The Common Application
Daily Counselor Update

November 8, 2013

As promised, we are sending daily updates regarding system performance and support. We will continue this communication as long as there is news to share.

"Missing" School Forms. We understand how critical it is for you to have confirmation that your school forms have been submitted successfully. Please know that if your Common App or Naviance account displays confirmation of submission, then we have your forms.


In some cases, we experience an error when matching school forms with applications during the process of delivering files to a college. This error presents itself to colleges as a missing document. In reality, the document is securely housed within the Common App system. The problem is with the delivery process, not the document itself, and we are resolving these incidents as colleges report them to us.


We have already implemented improvements to reduce the occurrence of this error, and we are in the process of developing a permanent fix.  Once that is in place, our member colleges will be able to confirm receipt of your forms.


Colleges request that you do not contact them to inquire about the status of forms while we work with them to correct these records. They will communicate directly with you and your students in a timely manner if needed.


Student Tip of the Day. We can help with all Green Check problems, but here's a Green Check trick you can try yourself first.
Recommender Tip of the Day. If you have problems uploading a file, please make sure the file name does not have any special characters. If uploading a pdf, make sure it is saved as .pdf (lowercase) and not .PDF (uppercase).

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