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Ride The Storm hits June 30

(Nashville, Tennessee...) - May 26, 2017 - Singer, songwriter and 38 Special front man Don Barnes cut an album for A&M Records almost 30 years ago during a five-year hiatus from the band he co-founded and continues to lead. Keenly aware of the "lost" album for years, Andrew McNeice at MelodicRock Records began talks with Barnes last year about bringing the music to a deserving public.  Ride The Storm  is now set for release on June 30, 2017.
Don Barnes 
 Photo Credit: Carl Dunn
"After years of success with 38 Special, I was given an opportunity by A&M Records to create a side project as a solo artist," said Barnes. "I began co-writing with the masterful songwriter and artist, Martin Briley, and when it came time to get into the studio, I was honored to have some of the industry's top musicians on the recording. Just as it was ready to be released, A&M Records was sold through a huge global acquisition and the company changed hands several times. My project was put aside without a release date, but I'm proud to finally present my solo album with some special extras included."
In searching for the original masters for  Ride The Storm , Don found the only existing copy of a 'rock mix' that was commissioned in 1989 to take a look at how the songs would sound, remixed for a bigger 'rock' impact using today's technology. MelodicRock insisted both the original and updated mixes of the classic album be included in the release - as well as three individual, heavily traded, solo demo tracks that were not included on the original album's playlist.
The original tracks were cut by some of the most sought after musicians on the rock scene including Dann Huff, now an award-winning producer for the likes of Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts and others; piano/keyboard whiz Alan Pasqua; the late great Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro and his late brother Mike, who also played bass for Toto; Sammy Hagar's keyboard player Jesse Harms; and former Heart drummer Denny Carmassi.
"In addition to these great players, I was privileged to work and collaborate with two very talented producers -  Martin Briley and 
Brian  Foraker - both of whom brought a wealth of experience and cool vibe to our sessions," added Barnes. "We had always felt that the combination of these powerhouse players together created a very special album, a unique 'rock classic.' Many who have heard the album say that description still remains true today."
The complete  Ride The Storm  release will include two CDs 
featuring  the album in its original intended form, plus the second 'alternate mix' disc, on which the three additional bonus tracks are added at the end. No  artwork was conceived for the original album so Barnes collaborated with artist extraordinaire Nello 
Dell'Omo for the stunning  Ride The Storm  cover. 
"We had a great time recording these big, explosive songs, all presented here with newly re-mastered technology. You'll hear the intensity and spirit of the songwriting, the excellence and power of talented players, and the absolute force we delivered on the recordings. This album and these songs made it through a rough storm and they rock stronger than ever today. Turn it up and enjoy a great ride!"

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Barnes continues to sing lead and rock his well-worn Gibson for 38 Special, the band he co-founded in 1974. They will perform at least 100 dates this year. Fans can keep up with them at  
Ride The Storm
Track List and Player Credit:
1. Ride The Storm 
Guitars - Don Barnes / Additional Guitar Solos - Dann Huff / Keys - Alan Pasqua / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Jeff Porcaro
2. Looking For You
Guitars - Don Barnes / Keys - Alan Pasqua / Additional Guitar - Martin Briley / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Jeff Porcaro
3. I Fall Back
Guitars - Don Barnes / Keys - Martin Briley / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Jeff Porcaro
4. Don't Look Down
Guitars - Don Barnes / Keys - Jesse Harms / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Denny Carmassi
5. Maybe You'll Believe Me Now
Guitars - Don Barnes / Keys - Alan Pasqua / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Denny Carmassi
6. I'd Do It All Over Again
Guitars - Don Barnes / Additional Guitar - Dann Huff / Keys - Alan Pasqua / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Jeff Porcaro
7. Every Time We Say Goodbye
Guitars - Don Barnes / Additional Rhythm Guitar - Tim Pierce / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Jeff Porcaro
8. Feelin' Stronger Every Day
Guitars - Don Barnes / Additional Guitar - Dann Huff / Keys - Alan Pasqua / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Jeff Porcaro
9. After The Way
Guitars - Don Barnes / Keys - Martin Briley / Bass - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Denny Carmassi
10. Johnny Ain't So Cool
Guitars - Don Barnes / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Keys and Guitar Solo - Martin Briley / Drums - Denny Carmassi


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