Hal Leonard | Attention: Drum/Percussion Retailers | April 2018
"Gear Up" for Performance!
Hal Leonard offers a new video marketing campaign to show off the gear we distribute in a song performance setting. Written, performed, recorded, filmed and edited by Hal Leonard associates, the song in the video allows you to hear the new products as well as hear the opinions from the players on why they liked using these particular products from Gretsch, Paiste, Vater and more. Enjoy the song and share!
New Ruby Sparkle Finish for Gretsch Energy Kits
Gretsch's ready-to-play drum set now has more signature Gretsch features, more Gretsch sound and more Gretsch performance. Energy's shells are 7-ply poplar with 30-degree bearing edges and are equipped with 1.6mm triple flanged hoops and Remo drum heads. New Ruby Sparkle finish option now available!

5-Piece Set (20/10/12/14/14SN)
Model GE4E605-4RS
00777729 - MSRP $846.14 - MAP $549.99 - Dealer Cost $380.00

5-Piece Set (22/10/12/16/14SN)
Model GE4E825-RS
00777730 - MSRP $1153.83 - MAP $749.99 - Dealer Cost $519.00

4-Piece Set (18/12/14/14SN)
Model GE4S484-RS
00777731 - MSRP $769.22 - MAP $499.99 - Dealer Cost $346.00
5-Piece Drum Set (Model PP4200) from Percussion Plus
This a complete, all-in-one outfit that comes with everything needed to start playing drums immediately. The new kit features smaller “quick size” toms that produce a clear, focused tone. The shorter depth also allows the toms to be positioned lower overall, making it easier to play and more comfortable for younger players. Also featured are upgraded bass drum spurs, a matching wood snare drum and Remo drum heads.
 MSRP $699.99 - Dealer Cost $350.00

00777144 - Black Finish (PP4200BK)
00777145 - Metallic Wine Red Finish (PP4200MWR)
New Gig Box Cajons from Tycoon
Features include:
- Designed for the player who wants a portable, versatile instrument which doubles as a guitar amplifier
- Just plug any electric guitar or ukulele into the cajon and play along
- Available in two versions, an all Siam Oak model and another with Russian Birch body and White Zebrano front plate
- Powered by a 9V battery, but can also be plugged into an electric outlet
- Features snare wires adjustable using Allen Wrench (include)
29 Series - Russian Birch Body
with White Zebrano Front Plate
00267881 - Model TKGBC-29 WZ - $479.00

29 Series - Siam Oak Body with Front Plate
00267882 - Model TKGBC-29 SO - $319.00

2018-2019 Catalog Now Available!
Click here to download a PDF or ask your sales rep to add 90015098 to your next order!
Compact Telescoping Hi-Hat Stands from Gibraltar
Gibraltar brings you the first fully adjustable hi hat stand! This stand is great for quick set up and tear down; it also gives infinite adjustments due to the patented telescoping hi hat rod. This stand adjusts to a very low playing height settings and allows the hi hat pull rod to telescope down to match the setting. For brake down the stands upper tube and pull rod independently telescope to a transport setting, no more loose hi hat rods and upper pull tube sections to drop or lose.

Double-Braced Stand
00775384 - Model GLRHH-DB
Single-Braced Stand
00775385 - Model GLRHH-SB

Brent's Hang from Gibraltar
Watch the latest drum hardware makeover in Brent's Hang. Brent's Hang is a Gibraltar sanctioned series of videos spotlighting creative ways to use drum hardware. Hundreds of videos are available on the YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/GibraltarDIY

This month's spotlight is on:
Extended Play Series Drumsticks
from Vater Percussion
This new series, announced at Winter NAMM, uses an extremely durable hickory stick that features a protective finish over the tip and shoulder as well as an exclusive 3-inch "stick shield" located in the rimshot area to avoid chipping and cracking. This leads to a stick that will last 8 times longer than normal sticks while keeping the great balance and feel that you expect from a Vater stick.

00275931 - 3A Wood Tip (Model VEP3AW) - $22.60
00275936 - 3A Nylon Tip (Model VEP3AN) - $23.10
00275927 - 5A Wood Tip (Model VEP5AW) - $22.60
00275928 - 5A Nylon Tip (Model VEP5AN) - $23.10
00275929 - 5B Wood Tip (Model VEP5BW) - $22.60
00275930 - 5B Nylon Tip (Model VEP5BN) - $23.10
00275932 - Power 5A Wood Tip (Model VEPP5AW) - $22.60
00275933 - Power 5B Wood Tip (Model VEPP5BW) - $22.60
00275937 - Power 5A Nylon Tip (Model VEPP5AN) - $23.10
00275938 - Power 5B Nylon Tip (Model VEPP5BN) - $23.10
00275934 - MV7 Marching (Model VEPMV7) - $22.60
00275935 - MV8 Marching (Model VEPMV8) - $22.60
Extended Play Series Accessories

Stick Shield
00275939 - Model VSS - $8.99

Marching Stick Shield
00275940 - Model VSSM - $16.99

Practice Tips: 2-Pair
00275941 - Model VTIPS - $10.25
Point-of-Sale Display for Paiste Cymbals
Black Display with 16 Arms

Use this specially branded, handy cymbal display tree to merchandise cymbals from Paiste. Ask your sales rep for details on how you can get this display, which holds a $400 value, free with a purchase of at least 16 cymbals.

00269829 - $400.00 value
New Books
Metallica: 1983-1988
Drum Play-Along Vol. 47
Book/Online Audio
00234340 - $19.99
The Drum Dictionary
by Ed Roscetti
Book/Online Audio
00244646 - $19.99
The Beatles
Drum Play-Along Vol. 15
Book/Online Audio
00256656 - $19.99
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Extra 10% Off Top Tier Pricing - Renown Series
3-Piece Kits (24/13/16)
00775914 - Piano Black Finish (Model RN2-R643-PB)
00775916 - Satin Tobacco Burst Finish (Model RN2-R643-STB)
00775915 - Silver Oyster Pearl Finish (Model RN2-R643-SOP)
00775917 - Vintage Pearl Finish (Model RN2-R643-VP)

4-Piece Kits (20/10/12/14)
00775869 - Cherry Burst Finish (Model RN2-E604-CB)
00775871 - Piano Black Finish (Model RN2-E604-PB)
00775873 - Satin Tobacco Burst Finish (Model RN2-E604-STB)
00775872 - Silver Oyster Pearl Finish (Model RN2-E604-SOP)
00775874 - Vintage Pearl Finish (Model RN2-E604-VP)

4-Piece Kits (10/12/16)
00775883 - Cherry Burst Finish (Model RN2-E8246-CB)
00775885 - Piano Black Finish (Model RN2-E8246-PB)
00775887 - Satin Tobacco Burst Finish (Model RN2-E8246-STB)
00775886 - Silver Oyster Pearl Finish (Model RN2-8246-SOP)
00775888 - Vintage Pearl Finish (Model RN2-8246-VP)

5-Piece Kits (22/10/12/16/14SN)
00775893 - Piano Black Finish (Model RN2-E825-PB)
00775895 - Satin Tobacco Burst Finish (Model RN2-E825-STB)
00775894 - Silver Oyster Pearl Finish (Model RN2-E825-SOP)
00775896 - Vintage Pearl Finish (Model RN2-E825-VP)

Select Renown Kits, listed here, are available at an extra 10% off top tier pricing from now through April 15th.

Ask your Hal Leonard sales rep for details!
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