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DYSA Newsletter
Issue 19 
Fall 2017
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From Technical Director Kate Stahlin
From Director of Coaching Joanna Tucker
From Director of GK Amanda Raso
Changing The Game Project FREE Booklet
College Advisory Program
ImPACT Concussion Test
DYSA Coaches Attend Coaching Course
Kids Corner with Amara Kirk
Fall League Information
S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting Principles
Meet Coach Matt Steffens
Tipping Point in Youth Sports by John O'Sullivan
eTeamSponsor & DYSA
From Technical Director 
Kate Stahlin

The "Why" Behind DYSA’s Core Values
Last spring each DYSA team completed a Team Values worksheet. Each coach asked their players to give them 10-15 adjectives that describe a good teammate. This then became their team values and ideals that the coaches revisited over the spring season emphasizing character development. I took the team values sheets and compiled all the ideas the players provided to describe a good teammate and thought about their feedback. My end goal was to create a phrase that embodied the players’ ideas to represent our club values. This is where the phrase "Care, Connect, Communicate" originated.
DYSA Day at the Fort Lewis College Soccer Alumni Games
Saturday, August 26, 2017
FLC Women vs Alumni @ 1pm
FLC Men vs Alumni @ 3pm
FLC Soccer hosts BBQ for DYSA Members
Come in your DYSA and FLC colors to celebrate our soccer community!
Technical Skills Training in Sport
Learning the Game through “Feel” and Repetition

From Director of Coaching Joanna Tucker

If you were to ask me what the most important component in soccer training is, I would respond in one single word, “Repetition”.
Repetition, in my opinion, is probably the most powerful way of improving technical skills in sport. Performing a single skill or move, over and over again, ingrains techniques in our minds and increases important muscle memory. The mind and muscle working together allows the body to perform tasks quicker and with higher levels of quality and effectiveness.
From Director of Goalkeeping Amanda Raso
DYSA will be implementing Age Specific GK trainings again for the fall season. The trainings are mandatory, every team is required to send a GK to the their age specific training. For U10 the training is after practice. For the other age groups, the GK’s will return to practice after the session is over in time to join the team as you progress to expanded small sided games. 

Changing the Game Project

Looking for Answers? Get Our FREE Booklet With Links to Our Most Popular Articles for Parents, Coaches, Athletes and Youth Sports Organizations

College Advisory Program (CAP)
Durango Youth Soccer provides a great support system through our College Advisory Program and Resource Services (C.A.P.) program. Director Amanda Raso hosted our second ever College Advisory Program Night, August 15th from 5:00-7:15 pm. The first hour was for parents and the second hour for the athletes. The C.A.P. is designed to provide valuable insight, documents and supportive materials for any player who is interested in playing college soccer.
ImPACT Concussion Test
DYSA hosted ImPACT Concussion testing on Friday, August 18th, 4:30-6:30pm at Education Business Hall Room #30 on the Fort Lewis College camps. This is mandatory for all 6th graders, and new 7th and 8th grade DYSA members. 

DYSA Coaches participate in United Soccer Coaches Course
On Saturday Jim Cofer of the United Soccer Association came to Durango work with DYSA coaches. The coaches spent time in the classroom and on the field talking about Principles of play, coaching methodologies ( facilitator, progressive, coaching in the game, and functional training), coaching goalkeepers, and sports science.
contact: kstahlin@durangosoccer.com
Kids Corner
by Amara Kirk
My name is Amara Kirk and I have been playing soccer with my twin brother Balin since I was three years old. I started DYSA when I was 8 years old and this is my third DYSA season. I love playing games, but I also love learning new tricks and skills at practice. I like to practice juggling to see how many juggles I can get and to try and set a new record for myself. I like that I get to play lots of different positions on the field. My favorite position is midfield because you get the chance to score but also you can stop goals. I like that soccer is a team sport and I get to hang out with my friends. I love tournaments because you get to play more than one soccer game each day. This is why I love soccer. 
S.M.A.R.T. Goals Setting Principles
DYSA Coaches will go over goal setting with your player at practice. We use a goal setting worksheet called S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, adaptable & attainable, realistic, time based). 

It's a very good idea to set goals with athletes of any age. Goal-setting helps improve athletes' motivation and commitment, helps them stay focus on what to accomplish, helps them asses strengths and weaknesses, as well as track their performance and improvement during a season. This is also a great tool for parents to get on the same page with their player in regards to what their goals are for sport and school.

DYSA is a member club of the United Soccer Coaches, formerly known as the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. The goal of our membership with the USCC is to support our coaches and to promote coach development. Click to read the  member benefits.
Fall League Information
Duke City Soccer League :
Opening weekend September 9, 2017.
Click HERE for schedules.

Four Corners Youth Soccer League : Opening weekend September 2, 2017.
Click HERE for schedules.

Mountain Region League
Opening weekend August 26, 2017
Click HERE for schedules
Share your pictures with DYSA!
We will use pictures for the weekly Bleacher Reports and the end of the season slide show. To upload pictures: 1) go to https://durangoyouthsoccerassociation.shutterfly.com 2) select Pictures & Video tab 3) select your team's album 4) select add pictures
Meet Coach Matt Steffens
Name:  Matt Steffens
Birthday:  July 21, 1994
Birth Place : Albuquerque, New Mexico
Siblings:  Allie Steffens
Occupation:  Rehabilitation Technician at Mercy Integrated Physical Therapy
Youth Soccer Club:  Albuquerque United and Rio Vista United
Dogs are not allowed on any of the field venues and surrounding properties. This is part of our agreement with the City of Durango and School District 9R. If you have a dog with you at any practice, game or tournament, you will be asked to leave. The Field Marshall can take whatever action is necessary to have the dog removed from the property. 
T he Tipping Point in Youth Sports
By John O'Sullivan

“What happens to us parents and coaches,” I often get asked, “that turns us from sensible, relaxed people to stressed out adults roaming up and down sports sidelines and screaming at every play?”
It is a question I ponder a lot, especially as I often get to watch my young children’s games played side by side with “competitive” youth soccer games. The parents on our sideline look next door and ask me “what is going on over there, why are they freaking out?”
The other day over a cup of coffee, I discussed this question with my long time friend Paul, the father of 2 college-age athletes. We discussed what makes youth sports tip (the word used by  Malcolm Gladwell in his book The Tipping Point) from a relaxed, child centered environment to the ultra-competitive, win at all costs one we see far too often these days. This environment contributes a great deal to the 70% dropout rate in youth sports by age 13, yet it persists, and continues to expand. Paul had some interesting insight.

eTeamSponsor & DYSA
DYSA has partnered with eTeamSponsor in effort to raise funds to help our members. Our players spend work hard to be the best they can be on and off the field, and are very deserving of your support.

Your donation will contribute towards team expenses: tournament and league fees, and coach pier diems. The system tracks donations under each player, and each player's donations will be contributed to their team. The overall goal is to lower the cost to attend tournaments and league play for each team and all it’s members.

  Thank you DYSA parents & volunteers! 
We appreciate you!
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