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by Thelma Goldberg
Teaching tap involves choreography, rhythm and technique. An important, but often overlooked, part of this is giving students a heightened awareness of the sound quality of their movements. Thelma Goldberg offers a couple suggestions on how to get your students tapping in a way that is sweet music to the ears.
by Julie Holt Lucia
Starting a business of any kind takes hard work and courage.  On top of this, some ingenuity and asking the right questions is essential.  Kailena Van de Nes, of KV Dance Studio in Ottawa, Canada did just that.  She found the financial means to open her studio by asking parents to pledge money up front in exchange for free tuition and other perks; what she called a "Founders' Club."  

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by Bonner Odell
Dance changes everything! GirlPower! workshops use movement, journaling, discussion and other activities to help girls discover their unique voices and connect with others. Susanne Liebich, founder of GirlPower! movement classes, drew on her teaching experience and business background to get the program up and running to meet the needs of young, developing girls in the art of dance.
by Karen White
Dance is for everyone! It is this philosophy that led to the development of the Rhythm Works Integrative Dance program by Tricia Gomez. Her innovative system teaches hip-hop to students with physical and cognitive challenges. Tricia has taken this program across the country certifying dance educators to really make dance attainable for everybody.
by Tasmin Nutter
The style of modern dance continues to take root in the dance community. For a dance studio looking to add a modern component there are some basic styles to consider. In this article, Tasmin Nutter examines the histories, hallmarks and benefits of six major modern dance methods often taught today. Develop a better understanding of these different styles to be more able to bring another option of classes to your students.
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