walk 3 miles to get it from a river. I didn't have to draw it from a well in the village square. I was able to walk less than 15 feet from where I am sitting and simply turn the tap. There it was! And I can get more whenever I want. That's pretty amazing! And it's something I take for granted every day. The ready availability of clean water is something that each of us reading this enjoys and, I'm guessing, most of us don't think much about.

Too many people in this world don't have the same luxury of clean water and quality sanitation any time they want it. Too many children die each day from the lack of it. Too many girls are denied education because of poor sanitation conditions. We can and are doing something about it. I'm very proud of the projects our clubs and Rotarians are undertaking to alleviate these conditions and to provide clean water and sanitation to communities around the world. Fairbanks Rotary can point to some great progress in keeping girls in school in Belize because of a project they have led and other clubs in the district have participated. Other clubs are starting similar projects. It's great news and we can all be a part of it! It's what we do; it's who we are. It's just one way in which we can all be a gift to the world.

Oh, and while I've got your attention, don't forget to register for our District Conference and Training Assembly in Talkeetna, May 12-15! Conference details and registration links are on the District website

www.rotary5010.org. Join Tonya and me and all of your friends for a great weekend of fun celebratinganother great year of being a gift to the world!

DG Brad Gamble

Rotary District 5010
Assembly & Convention 


Drummmm Rolll!!!   The random draw for the Grand Prize winner for the district conference early bird registration was just completed.  Donated by K-2 & Rust's Aviation, the lucky recipient receives a Denali Flight-See for two ($600 value).  The conference committee is pleased to announce Debra Mason from Anchorage International as the winner!

Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge 
Talkeetna, Alaska 
  May 12-15, 2016 

We have secured a special conference rate at Talkeetna Lodge, our conference location. Just $135 per  night, first come first serve on the room type. This should incentivize everyone to book early to get  Mountain Side and Main Lodge rooms! Once these rooms are filled, reservations will flow to the  exterior lodge rooms. Please request the room type preferred when making reservations.

You may begin to reserve rooms starting today, October 1st. Please call 866-845-6338 toll free, or 907- 777-2806 local. You may also email: groupsales@ciri.com. Either by phone or email, simply say that you  are with the Rotary Conference, and the discounted rate applies.

An exciting, fun and informative conference is being planned! District conference provides an ideal  opportunity for new members & friends to learn more about Rotary International, our District 5010, l eadership and service opportunities- plus creating new friendships. Watch your email for other details  to follow.

 Call or email Talkeetna Lodge to secure a great room!
 Invite new members of your club, family or friends to conference
We look forward to seeing you in Talkeetna May 12-15, 2016.

In friendship,

Cheryl Metiva, Co-Chair
2016 District Conference Committee

Michelle O'Brien DGE...What is she up to...how is transitioning going...

Check out the PNWPETS pictures at the end of this LONG newsletter!  Michelle's training was great!!!

 From Michelle:
Believe it or not, the new year is right around the corner.  2016-2017 is a historic year for Rotary. It is not only the 100th Anniversary of the Rotary Foundation, but also the 30th Anniversary of Women in Rotary.  Not only that, but there is a very real chance that polio just might be eradicated.
This year's PETS was amazing, thanks to a great group of PE's and a fantastic set of dedicated trainers and AG's.  I am very humbled to be part of such an amazing and fun group of Rotarians.

With our brigade of sock puppets and kazoos leading the way, your PE's worked together to talk about goals for the upcoming year.  There are many exciting initiatives taking place:
**More flexible membership options
**Creative ways to give to the Rotary Foundation, and how we will recognize those gifts
**The formation of new Rotary Community Corps around the District
**A mentorship initiative for younger Rotarians
**A vigorous effort to attract younger professionals to Rotary
And, of course, much, much, more.

As we set to turn the corner on another year, I hope to see you in Talkeetna, where we will have another opportunity at District Assembly to discuss these District Team Goals and what you would like to see out of your Rotary District.

See you soon!

Want Ads!!!

"Brand New! District 5010 Want Ads. We want you!!!

