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February 3, 2011


Today we're celebrating Chinese New Year 'The Year of the Rabbit' with great recipes from 'The Tandem Travelers'; plus, in honor of his birth anniversary, see how you do with our James Michener Match Game! Former FBI agent Ernie Patino shares Dating Safety Tips, best-selling author James L. Rubart releases his intriguing new novel 'Book of Days', and Brad Bailey talks about Palomar Mountain's colorful heritage. Enter to win the 2 CDs from Nashville singer-songwriter Jon Roniger, and check out our Big Blend Radio lineup for this weekend!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith,
Publishers - Big Blend Radio Magazine Group  

Quote of the Day! 

"Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, and riches take wings. Only one thing endures and that is character." ~ Horace Greeley

On This Date! 

Find Out What Happened & Who Was Born 'On This Date'!


February 3 - Bartolomeu Dias of Portugal, statue pictured, lands in Mossel Bay after rounding the Cape of Good Hope, becoming the first known European to travel so far south; colony of Massachusetts issues the first paper money in America; Illinois Territory is created; The Day the Music Died; Chinese New Year; birth date of Horace Greeley; Norman Rockwell; Pretty Boy Floyd; James Michener; Joey Bishop; Blythe Danner; Morgan Fairchild; Maura Tierney.
 This Just In...

READ: 'Book of Days' - In best-selling author James L. Rubart's new release 'Book of Days', young Cameron Vaux's mind is slipping. To stop it, his father says he must find "the book with all the days in it" - which records the past, present and future of every soul on earth.

ROMANCE: Dating Safety Tips - Although crime is a part of everyday life, you don't have to be a victim. From first dates to online dating, Ernie Patino - former FBI agent and Private Eye, shares some practical dating saftey tips.

HISTORY: Palomar Mountain, CA
- Since the mid-1800's, this mile-high forested oasis in the southern California desert has also been a haven to rustlers, ranchers and recluses, as well as practitioners of high science and promoters of extra-terrestrials! Listen to our fascinating interview with Brad Bailey, a fourth generation Palomar Mountain resident.

Indian Masda Tea (Chai)From the Kitchen

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Chinese New Year Recipes - Maralyn Hill & Brenda Hill 'The Tandem Tasters' share their favorite Asian recipes to celebrate Chinese New Year including Raffles Singapore Sling, Taiwan Cole Slaw, Steamed Pork & Crabmeat Dumplings, Fried Rice, and Chinese Sticky Cake.

Games & Giveaways!

Music Giveaway & James Michener Match Game!

CD Giveaway: Jon Roniger's 'Charmed Life' & 'Someone Else'- Packed with emotional power, Nashville based musician Jon Roniger creates music that touches on the human spirit without pretence. Enter to win his album 'Charmed Life' and brand new EP 'Someone Else'.


GAME: James Michener - This award-wining author wrote over 40 books, the majority being novels of sweeping sagas, covering the lives of many generations in a particular geographic locale and incorporating historical facts.  Match the title of the book with the short description!

Congratulations to Alan Sicherman of Beechhurst, NY who won the CD "John Lee Hooker Jr."Live in Istanbul, Turkey"

Big Blend Radio 

Listen to Big Blend Radio air live online, or just click through to hear the unedited archives on demand! Show airs Live at 10am PT / 1pm ET

Feb. 4: Big Blend Radio 'History, Mardi Gras, Food & Wine' - Join Big Blend Editors Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith, and guest co-hosts musicians Michael Ely & Spider Taylor, for Big Blend Radio! Guests on 'Way Back When' include: Alan Spears - National Parks Conservation Association; Jay Stephen Whitney - author 'Historic Photos of Ronald Reagan'; history buff Norman E. Hill - author 'Winner & Final Chairman'; and historian Glynn Burrows - Norfolk Tours in England. On 'Creative Celebrations', Karen Pierce Gonzalez 'Queen of Folkore' discusses Mardi Gras. Guests on 'Eat, Drink & Be Merry' include: Linda Kissam 'Food, Wine & Shopping Diva' - co-author of 'A Recipe for Temecula Wine Country'; and Ruth Milstein - author 'Cooking with Love: Ventures into the New Israeli Cuisine.'  


Feb. 6: Champagne Sundays

- Join Big Blend Editors Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith, with a glass of bubbly for Big Blend Radio's Champagne Sundays show. Special Guests include: New Mexico artist Victoria Chick; pop/jazz singer Joshua Gray; young singer Oliver Richman; 5 Star Chef Ivan Flowers; Mike Rimland 'The Plant Hunter' - Costa Farms; natural health expert Kathy Gruver - author 'The Alternative Medicine Cabinet'; and health & fitness instructor Liz Lieberman - H3 Jewelry.