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June 2018
MOHR's annual Direct Support Professional and Tip of the Spear awards highlight a new group of honorees who exemplify a person-centered service philosophy. The drum roll please . . .

  • Employment Service- Job Coach Metro, Sheri Murphy, TSE, Inc.

  • Employment Service- Job Coach Metro, Kara Kowski, Opportunity Partners

  • Employment Service- Job Coach Greater Minnesota, Renae Kappes, Norman County Developmental Activities Center

  • Enrichment Focus- Metro, Kim Seehusen, Ally People Solutions

  • Enrichment Focus- Greater Minnesota, Rita Cassens, Mille Lacs County Area DAC

  • Tip of the Spear- Lyth Hartz, MSS
Our advocacy awakened, we will not quit
The recent legislative session has left many emotions and negative feelings among our membership and supporters.

What we best not forget is the greatest grassroots effect that we, together, have ever pulled off.

I vividly remember six years ago, when a group of leaders from MOHR and the former MnDACA group sat in a room to decide how we could work closely. A main focus was to think about the potential strength that a statewide organization could have.

Every corner of Minnesota has legislators, and, if we could garner their support, we would have real power. A group of professional leaders representing thousands of persons served could have a great impact.

As I reflect back on my time as president of MOHR, I can honestly say that this “stop the 7 percent cut” campaign was one of the proudest moments for me. I know we were not successful, but we did not lose!

What did we do? We made our issue every legislator’s issue. No one could hide from us. We were relentless. We came together to stand up for those who could not speak.

I am frustrated like many of you over the results, but I am determined to never to give up. For over 30 years I have been getting up in the morning to make a difference in someone’s life, and that did not change with a governor’s veto. My passion and drive did not change because the system has punched me again.

MOHR will be here to stand up for all providers in the tough times to come. Your membership will do everything in its power to help and support all of you going forward. MOHR members are winners, and the individuals we serve and their families are going to benefit from our continued work.

Mike Burke, president of MOHR
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A crowd of about 200 gathered at the Minnesota Capitol on May 23 for a news conference with Senators Jim Abeler and John Hoffman, who reacted to the governor's veto of the omnibus bill. That action clears the way for a 7 percent cut to disability services.

MOHR members step up with $9k for Access Press
Access Press Editor-in-chief Tim Benjamin receives 10 checks from MOHR members presented by Michael Kraines, executive director of CHOICE, Inc.
A total of 15 MOHR nonprofit members and conference attendees raised $9,251 to help Access Press, the only state level newspaper in the nation that covers all disabilities. Above, 10 of the 15 contributions are presented to Editor-in-Chief Tim Benjamin by Michael Kraines with CHOICE.
Impending 7 percent cut impacts Hubbard County DAC

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"Looking forward to moving Minnesota Forward"

Sen. Jeremy Miller receives award for work on disability issues

Budget Bill, other vetoes draw local legislators' ire

Governor Mark Dayton vetoes tax, spending bills
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