Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.

It has certainly been a dramatic start to 2017 with national politics, regional flooding, and continued increasing demand for health care services!

We know the important role you play in improving health for Nevadans and we continue to develop strategies to support you in that effort.  See updates below.

We welcome your input and feedback, to Laura Hale, via email at 
  • The DHHS Telecommute Policy has been finalized and will be distributed soon.
  • A consulting group has been tasked with developing a Recovery Friendly Toolkit.
  • The Aging and Disability Services Division will develop a pilot to support Employees with Aging Parents.
  • Pathway to Opportunity, is a mentoring program being piloted by the Division of Welfare and Social Services.                                         -      -   Live sharing event and webinar coming soon to a venue near you!
  • Ongoing review of options to support continued education and training for DHHS health care professionals, including loan repayment, scholarships, and stipends.

The first meeting of the Education and Training Work Group was held on Monday (February 6th) with participation from 12 DHHS employees.  

Common areas going across our health care professional groups include:
  • suicide awareness training,
  • ethics,
  • intervention methods,
  • diversion for forensics,
  • intercept model,
  • juvenile justice,
  • training for documentation, and
  • mental health case management. 
At the next meeting we will consider developing on-site training for some of these areas and develop strategies to partner with Nevada System of Higher Education, Western Governors University and others.

Did you know that WGU offers discounts to Nevada State Employees for online competency-based classes?

The first meeting of the Licensing Board Work Group was held on Wednesday (February 8th) with participation from 14 DHHS employees.

As some of you may know, the Legislative Committee on Health Care has proposed consolidation of the four Behavioral Health Boards in Nevada, under the Division of Public and Behavioral Health.  Administrator, Cody Phinney, is facilitating meetings with representatives from each of these boards to consider the proposal and try to build consensus.
Regardless of what happens with the proposal, the regulations should be reviewed and revised.  The focus of this work group is to identify issues with current regulations for these boards, and propose solutions or standards, borrowing from other boards or national standards.

If you are interested in participating in either of these work groups, please contact me at

Brian Sandoval                                                              Richard Whitley, MS
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