Friday, April 4, 2014


The Strength of God Accompanies Us                               


Isaiah 50:4-9a                   

This text reads like an Old Testament version of Matthew 5:39. Just as Jesus instructs us to turn the other cheek when we are struck, the words of Isaiah tell us to turn our backs to those who lash out against us, give them our cheeks when they pull out our beards (words that particularly stand out to me), and do not hide from insults and spitting. But more importantly, the author is letting us know that God will be with us through all our trials and tribulations.


During the Lenten season, we challenge ourselves to become better. Whether we give up things or take things on, we attempt to better our faith and ourselves. And throughout our own personal trials in this time, God is always with us. God accompanies us on our faith journeys as we struggle to find connections with the Holy in our lives. By embracing God in our journey, we know we cannot be disgraced. With God, we cannot be put to shame. With God, we will always be vindicated. With God, we can stand up to challenges and will not be declared guilty because God has helped us.


The strength of God and the Holy Spirit runs through us now and at all times. As we continue to struggle to get closer to the Divine and to better ourselves, we can have comfort that God is already accompanying us and always pulling us closer. The strength of God is with us now and forever. Amen! 

Cameron Highsmith  

SFTS M.Div. Senior