May 11, 2017

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The Park...Street Food/Bar/Craft Beer Garden
3 South Second Street
Every Monday...Rain or Shine
Check-in 5:15 to 6:30
Walk/Run anytime
Closing ceremony/awards/prizes...6:45
2 1/2 hours free parking in Collier Center Garage


May Tu Tu is Tutu Monday at MMDT!
Earn $5 off your tab!

Mark Your Calendar for May Tu Tu!
Everyone wearing a tutu that evening AND everyone who brings a newbie
will receive a gift ticket for $5 off their meal or drinks at The Park!
If you wear a tutu AND bring a get two $5 gift tickets!!!
Tickets valid May 22nd only. One ticket/person...
unless you wear your tutu AND bring a newbie.

Need a tutu like the ones above??
Don't have a tutu? Here's a good "recipe" for about $8.
One yard of elastic lace...$.75 
Six yards of tulle...$6.50
Cut tulle in 4 or 6 inch strips and loop-tie onto elastic lace.   
There you have it...your very own tutu for about $8.00!

The Dbacks are Back!
Thanks to the Arizona Diamondbacks, we'll be raffling off TWO lower-level tickets to every Friday home game for the rest of the year! The tickets will begin for the first home game on June 9th. Let's play ball!

Message from owner, Bob Garland...
The Park!
We look forward to MMDT showing up on Mondays. Phil and I are very happy with the way The Park finished out. It's been a dream of both of ours to bring this restaurant concept to fruition. My restaurant background goes back to the golden days of Farrell's Ice Cream Parlors, my father's business from the 60s to the 80s. Phil's experience is more vast and more current. The "food truck centric" street food bar was born from the popularity of food truck food all across the country. Huge shade trees, an awesome band stage, a self-serve beer wall, games for kids, and more make it one of the best venues in all of downtown Phoenix for gatherings of any kind. Thanks, MMDT, for coming to The Park!

Join us Next Week for Group Fight!!! 
The weather is warming up and Group Fight adds extra sweat and extra calories burned...but in the A/C! Meet us at the A.E. England Building at Civic Space Park. We couldn't do this without our great partners the YMCA! Check in like always, and then head on over to the A.E. England Building...Taylor and Central...doors will be open for us!! Don't forget to come back for the raffle! 

Be a MMDT Example of a Healthy Phoenix!! 
Explore the wonders of Arizona and discover a healthier you....
and let's show them the power of MMDT! 
Arizona is a wonder! It's a great place to work and thrive - a place to live, play
and be your best. As a Meet Me Downtown participant, you enjoy getting outside and taking advantage of all that Arizona has to offer - local pride, sense of community, sunny skies and breathtaking landscapes to name a few.
Join Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation and City of Phoenix in the Wellness Wonders of AZ. This program combines fun with healthy activities you can do with your family, colleagues, groups, clubs or on your own. From hiking a mountain to visiting a farmers market, there is something for everyone - free! 
The program runs until May 29 --Wellness AtoZ Day. When you register you are automatically entered into a raffle with a range of prizes. The more activities you complete, the more chances you have to win. Best of all, if you participate in Meet Me Downtown every Monday until May 29, you can count them all as your activities.
Signing up is easy.
1. Go to today.
2. Register and select  "Meet Me Downtown" from the list of "how you heard  
about the program." Let's show the MMDT "colors!" 
3. Login to start tracking your progress as you move through the program by checking off the activities as you complete them.
4. Have fun and we hope you win a prize!
Exciting Raffle Prizes!
We're grateful to our outstanding partners for providing raffle items each week:
This week, $20 Coach's Corner gift certificate, $50 gift certificate to Sole Sports Running Zone, and 1 water bottle and gift bag from the Alzheimer's Association!
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Health Tip


These "Meet Me" restaurants  provide a monthly gift certificate
for our free raffle, and discounts with your 
MMDTPHX hand stamp.
Please tell them thanks!
  Click Here  to become a  "Meet Me" restaurant or business.  
The following "Meet Me Partners" provide
regular gifts and services to MMDT.



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Just a guess...this MMDT athlete probably didn't have a cheeseburger for dinner.
Anissa and her friends Russell and Chuck...who are all amazing!!!

Enjoying the beautiful evening!

Emmet gets airborne...did you know that you can run with Emmet on any Monday?
Dinner time!
Congratulations on your shirt!

Bring YOUR camera and send us some of your favorites!


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