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DYSA Newsletter
Issue 18 
Spring 2017
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From Technical Director Kate Stahlin
ID Training Information
From Director of Coaching Joanna Tucker
From Director of Coaching Tyler Amerman
From Director of GK Amanda Raso
Extra Training Opportunities

Colorado Girls Dev COY - Joanna Tucker
Kids Corner with Leland Heinicke
Spring League Information
Meet Coach Amanda Lopez
Building Great Teams Part 1  By D. Millhollin
From Technical Director 
Kate Stahlin

Defining DYSA’s Core Values

Durango Youth Soccer Association (DYSA) was founded in 1993.  The philosophy of DYSA has evolved over the last 24 years.  However, in 2017, if you asked a member what the culture of DYSA is they might not know how to answer.  Because of this, the DYSA staff and Board of Directors have prioritized the importance of establishing the club’s culture and defining the club’s value system.  What is important to DYSA; what are our principles or standards of behavior?  

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DYSA Coach Values 
From Director of Coaching Joanna Tucker

You will often find that successful people are goal-driven. This is true whether they are in sport, business, music, the arts or any number of other areas.

Goal setting is one of the most important skills taught to athletes in order to help them achieve optimal performance. The goal-setting process helps athletes understand where they are currently and where they want to go. Goal setting is also one of the best methods for increasing motivation. By setting a target you become much more motivated and committed to achieving it. This is because without the goal, you do not really have anything to work towards.  

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From Director of Coaching
Tyler Amerman

College Advisory Night

March 8, 2017
Fort Lewis College Skyhawk Hall 170



Durango Youth Soccer provides a great support system through our College Advisory Program and Resource Services (C.A.P.) program. We are hosting our first ever College Advisory Program Night, March 8th from 6:00-8:00 pm.  The C.A.P. is designed to provide valuable insight, documents and supportive materials for any player who is interested in playing college soccer.
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From Director of Goalkeeping
Amanda Raso
Sports illustrated posted an article a few months ago that stated: sports can place more stress on the brain than any other activity. Tiffany’s interpretation is that the combination from the demand of the sport and lack of sleep creates high emotional stress. Now let’s add the addition of social pressure, hormones, school, parents/siblings, and/or other sports on top of just soccer and we can only imagine what kids are going through by the time they arrive to practice. With that being said it’s important for us as coaches to focus on developing them as soccer players as a whole but also to spend time helping them develop their brains…  
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Age Group Training, GK Training and more!
This spring DYSA is offering extra opportunities for your player to get extra touches on the ball.  Take advantage of the Age Group Trainings, Goalkeeper Trainings and Personal Trainings.

More Info
Joanna Tucker - Colorado Soccer Association Girls Developmental Coach of the Year
Director of Coaching Joanna Tucker was awarded the Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) Girls Developmental Coach of the Year (COY) at the CSA 2016 Awards Banquet on Saturday, January 28, 2017.  Each CSA club was allowed to submit one coach per category: Advanced League Boys, Advanced League Girls, Developmental League Boys, and Developmental League Girls  
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contact: kstahlin@durangosoccer.com
Kids Corner
by Leland Heinicke
Every time I step onto the field the pressures of school, and my social life, are lifted off my shoulders. Here I am allowed to be myself and ignore all other responsibilities. It is just me, the ball, and my teammates sharing the same passion for one of the most beloved sports. When I play soccer I am in the moment, passing through time without a worry in the world.

DYSA is a member club of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. The goal of our membership with the NSCAA is to support our coaches and to promote coach development. Click to read the  member benefits.
Spring League Information
Duke City Soccer League:
Opening weekend March 4, 2017.
Click HERE for schedules.

Four Corners Youth Soccer League: Opening weekend March 11, 2017.
Click HERE for schedules.

Meet Coach Amanda Lopez
Name: Amanda Marie Lopez
Birthday: March 1 st
Birth Place: Illinois 
Siblings: 3 sisters; Dana, Julie and identical twin sister Erica
Occupation: soccer coach, vet tech, substitute teacher and pet sitter 
Youth Soccer Club played for: FCX Barrington, IL
Dogs are not allowed on any of the field venues and surrounding properties. This is part of our agreement with the City of Durango and School District 9R. If you have a dog with you at any practice, game or tournament, you will be asked to leave. The Field Marshall can take whatever action is necessary to have the dog removed from the property. 
The Coaches Toolbox
Building Great Teams Part 1

By Dave Millhollin

Over the last two decades, much attention has been given to the concept of “Team Building” by private, public, and volunteer organizations. In all situations where groups of people are necessary to produce a product, generate revenue, or provide services, the groups that work best together and possess a sense of shared common purpose tend to be the most effective and efficient.

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