What do we want? We want you and your ideas. For example, how many of you know about how the District is structured or what District positions there are. Or how you could get a District position that is an area you might be interested in. Well with the Want Ads section we hope to be able to offer some information just like that. We hope to be able to publish District jobs or projects that are either vacant or forecast to be vacant. The ad would include what the position is and what it entails. Also we would list time frames and desirable qualifications. There are a lot of cool District positions that could stimulate your Rotary passion. Jobs where you can really make a difference. But it doesn't have to be just job openings.

Want Ad:  Wanted...District 5010 Club for May 2018 District C

Wanted: Eager enthusiastic 5010 Rotary Club to propose their town/facility for the May 2018 District Conference. Administrative Support will be provided by the District Conference Committee in Anchorage but on scene coordination will be required of the Rotary Club(s) in the selected locale. If interested in discussing further call Harry Kieling, District Governor 2017-2018.

Another thing:
Showboat your awesome club on a poster:
  • We want each club to come up with a distinctive poster that tells the story of their club..
  • The posters should be uniform in size, construction, and quality
  • The subject matter would be club distinct. Photos could be of local or international projects, club meetings (remember the exercise where MIchelle put the photos on the floor??) or whatever you have done that is fun or meaningful
  •  The District will pay for the development of the poster.
  • They will be a soft roll up material that you can stuff in a suitcase. But they will come with an "easel" for mounting.
  • Wayne Clark, your classmate from Fairbanks, will do the layouts and printing.
  • All you have to do is come up with 5-6 good quality photos and a brief description of who your club is and why you are the best
  • Send your material directly to Wayne (wayne@graphicnorth.com) with an info copy to me, Andre, and Ken Miller.
  • Once Wayne gets your package he can probably get a draft back for you to look at within a week.
  • I would really like to have a completed poster for every club by the middle of April and show them off at the District Conference.
  • Think of how jealous your fellow PE's will be when you blow their socks off with your creativity and genius.
  • Also as an added incentive, for the  first completed poster I will present that club with a very attractive green beaded necklace which your friends will admire. We may also award the best posters with a collector's edition tiara or an artisan quality sock puppet.
  • Seriously, these posters have so much potential for recruiting, public image, club pride, on and on
  • Please help me get this moving and completed.
  • If I can answer any questions please call, text or email me. 

Diane Fejes named as DG for 2018-19
Future District 5010 Governor Announced

The selection of The D5010 District Governor for 2018-19 took place in conjunction with the
January District 5010 Leadership Meeting in Anchorage. We are very pleased to announce Diane Fejes of the Anchorage Rotary Club as the 2018-19 Governor to lead our district.

Diane's Rotary membership began in 1989 with the Anchorage Rotary club. She served in many capacities on committees and on the Board of Directors beginning as Treasurer and ultimately becoming President in the year 2000-2001. She currently serves on the 90% graduation by 2020 committee where she tutors 7th and 8th graders in math and other subjects to help ensure their graduation from high school. At the District 5010 level, her Rotary career continued as she took on various roles including Assistant Governor, Treasurer, Public Image Chair and Dean of the Leadership Academy. The Leadership Academy trains future leaders of Rotary in a fully online classroom setting covering Rotary International's website, membership, public image, organization, youth services, and the Rotary Foundation in an in depth 7 month timeframe. An average of 20 Rotarians graduate each year and are recognized at the District Conference. Most go on to be leaders both in their Club and the District.  Diane and her husband, Bob, live in downtown Anchorage where they raised their two daughters. They enjoy the Alaskan lifestyle which includes lots of winter, flying to their remote cabin, and an annual trip to Hawaii!

Please join us in congratulating Diane on her selection. We look forward to the strong future of
the district with the leadership of this outstanding Rotarian.

