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Richard's Daily Meditations

La Yole (detail), Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1875 


One’s biggest secrets and deepest desires are usually revealed to others, and even discovered by ourselves, in the presence of sorrow, failure, or need when we are very vulnerable and when one feels entirely safe in the arms of someone’s love. That is why all “little ones” have a huge head start. When vulnerable exchange happens, there is always a broadening of being on both sides. We are bigger and better people afterward. Those who never go there always remain small and superficial and unconnected to themselves. You would normally experience it as a lack of substance or even reality in a person. People who have avoided all intimacy normally do not know who they are at any depth—and cannot tell others who they are.

Excerpted from Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self, p. 165

Loving God, allow me to experience intimacy with you.