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DIY digital ethnography: Part 1: Choosing off-the-shelf technology
By Mike Courtney

During this year's annual Bill and Melinda Gates were asked "What superpower do you wish you had?"

Bill chose "more energy." Melinda chose "more time." If I were asked that question, as a researcher I think I'd choose a photographic memory.
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Working remotely? 8 ways to connect with colleagues and clients around the world
By Amanda Valle     
As more people work remotely from home offices, shared spaces or even Starbucks coffee shops, effectively connecting with colleagues and clients around the world is becoming a vital career skill. Many of us have gone from working at corporate headquarters - steps away from the center of all power and decision making - to running regional and home-based offices, where the majority of our colleagues can be as far as 10,000 miles away.
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Pay-for-service-performance compensation structures on the rise  
By Joseph A. Michelli

Today's consumers expect (no, demand) an extraordinary service experience. Providing it is no longer optional. With a hypercompetitive global economy spawning endless options for consumers - who, not incidentally, come to the table armed with reams of Internet research - players who can't continuously up the delight ante might as well hang it up now.
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Using social mobile marketing to attract Millennials and Gen Z


Research War Stories: The "senile head of the household" 
Murray Simon says that as a health care marketing researcher, he sometimes finds himself in the position of having to explain to his clients something technical that was said during a focus group or individual interview.
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Queue Bits: Gen Z selects reading as a favorite activity
Marketing research and insights news and information. This issue's keywords: content creation; spare time activities; personal data; smart home technology; travel plans  
A survey by Nielsen, New York, shows that despite TV being a favorite spare time activity among all generations, 27 percent of respondents in Generation Z (ages 15 to 20) selected reading as a favorite activity ...

Many U.K. consumers lack trust in how their personal data is used ...

Seventy-three percent of marketers created more content in 2015 than they did in 2014 ...

Many Americans are embracing smart home technology, with 28 percent already owning at least one smart home product ...

A survey by Littleton, Colo., vacation provider Globus shows 97 percent of Americans say they feel they deserve to vacation ...

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