Ted Trueblood, PDG
D5010 2015-16 Selection Committee Chair
Andre Layal - Membership Chair
Membership growth and development strategies have been a focus of D5010 efforts for most of the 24 years I have been a Rotarian. Yet, despite past efforts by clubs and thedistrict, a challenge still exits for some clubs to grow, retain and engage members. In recent meetings this winter to develop a D5010 Strategic Plan, the planning group devoted an entire section of the emerging plan to strategies and actions that support and strengthen clubs. Below are the proposed goals to support and strengthen clubs:
* Increase member attraction and engagement
* Expand diversity of membership
* Increase vitality, relevancy and sustainability of clubs
* Support club development and implementation of a long-range vision and plan
* Promote club flexibility and adaptability
* Strengthen leadership, succession planning and continuity in clubs

I invite club presidents, and membership chairs in particular, to share what your club is doing in the above areas, and to suggest ways the district Membership Committee can
support and strengthen clubs in the above goals areas.

A. Increase member attraction and engagement: Key to achieving this goal is becoming a vibrant club. Key indicators of vibrant clubs include engaging all members, conducting meaningful projects, and trying new ideas. Activities carried out by the club are a reflection of a club's members. Is your club vibrant or stagnant? What new approaches have worked for your club this year? Would your club members agree they feel empowered to pursue projects and activities that meet their needs?

B. Expand Diversity of Membership: If asked whether the membership of your club reflects the general make-up and diversity of your community, would you say yes, or no. Stephen Covey once said: "Strength lies in differences, not in similarities." Diversity is critical for any organization's ability to innovate and adapt in fast-changing environments. Being more diverse and inclusive helps clubs to be more innovative, positions clubs to better understand members needs, and empowers clubs to cast wider nets for new members. Whether bringing in young professionals, retirees, women or other new members who are under represented culturally in your club, your club will benefit from having greater diversity of membership and perspectives. What steps can your club take to broaden its membership diversity?

C. Increase vitality, relevancy and sustainability of clubs: On a scale of 1-10, what is the vitality level of your club? Can those who attend your club meetings peg the vitality of your club? Where would you like your club to be using the same scale? Where is your club's vitality strongest? In what areas does your club need to improve so it is relevant to member needs? How can your club promote the vitality of the club in ways that others want to become a member?

D. Support club development and implementation of a long-range vision and plan: Each year when President-Elects attend PETS, I observe their enthusiasm and hear many speak about their upcoming year with optimism and hope for taking their club to new heights. It is important that in your club leadership succession there is consensus, consistency and continuity each year. If your club has not participated in Club Visioning, or reviewed its current strategic plan, before establishing new goals, I highly recommend this. Contact Wayne Jensen (wayne@jensenyorbalott.com) if visioning would help your club.

E. Foster club innovation and flexibility: Clubs that think out of the box have been innovating and breaking the rules for some time. This is nothing new. At the RI level, there seems to be a growing consensus that anything clubs try that results in retaining and engaging members in new ways, or results in growing membership, is acceptable. Some clubs are focusing more on service than weekly meetings, some are becoming more family focused, still others are focusing on broadening their club's reach by forming new satellite clubs or helping form Rotary Community Corps. Some clubs are changing their dues structure to address the financial barriers faced by retirees and also young professionals.

F. Strengthen leadership, succession planning and continuity in clubs: Club leaders with great vision, and who can align and communicate their vision with clarity to the members, are more likely to attain their goals. Investing in the development of new club leaders better engages and empowers members to do great things. When encouragement, opportunity, investment are aligned with personal passion and desire, clubs benefit and thrive. Does your club have a leader succession plan? In what ways, beyond the District 5010 Leadership Academy, can the district provide support for your efforts to strengthen leadership?

I look forward to hearing from you. D5010 is always looking for ways we can better support and strengthen clubs.

Best wishes, have a great Spring.

D5010 Membership Chair
cell 907-460-7786
Andre' Layral
D5010 Membership Chair
cell 907-460-7786

"Tax-advantaged retirement plans are a great way to invest in a comfortable future, but taxes
are still due when you withdraw those funds from the account. Did you know that by
donating retirement assets to Rotary, you or your family and friends can avoid unnecessary
income taxes while helping to grow economies, improve health and provide access to clean
water around the world?

