Here are a few stories about your dairy checkoff programs in South Carolina. If you have any questions or need promotional materials please contact me.
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Dairy Makes a Splash in South Carolina Media
On March 8, dairy advocate Erin Kienzle appeared on ABC News 4 Low Country Live in Charleston to promote better sleep with dairy foods. On March 15 staffer Mickela Mitchell also appeared on Low Country Live to discuss eating dairy foods to help fight allergies. Click here to see Mickela's interview. Media segments like these have generated over 239,000 consumer impressions in 2017.

Photo: Staffer Mickela Mitchell (right) showcases dairy foods to fight allergies on Low Country Live in Charleston.
Carolina Panthers Help Promote Dairy in
Beaufort County
Students at Red Cedar Elementary School in Bluffton enjoyed a visit from the Carolina Panthers in March to reward Beaufort County Schools for their participation in Fuel Up to Play 60. Panthers players Thomas Davis and Graham Gano joined 800 students and faculty members for a pep rally celebrating milk and dairy. Since 2014, Beaufort County Schools have received $43,500 in Fuel Up to Play 60 grants and have been able to offer more breakfast programs, improve school snacks and provide new ways for students to increase their physical activity and intake of dairy products.  Click here to see a video from the event. 
Photo: Students, faculty, and the Carolina Panthers support Fuel Up To Play 60 and dairy at Red Cedar Elementary School in Bluffton. 
Checkoff Partnership Helps Increase Demand for Butter
As our checkoff partnership with McDonald's continues to create increased demand for dairy products, that increase is spreading to restaurants across the category.  For example, now that McDonald's has made the switch to butter, other restaurants are following suit. As the checkoff's work with partners continues, the increased use of butter and other dairy products on menus is likely to expand further. Click here to read more about the popularity of butter.  Click here to see the commercial featuring butter in Burger King's new sandwich. 
Southeast Dairy Farmer Featured in
Progressive Dairyman
Last month we covered Alabama dairy farmer Will Gilmer's attendance at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas and now his account of the event was featured in a recent issue of Progressive Dairyman. Click here to read his perspective of the festival and why it was important for dairy farmers to be represented.
Photo:  Alabama dairy farmer Will Gilmer (left) and Michigan dairy farmer Corby Werth were two of eight dairy farmers to attend South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival on behalf of the dairy industry.