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Newsletter       8/15/12
      Support CAIR-MI's Work During Ramadan 


CAIR-MI continues to be at the forefront in challenging Islamophobia and advocating for the civil and human rights of Muslims in Michigan.


CAIR-MI today contacted the Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding inappropriate questioning of the Islamic Cultural Center (ICA) by a West Bloomfield Trustee during a contentious zoning board hearing last night in West Bloomfield.  A campaign to block the rezoning for this new Muslim community center is being led by the far right-wing Thomas More Law Center and members of Congregation B'nai Moshe.   


Within the past week, CAIR-MI won a case on behalf a Syrian client, who applied for asylum in the United States to be spared going back to violent hostilities in Syria.  CAIR-MI is also representing other Syrian clients, who are seeking temporary protected status to remain in America.


Allah (SWT) says in a hadeeth qudsi, "Spend Oh son of Adam then I will spend on you."


In the last days of Ramadan, CAIR-MI calls upon you to support your community organization that is fighting for your rights.  CAIR-MI is a Zakat eligible and 501�3 non-profit organization.  All donations are tax deductible.


Please give your generous donation online by clicking here or mail a check or money order to CAIR-MI, 21700 Northwestern Highway, Suite 815, Southfield, MI 48075.


May Allah (SWT) accept your fasting, prayers, good deeds and charitable giving during this blessed month, and may you and your family have an 'Eid Mubarak.



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The Council on American-Islamic Relations of Michigan is an advocacy group dedicated to the promotion and defense of civil rights and the image of Muslims through the use of grassroots activism, mediation, the media, education, and the law.

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