When thinking about estate planning, many donors rest easy knowing they qualify for the
federal estate tax exemption for individuals with a final estate valued below $5.4 million
($10.8 million for couples). Not everyone realizes that there are other taxes to consider
including state taxes and the taxes that will be incurred by your loved ones should they
inherit tax-deferred retirement accounts.

For charitably-minded Rotarians, donating all or a portion of your retirement plan assets to
charity is a real win-win. Here are some ways that Rotary can help:

 Through the "IRA charitable rollover," donors can make their annual gift to Rotary without increasing their federal gross income for tax purposes.

 Donors can avoid burdening their heirs with taxes by using IRA assets to create a lasting legacy of good through Rotary.

 Donors might even use their retirement funds to create a charitable giving account with Rotary's Donor Advised Fund that will provide ongoing support to their favorite charities.

 When a donor uses retirement fund assets to create a deferred gift annuity with Rotary, they will receive a charitable deduction that will partially offset income taxes while also receiving payments for life. The longer a donor postpones the beginning of payments, the larger the tax deduction and the higher the payment rate will be.

For more information about gifts of retirement assets, please contact a Planned Giving Officer at planned.giving@rotary.org or 847-866-3100. You can also find more information on our website www.rotary.org/plannedgiving.

March is...Water and Sanitation Month

Ketchikan holds Polio Plus Fundraiser - FOUNDATION!!!
First CIty Rotary and Rotary 2000 held a joint Polio Plus Fundraiser.  Mr. RFAR Jim Dahl was the mastermind behind this project which was quickly embraced by both clubs.  They raised $7000.00 + and of course you know will be matched by Bill Gates.  

This wine tasting and Mystery Theater (script written by Clare Bennett and acted out by our great Theater group and Rotarians)  The auction was a HUGE SUCCESS.  

MYSTERY THEATER Script written by Clare Bennett (on either side of her left: Terry Robbins and on her right Keith Smith (former First CIty Rotary member)

Scooter main auction item...flags were collected by JIm Dahl on his RFAR Polio Foundation motorcycle ride through Canada and Alaska.
Our server won the scooter!!!  Dave!!!

Auctioneers:   Harry Martine (former superintendent of schools and First City Rotarian and Erin Reeves (First CIty Rotarian)

EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year!!!)
The Rotary Foundation is KEY!!!   
One of the great ways we do good for the world!!!  
Become a Paul Harris Fellow and more!!!
Rotary Friendship Team - 
The team is back...stand by for future newsletter for report


The girl getting drops, won second place in the R.I. World wide photo contest and was published in the June 2007 edition of "The Rotarian."  PHOTO BY JON DEISHER OF ANCHORAGE DOWNTOWN CLUB
RYLA...stay tuned...Information on District 5010 Clubrunner Site
District 5010 is proud to host the 22st annual Rotary Youth Leadership Awards in The Golden Heart City, Fairbanks, Alaska, Pikes... April 14th  - 17th, 2016.
RYLA is a program for teens that are high school sophomores and juniors/in grade 10 and 11.
RYLA Alumni and Rebound Rotary Exchange students (on a space available basis) are also welcome to apply. There is no cost to youth who are selected, as the local Rotary Club pays for the RYLA participants.
RYLA emphasizes leadership, citizenship and personal growth, as participants learn about their own qualities/skills as a leader and the qualities of effective leaders and effective teams. The RYLA program consists of a combination of icebreaker, team building, and experiential problem solving activities as well as group discussions and personal reflection. Participants are introduced to practical leadership topics and issues; presentations from Rotary and community leaders. Opportunities are provided to allow RYLA participants to apply their emerging leadership skills in a variety of challenging activities. We also want the RYLA experience to be memorable with other activities including a barbecue, recreational activities.

