The Common Application
Daily Update

October 25, 2013

As promised, we are sending daily updates regarding system performance and support. We will continue this communication as long as there is news to share.

Green Checks. Occasionally, a green check might not display even after a section is complete. Students who encounter this problem should contact the Help Center. The Support Team can fix the issue quickly.


Date Stamp Questions. As a rule, submission date and time stamps are recorded in Eastern Time.  In some instances, these time stamps are defaulting to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Since GMT is several hours earlier than Eastern Time, some late evening submissions may display as the following day.  Do not be alarmed if you see this. The submission time stamp will always be recorded accurately, even if the time zone reflected is incorrect.
(Email updates will resume on Monday. Should we need to alert you to developments over the weekend, we will do so through Facebook and Twitter. Both of those feeds are also available on our website.) 
Board of Directors  

Thyra Briggs 
Harvey Mudd College 
Eric Furda 
University of Pennsylvania 
Past President 
Carey Thompson 
Rhodes College 
Senior Counselor 
Michael Pina 
Greens Farms Academy 
Danya Berry 
Dayton Early College Academy 
Jennifer Desjarlais
Wellesley College  
Heidi Green 
Fayetteville-Manlius High School 
Monica Inzer 
Hamilton College 
Kevin Kelly 
University of Massachusetts Amherst 
Greg Roberts 
University of Virginia 
Gail Sweezey
Gettysburg College 
Gil Villanueva 
University of Richmond 
Chris White 
The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High 
Ex Officio Non-Voting  Rob Killion
Executive Director
Common Application
Aba Blankson, Director of Communications
The Common Application, Inc.