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Our Health Care Professional Work-Groups have gotten off to a great start, digging into Education and Training for Forensic Diversion, Mental Health Case Management and Suicide Prevention Awareness; as well as review and recommendation of Behavioral Health Licensing Board regulations.

From current participants, we were reminded that we have existing untapped resources with expertise available for the sharing.  To help us identify your expertise, please complete the survey at the following link:
This information will help us to develop trainings with appropriate delivery methods to reach all of you, wherever you may be. 

The feature article for this Newsletter is focused on Suicide Awareness Training,  with thanks to the State Office of Suicide Prevention!

Future Work Group opportunities include: 
Education and Training on Cultural Competency, Documentation and Ethics.
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Janett Massolo works for the State Office of Suicide Prevention and provided some background information to our Education and Training Work-Group last week.

The program was created in 2005 with staff north and south.  They have two training and outreach facilitators as well as a Project Aware Coordinator, an Americorps volunteer and two administrative assistants, working with Program Coordinator, Misty Allen.
  • Multiple training programs are offered including:
    • Gatekeeper - Suicide 101 covers basic information
      • They are working to get board approval for CEUs for this course.
    • Safe Talk - 3-4 hour Suicide Alert Training offered multiple times per month - North, South and Rural Nevada
      • This course is approved for CEUs with multiple boards: Social Work, MFT/CPC, Board of Examiners, ADGC, Psychology, and Department of Education.
    • 2-Day Assist - Suicide Intervention training offered 2 times per month, including agency specific events.
      • This course is approved for CEUs with multiple boards, including: Social Work, MFT/CPC, Medical, ADGC, Psychology, and Department of Education.
They are willing and able to schedule events with DHHS staff from any Division.

They also have Trainings for Trainers scheduled in Reno and Las Vegas, next summer, which Janett believes are currently filled up, but there will be future opportunities.  They coordinate with multiple health professional associations and organizations, as well as school programs in eleven districts and counties, to do education and screening.  They have also worked with senior centers through Rural RSVP, caregivers, and Hospice.


Janett suggested the 3-hour Safe Talk program would meet the need for staff who don't need intensive training, at $15 per person, or $30 with CEUs.  The 2-hour Gatekeeper program that is under development for CEUs will be free.  It includes warning factors and protective factors.  

Please go to the Nevada Coalition for Suicide Prevention to register for available courses.

For those interested in research, our colleague, Garrison Nutt has published an article on suicide assessment tools, which he is willing and able to share.

If you or someone you know is in a crisis and at risk for suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255.

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