The event is co-planned by both RYLA Alumni and Rotarians. RYLA Alumni make sure that the program is fun and relevant to their peers. Alumni have innovative ideas that make sure the days are as interactive as possible and that the adults do not talk for too long. They serve as Alumni Leaders and Facilitators at the event - an opportunity some of the 2016 RYLA participants will have in 2017. We believe that the large number of teens that want to return as RYLA Alumni is an excellent indicator that the program holds the right balance of fun and skill building.
For information about RYLA, check out our Frequently Asked Questions FAQs under Downloads.  If you have any additional questions, contact one of the Rotarians below.
Thank you for supporting RYLA!
Marcus Mueller, District 5010 RYLA Chair, (907) 398-1122  mmueller@borough.kenai.ak.us
- See more at: http://rotarydistrict5010.org/SitePage/rotary-youth-leadership-awards-ryla-2016#sthash.lv8MqNUk.dpuf

Steve Heckman
Shelter Box 

Cyclone Winston Has Left 120,000 People In Desperate Need of Shelter. Please Help.
The ShelterBox Response Team is delivering lifesaving aid in Fiji to survivors of Cyclone Winston, the strongest storm to ever make landfall in the Southern Hemisphere. The storm brought torrential rain, wind speeds of 200 mph, and 40-ft storm surges. The sheer force of the storm has destroyed up to 90% of structures in hardest hit areas and left an estimated 120,000 people without shelter. The Fijian government has requested international humanitarian assistance, specifically emergency shelter. 
On the island of Makogai, the villagers put on life jackets and sheltered in their homes as the winds gathered speed. As the houses began to tear apart, schoolteacher Sakaraia Balebuca and his family decided to hide underneath their raised brick floor. More people joined the family under the brick floor until more than 40 villagers, including children and mothers with infants, were all hiding together.  When a ShelterBox response team arrived, they found the whole village sheltering in the only four buildings left standing.

Thanks to prepositioned stock in Fiji, as well as New Zealand and Australia, the ShelterBox Response Teams have already been able to deliver tents and ShelterBoxes to families on six remote islands, including Makogai, Nairai and Batiki. Planned distributions for Koro (100% of homes destroyed), Ovalau and Taveuni in the next few days will be on a larger scale. 
Aid distributions to date have been alongside partner, Sea Mercy, and include food, water, building materials, tarps and tents. Access to potable is an issue for the affected population because historically the supply was captured via roofs and water collection systems which have all been destroyed. The use of the tarps and an empty ShelterBox can now serve to capture rain and provide essential water. In addition, the Sea Mercy ships are converting sea water into drinking water, which is delivered via empty ShelterBoxes. It is anticipated that this type of response will continue on the remote islands.
On some islands, 100% of structures were destroyed. ShelterBox is there, providing life-saving shelter and supplies. More aid is on its way, but it's not enough.
We need your support to send another 2,000 ShelterBoxes to reach these communities and give people like Sakaraia comfort and safety. Donations for the Fiji response will be designated expressly for that purpose. 
ShelterBox is only able to respond to massive emergencies because of private charitable support. ShelterBox is uniquely able to respond quickly and efficiently because we are working every day to prepare and pre-position life-saving supplies. 

ShelterBox is also currently responding in Afghanistan, Cameroon, DPRK, Nepal, Niger, Paraguay, Philippines, Tanzania and to the Syrian Refugee Crisis.
Together we can give shelter to families in their most desperate hours.

Rotary District Leadership Academy (DLA) 2015-16 is in full force
If you are interested in joining the team...contact: 
Diane Fejes

Do you know what your Club plans for Membership, Public Image, or RI Foundation/Grants include?

Click here:  http://district5010leadershipacademy.org/



Preparing the Rotary leaders of tomorrow
The Leadership Academy is an advanced educational program for those interested
in learning more about Rotary, looking to participate in future leadership
positions and to find more effective ways to conduct Rotary work --- within clubs
or in district Rotary service.

Goal - Club nomination of one or more members to the Academy each Rotary year.
A seven month series of online learning topics - September through April
Open to all Rotarians including past club presidents, presidents elect (PE), presidents
nominee, or other Rotarians who are considering Rotary leadership positions now or in the

Our many past Graduates express surprise at all they learn about Rotary and how Best In Class clubs work. All clubs will benefit from having more members attend and learn about Rotary outside their club.

