Thursday, March 27, 2014


Transitioning Heart
 1 Samuel 16:1-13                  

This is the story of God moving Samuel through a transition.


"How long will you grieve over Saul?" God asks Samuel. And then God sends Samuel to pursue the next person who will be a blessing to this people as the anointed King. True to form (and many other scriptural stories), God chooses an unexpected one to give Spirit and power, and to bring blessing.


Every person experiences times of transition in life - those times of limbo when you grieve for what is past and feel blind to the possibility of the future. It is so natural for us to cling to what is familiar and to resist letting go of the lost, much like Samuel is doing in his grief process with Saul.


And yet, God ushers us toward a newness. Most often, the next blessing in our lives comes in an unexpected and even resisted form. It comes in the form of what we perceive to be lowly, or too young, or even completely inappropriate.


God is ushering us toward newness, but what are we doing in this process?


As the scripture says, God is looking at our hearts.


Lent is a time to practice surrendering the old ways of our hearts and being open to new ways that we might be ready to receive the new blessings that God is gracing into our lives.


What practices are you taking on? What practices are you surrendering from your life? And how do these prepare your heart to receive new blessings from the God of blessings? 

Marissa Danney          

SFTS M.Div. Senior Student