Piaf Songbook II
May 10, 2014  
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Elisa Kohanski, Cello

John Marcinizyn, Guitar/Banjo  

Vladimir Mollov, Accordion 

Musical Arrangements by 
Douglas Levine & John Marcinizyn 
May 10, 2014
 8:30 pm

Pittsburgh, PA
Heinz Chapel
Fifth at Bellefield
We bid farewell to our 
Vladimir Mollov...

Vlado is heading westward very soon.

Let's pack the chapel and give him an "Au revoir!" 
He'll never forget!

Daphne and an Amazing Trio 
A romantic, evocative concert of great, iconic ballads of
  Edith Piaf and 
Leonard Cohen ...

Love, Light and Passion fill Heinz Chapel, 
 evoking the feel of a Paris night club on a warm spring evening.

All ticket holders will be entered in a drawing to receive FIRST copy of our new cd,
 out later this spring!

Reception to Follow.

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"Daphne has the most enchanting, mesmerizing voice, which just
sweeps me away." - Ted Sohier, WQED-FM, Pittsburgh