Here is a summary of some of the dairy promotion activities and events across the state in the past month. If you need information about events or materials, please contact Sarah-Baker Walker.
Dairy Programs Promoted to Child Nutrition Directors
In July staffer Cathi deVeer participated in the annual leadership meeting of the state Child Nutrition Directors in Pearl. She recognized all first, second and third place winners of the Mississippi Breakfast Challenge and presented details about Fuel Up to Play 60 and all of the other school dairy programs to the 125 child nutrition directors in attendance.

Great American Milk Drive Provides Milk to Families in Need
The ADA of Mississippi staff promoted the Great American Milk Drive (GAMD) again this September, which is Hunger Action Month. The campaign provides fresh milk to Mississippi families in need. Donation campaigns have begun and will continue through September at Kroger and Walmart stores across the state. Click here if you would like to donate to a food bank in your area or share the link through your social media channels.

Photo: Kroger's milk donation campaign, called "Feed a Childhood," results in thousands of gallons of milk donated to local food banks. 
Advanced Media Training for Dairy Advocates  
Staffer Stephanie Yow participated in an advanced media training camp on August 11 at the Atlanta SUDIA office. The training focused on the role of dairy in the new Dietary Guidelines and ways to share dairy messages on television and in print. In her new role as media spokesperson in Mississippi, Yow will be even more equipped to share dairy messages in the media on your behalf.

Photo: Staffer Stephanie Yow (left) works with trainer Joan Horbiak (right) to learn how to present dairy messages in the media.
Milk Sponsorship at Olympic Games is a Big Success 
White milk made a splash this summer as the Milk LifeĀ® campaign supported Team USA as an official sponsor of the 2016 Summer Olympic games. The Milk LifeĀ® campaign is part of the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) which is funded by the nation's milk companies. White milk was promoted through contests, in-store promotions, television, digital and print ads as well as social media.
With the support of Team Milk athletes and the entire dairy industry, Milk Life was listed among the top five brands for social media engagement during the Summer Games in Rio. Milk Life ranked #4, above Proctor & Gamble and just after Nike, Coke and United. With this high-profile media coverage and the support of industry partners, we're off to a powerful start in what is only the first year of the Olympic sponsorship. Click here to read more about the results of the sponsorship.