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February 6, 2014

DO NOT Vote in the Primary!!    

In Texas, Libertarians nominate candidates and elect officers through a convention process, rather than a Primary - so you WILL NOT have an option to vote Libertarian on Primary election day!

Voting in the Dem. or Rep. Primary election affiliates you with that party, thus prohibiting you from becoming a Voting Libertarian this year.

Our convention process begins on March 11th at the neighborhood/precinct level. This is where YOU participate in building the Libertarian Party of Texas by becoming a Voting Libertarian and a Delegate.

Contact your county chair for more convention details: http://www.lptexas.org/state-county-affiliates

Become a Voting Libertarian and Convention Delegate!    

Voting Libertarians (registered voters who affiliate with the Libertarian Party at their precinct convention) are eligible to become Convention Delegates. Libertarian delegates elect officers, nominate candidates, and define the direction of our Party.

March 11
: Precinct Conventions
Become an LP Delegate to your County Convention! Contact your County Chair for time and location.

Important: To be a delegate any other convention, you must participate in your precinct convention. 


March 15: County Conventions

Elect local officers, nominate candidates, and appoint delegates to the State Convention!

March 22District Conventions 
Nominate district candidates which represent more than one county. 

April 11-13: LP Texas State Convention in Temple, TX.
Elect state party officers and nominate statewide candidates(including State Chair, US Senate, and Governor!), and appoint delegates to the national convention. Details Here! (Reserve your Room Today!)
June 26-29:  LP National Convention in Columbus, OH
Details Here!
Back by Popular Demand:
Texas Libertarian Leadership Training


The Libertarian Party of Texas is excited to announce two Spring training conferences for Libertarian delegates, county chairs, and candidates.

While our goal is the same as our Fall series of conferences (to empower Libertarian activists!), we will offer new material in a unique format.  


Lunch is included in the very low, $25 registration.  


THE BEST PART: Mock Convention for Hands-on Experience.
Watch the video of our last mock convention in San Antonio!

Libertarian Mock Convention 
Libertarian Mock Convention






March 1st in Fort Worth 



March 8th in San Antonio 

Start a Local Organization - Send Delegates to the State Convention!   


The Libertarian Party of Texas has a lot of opportunity for growth. Is your county an organized Libertarian county?
Click here to find out!

If not, are you willing to step up to get things started? There must be a county chair in a particular county in order for them to host a convention and appoint delegates to the State Convention. We'll help you along the way and guide you through the process.

What do ya say? Email Membership@LPTexas.org for information.

Thank you for your Leadership! 

Attention Libertarian Delegates!   


When considering your vote to nominate a candidate, you should ask yourself: Has this candidate filled out a candidate agreement form? If not, why?

That is a question you may want to ask in advance of the upcoming county, district, and state conventions.  As a delegate, you may want to know something about the candidates asking to represent the Libertarian Party before you cast a vote to put them on the November ballot.

The candidate agreement form is provided to inform candidates of the responsibilities the party accepts for supporting them. It also informs the candidate of their responsibilities, and asks if they understand our platform.

Are they required to sign this? No. Is there a reason not too? You get to decide.

Message from the Chair


Fellow Texas Libertarians,    

Pat Dixon
The next 3 months will be very exciting but also challenging for us.  

This will be the most compressed convention schedule we have ever had, and we want to do our best to support our candidates and county leaders through this process.  

precinct (March 11) and county (March 15) conventions are reasonably simple, but the district (March 22) convention process is particularly difficult. Congressional, state senate, and state representative districts are independent of each other and trying to arrange counties to hold these conventions on the same date is a complex problem.  

staff and leadership will do our best to guide county leaders in arranging these conventions. We do not want candidates to be removed from the ballot due to a technicality.

All of this will culminate in our best state convention ever (April 11-13)! It will be the biggest and most competitive ever and we want you there. Please make your hotel reservations and be looking for more details on our website.

Yours in Liberty,


Pat Dixon
Chair, Libertarian Party of Texas

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