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November 2017
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"Last week when I told an employee his name was pulled for a random test, he said he took his wife's prescription pain medication the night before for a backache. We sent him for the test, but was that even necessary since he confessed?"



Following through on the random drug test was a good idea, especially if the test was required by an authority (e.g., DOT, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation' Drug-Free Safety Program). It also helps maintain consistency with your random testing process.


Now to address the confession ...

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Guess what we heard? DOT expanding drug testing panel in 2018

The Department of Transportation (DOT) announced a rule to include four synthetic opioids in its drug testing panel - hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxycodone and oxymorphone. The rule goes into effect on January 1, 2018 and is intended to help address the nation's opioid epidemic.


The rule also added methylenedioxyamphetamine as an initial test analyte and removed methylenedioxyethylamphetamine as a confirmatory test analyte.


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Federally mandated drug tests require the involvement of a Medial Review Officer and will always be ruled positive for marijuana.  But they may not have the final answer in non-mandated tests -- that decision may rest with you.

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Ohio is taking another big step in the battle against prescription drug abuse. See what changes are happening as of November 20th ...


Thinking about your drug-free workplace program is probably just a small part of what you do.  

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