These Daily Meditation's are inspired by Jesus Christ and His love letter to us the Bible...Isaiah 61:1-3"  In His Grip, Nancy

Seek God's Wisdom + Make a Decision + Take Action = PROSPEROUS 2013 In every area of Your LIFE! 
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Michael & Nancy  Hope - Faith - Elizabeth - Charity 


Be Peaceful in the storms of Life!  
 Daily Meditation 
Wednesday December 11th 2013



Proverbs 23:7
You are what you think about...

"As a Man thinks in his heart so is he." Proverbs 23:7     
Do you ever wonder why some people just can not seem to succeed no matter what they do,, These people are intelligent, they have all the skills to take life to the next level,,,but something just is not right...

On the other hand Why do some people succeed again and again seemingly to not be that smart,,, It's called Faith, Belief and Expectation,,, You see if you believe you Can your right,, If you believe you can't your right,,

As a man thinks about himself and talks to himself that is what he becomes...

Make a decision you can do it...
As long as you are living according to God's will You can Go for it! God will back you up all the way!
Lord Jesus, I pray that I will be mindful of my self talk. I pray that I will feed my mind with scripture. Thinking about things that are true, right, noble, admirable and honoring to you. Pls cleanse my mind and empower my spirit. 
In Jesus Name AMEN.  
Dream Big and Go for it!!! Nancy

II Chronicles 7:14 Pray, Seek His Face & Be Blessed.   


 May God Bless You Bigger, Nancy    
         God's plans are always better! 
               God answers Knee-Mail.




1st The Word of God
(Our Ultimate Power / Dive into it everyday)
2nd Jesus' example (Live it)
3rd The Power of Prayer using God's Word 
(Pray it)

Life  is short --Did this day count for eternity?



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