Rotary's Sources and Leadership: How to find Information to best lead Clubs
Membership - To grow a strong Rotary Club
Public Image For Effective Rotary Clubs
Youth Services - Interact, Rotaract, Youth Exchange, RYLA and others
Structure and Organization - Club, District and Rotary International
The Rotary Foundation - Grant applications and MORE

Each course is approximately one month in length with an average of 10 hours per month


The faculty are experienced Rotarians, drawn from all areas of the district. They include pastgovernors, assistant governors, other district leaders and Rotarians with professional experience inadult education.


1. Gain/Expand in-depth Rotary knowledge (Rotary "Graduate School"!)
2. Online learning on an individualized schedule
3. Balanced curriculum of Rotary topics
4. Leadership development and Personal growth
5. Develop/update Club long range planning
6. Opportunity to serve and effect change
7. Connect with other Rotarians from throughout District 5010
8. Fellowship, friendship and fun!


Tuition in the Academy is $130. Clubs are highly encouraged to support the tuition for their



Email - ndfejes@gmail.com by August 1, 2016

Diane Fejes

Dean - 2013-17, District 5010 Leadership Academy

District 5010 Leadership Academy 2016-17

Club Presidents ... Time to Recognize the work of your club!!!  
Club Presidents and Board of Directors,
You and your club members have worked hard this year to serve your community and the Rotary world.  Now is the time to be recognized for the effort and share the good news!  Below is a list of various District and International awards you can earn.  Presentation and announcement of winners will be revealed at the District 5010 Conference, May 13-15, 2016 at the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge.   
Recognizes club projects that have done the following:
* Addressed a significant problem or need in the local community (international service projects, no matter how worthy, are not eligible for this award)
* Involved most or all of the club's members in personal rather than monetary service
* Been commensurate with the size of the club and its available resources
* Enhanced the image of Rotary in the community
* Been able to be emulated by other Rotary clubs
* Been active during the Rotary year for which the award is being given (though it need not have been initiated, and may have been completed, in the current Rotary year)
The nomination form (attached) must be completed and returned to the District Awards committee no later than March 1.  The District can only accept one nomination per club and the best project will be forwarded to RI World Headquarters for this recognition by their March 15 deadline.
Access Rotary.org and login to "My Rotary" to update your club's efforts via the Rotary Club Central database.  No more submitting forms to the district.  Simply make sure the data for your club to earn the citation is updated no later than  March 31.  Click  Presidential Citation for more information.
The club with the highest net growth from July 1-March 31 will be recognized for its efforts to develop club membership for the district.  No form is required however review your club membership list in Rotary Club Central and make sure any new club members inducted are added to the database before the deadline.
SERVICE PROJECTS  (Deadline April 15)
Toot your club's horn by submitting your club's most effective service project that was completed in the 2015-2016 Rotary year.  Send a paragraph explaining what the project was, impact, partners and any other relevant details that make it your best project.  Email your nomination to the Awards Committee.
BE A GIFT TO THE WORLD  (Deadline April 15)
In the spirit of this year's Rotary theme, "Be a Gift to the World" we would like clubs to nominate one Rotary member who has given the gifts of time, talent, and knowledge to improve lives in his or her community.  This could be the unsung hero in the club who serves others not because of title but because of the need.  Ten members in the district will be selected and recognized at the conference for this distinguished honor.  One nomination per club. Send submissions to the District Award Committee.  See attached nomination form.  
Please submit your nomination to District Awards Chair, Tammy Bruce, via email jamtam@mtaonline.net.  For questions call 907-982-7055.

Harry Kieling Inspires Youth about Flying
Here is DGN Harry at a career day presentation at Central Middle School sponsored by Anchorage Rotary. The kids liked the flight suit and helmet✈️

Kinda a fun thing Downtown Rotary does with Central Middle School. We also do mock job interviews for the kids.
Soldotna Rotary Art Park

 4'x8' outdoor display murals purchased by a Rotarian's business (Nancy Field State Farm, she is a member of Soldotna's other Rotary Club, Kenai River RC).  This is the mural that the Anchorage paper liked so much and reprinted as part of the article that I sent you earlier)

The photo below ... is of three people is October 2015 dedication of Rotary Art Park at Soldotna Creek Park - Soldotna Mayor Pete Sprague (left) presenting plaque and thanks to past Soldotna Rotary Club President Kelly Keating and his spouse Jerri Litzenberger (right) in front of the newly constructed outdoor art displays constructed by Kelly Keating and his construction crew.

