Tuesday, March 18, 2014




 Matthew 5:10-12         


Twitter is a popular place to express blessedness, often with the handle "#blessed." A quick scan today reveals the blessings of hip new sneakers, acceptance into college, a strong cup of coffee, the presence of God, good weather, and the start of a new day. Someone on the feed noted that #blessed is tweeted about 13,000 times a day on average.


What's nice about the #blessed Twitter feed is that, generally, it showcases honest gratitude. A lot of people on Twitter feel thankful enough to say so.


I wonder if the hearers of Jesus' beatitudes felt thankful. Many would have, I suspect, when they discovered that - shockingly - God was on their side: the side of those who had never had power or wealth or influence, who were so often forgotten, disposable, invisible. Those mourning will find comfort. Those hungry and thirsty for righteousness will be satisfied.


But verses 10-12 might have rung dully in the hearers' ears. Are the persecuted blessed only in death? Will they see fruits of faithfulness only in the life to come? Or, even worse, will this new reign of God bring with it real costs, like those the prophets endured?


Well...probably, says Matthew. This will not be an easy road, this path of mercy and peacemaking and righteousness.


But at its heart, this blessing isn't about receiving a reward. It's less like #blessed, and more like #reassured, #strengthened, #attuned, #committed, #ready.


It is a blessing for the daily grind. It is the shot in the arm we need to remember that mercy, peace and righteousness are, in fact, worth the cost. And for that blessing, I am grateful.


Rev. Aimee Moiso  

SFTS Trustee
SFTS M.Div. 2006