 Kelly Keating and his crew constructing the upright displays

Art display drawers at Soldotna Library dedicated at a January 9 2016 opening reception (these were purchased as unfinished units from Dick Blick art supply and then finished off very nicely by, again, Kelly Keating.  The final photo shows the art printing and reproduction equipment purchased in part by Rotary Club of Soldotna and installed at Soldotna Library


 Soldotna RYLA

Here is a brief narrative from Soldotna Rotary Club's 2014-15 outbound exchange student, Anna Wrobel, regarding her experience at District 3350's RYLA event. Feel free to include it in the next newsletter. Incidentally, Anna also had the opportunity to play hockey on the Thai National Girls Hockey Team, and they won their tournament.

SOLDOTNA Satellite club launched
There are Rotary members, like Lara McGinnis that have traveled weekly from as far away as Ninilchik to be part the service organization that not only serves the local community and district, but globally is close to eliminating the crippling disease of polio from the planet and completing other international projects like clean water to villages in Africa and India. To start a new Rotary Club in a community 25 members are required to charter a club, but in a rural area like the Kenai Peninsula where smaller villages like Ninilchik are located organizing a club can be difficult. That's why Rotary District 5010 approved an idea presented by the Soldotna Rotary Club to create Satellite Clubs under a larger club that could serve their local communities.
The first of such Rotary Satellite Clubs got off to an inspiring start last week at the home of Lara McGinnis when Soldotna Rotary president Matthew Pyhala inducted five new members of the Ninilchik Satellite Club who will join with Rotary to accomplish local projects, "Essentially, the club is a branch of the Soldotna Rotary Club that will meet on their own in Ninilchik on the last Friday of the month and get established and grow and maybe even charter their own club someday, while practicing service above self from the get go without being burdened with administration tasks of being an autonomous club," explained Pyhala. "We're pretty excited," said McGinnis, "I've always believed in playing it forward and Rotary is a huge example of how truly huge playing forward can be and change the world one person and one idea at a time," she said.
Elise Spofford was a Rotary Ambassadorial scholar before started her family in Ninilchik, "I was an Ambassadorial scholar in 2006-07 over in England at the University of Sussex studying international relations. So Rotary has been a part of my life for a long time and when Lara and I got to talking about the possibility of forming a club here in Ninilchik I got really excited to become part of a wonderful club for our community while also being part of a greater whole that does amazing things worldwide. The purpose of the Ambassadorial scholarship is to invest in individuals you feel will have a future impact in the world in a positive way," said Spofford. Katie Matthews is also a member now of the Ninilchik club and comes from a 4-H background, "I've also been involved in FFA and now as a volunteer 4-H leader I'm looking for new activities and avenues of service for my 4-H kids to join in and joining a club like this will open up a lot of opportunities for the youth of Ninilchik to join in international projects," she said. Anyone interested in learning more about joining the new Ninilchik Satellite club can contact Lara McGinnis at the Ninilchik Fairgrounds or can visit a Ninilchik meeting on the last Friday of each month.

District 5010's financial information for the year ended 6/30/2015 is available on D5010's website. You should be able to access it via the link below. Or log in the Member only area and look under Resources, D5010 Financial Information. The internal audit committee has not yet reviewed the financial statements. Please contact DG Brad Gamble or District Treasurer Debra Mason if you have questions about the financial information.

eClub...what is going on!!!
Nancy Dodge and George Frushor both in eClub
eClub Submission:

This year's eCLub focus is on youth.  There are many ways to help youth - and their families.  Here, the club contributes to the ShelterBox Iditarod challenge.  Helping a family through the trauma of a disaster will go a long way to help the youth "into the future". 

Youth Exchange has all of the fun!!!
Youth Exchange Winter Orientation -
red shirts - inbounds;
green shirts - outbouds; 
Outbounds were told the countries they'll be traveling to this summer!
blue and gray shirts - rebounds;
A great time was had by all!


Congratulations to Patty Meritt of Fairbanks, recipient of this year's Cindy Harrington Heart & Mind Award! Patty has dedicated over 40 years to the early care & learning field in Alaska.  Read more about Patty here.
If you missed the award ceremony this morning at the Anchorage AEYC Conference, you can hear her inspiring remarks - including what she plans to do with a portion of the prize money - in the video below.

Hi Rosie!  I am in Nepal for four weeks working on earthquake relief.  My organization--Helping Hand for Nepal--is focusing on preventing deaths from freezing.  You can see we partner with many Rotary Clubs in Nepal for our projects.  If interested, please also checkmy FB Timeline at Linda Jay Jackson.  there are more posts and photos there.  If you would like to use any of them for the District Newsletter, please feel free to do so.  HHN has worked with Nepali Rotary Clubs for 17 years.  I am a guest speaker this year at their Rotary District Conference Feb. 12-14 in Dhulikhel.  Thanks!  Oh, I am a member of Anchorage East Rotary.

With my good friend, mentee and soon to be fellow Rotarian Derrick Green. An incredible man doing incredible things in our community.  
Pacific Northwest President Elect Training Seminar (PETS)
These pictures speak for themselves...Lots of education, networking, speakers, friends, socials!!!

Rotary International Monthly themes and dates - 2015-16 calendar

Visit this calendar throughout the year to find award deadlines and convention and event information. Develop meeting agendas, projects, or public image campaigns based on these special occasions. All dates are subject to change.


The Rotary Months designations changed, effective 1 July 2015. You'll find the new ones below, in the 2015-16 calendar. Use them at your regular meetings to promote Rotary's involvement in these activities.



1 July - Start of new Rotary officers' year of service

Membership and New Club Development Month

Basic Education and Literacy Month

1 September - Deadline to submit nominations for the Rotary Service Above Self Award

Economic and Community Development Month

Rotary Foundation Month

1 November - Deadline to submit nominations for The Rotary Foundation Service Award for a Polio-Free World

1 November - Deadline to submit nominations for the Rotary Vocational Service Leadership Award

2-8 November - World Interact Week

Disease Prevention and Treatment Month

15 December - Early registration discount ends for RI Convention

Vocational Service Month

17-23 January - International Assembly, San Diego, California, USA

Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month

23 February - Rotary's anniversary

Water and Sanitation Month

1 March - Deadline for district governors to submit nominations for the Rotarian Spouse/Partner Service Award

7-13 March - World Rotaract Week

15 March - Deadline for district governors to submit nominations for the Significant Achievement Award (for clubs)

31 March - Preregistration discount ends for RI Convention

Maternal and Child Health Month

1 April - Deadline to report activities to earn a Presidential Citation for Rotary and Rotaract clubs

11-15 April - Council on Legislation

15 April - Deadline to report activities to earn a Presidential Citation for Interact clubs

30 April - Registration/ticket cancellation deadline for RI Convention

Youth Services Month

28 May-1 June - RI Convention, Seoul, Korea

Rotary Fellowships Month

30 June - Deadline to submit nominations for The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award

30 June - Deadline for zones to submit nominations for the Rotary Global Alumni Service to Humanity Award

30 June - Deadline for zones to submit nominations for the Rotary Alumni Association of the Year


Thank you for being Rotarians and sharing your gifts.
DG Brad Gamble


In Rotary Spirit,

Rosie Roppel News Editor -  Next deadline is Feb. 20, 2016 
The Rotary Club of Ketchikan First City
(I want to thank all of your who have posted to Facebook, Clubrunner, and have sent in photos and information for the newsletter..."Be a Gift to the World")

Rotary District 5010



"RI President  Ravi" Ravindram

Rotary International Convention 2016
Soul Korea



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