August 31, 2011

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Heart of Gold, Hybrid Tea 


Yon rose-buds in the morning-dew,
 How pure amang the leaves sae green!

Robert Burns




The beautiful rose above is Heart of Gold, one of the roses I photographed at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland, Oregon, last week. I took the 'roundabout' way from North Saanich to the Association of Pacific West Quilters show in Tacoma. Since my friends and I were going to the show we decided a trip to Portland for 2 days would be fun. If you look at a map you'll see what I mean - Portland isn't even 'on the way' to Tacoma.  We took a serious shopping detour!


One of the highlights for me was visiting the garden. I took many pictures of the roses and I'm sure some of the colours and shapes will make their way into my future work.


Rose Test Garden
Rose Test Garden, Portland, wish you could smell the air!


Rose Test Garden
Just a few of the rose beds along the hillside.

We stayed at an historic hotel in the heart of Portland's shopping district. The Benson was built in 1913. It has been restored and features Italian marble floors and Austrian crystal chandeliers. I was transported back in time as I sat in the lobby reading the morning newspapers.


The Benson Hotel Lobby
Benson Hotel Lobby

Portland is a city with a lot of outdoor art. Here are my 3 companions greeting the seals along one of the streets.


Peggy, Anne & Marg - Cooling Off with the Seals
Peggy, Anne & Marg - a cool stop with the seals - no,he's NOT real!


I'll have to tell you all about the Quilt Show in the next newsletter!


Daphne Greig

Designer, Author, Fiber Artist


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Micro-Notes: Why do we ....?
When I teach I often give my students some basic information about how I was taught to do something (or discovered as I became more experienced ). Often it is the explanation about 'why' it is done that is most interesting to my students.
I promised some information about 'pressing' in my last newsletter. We quilters 'press' instead of 'iron'. Do you know the difference?


Ironing is what we do to our shirts and sheets - we move the iron back and forth on the fabric to remove the wrinkles. We aren't at all concerned about stretching the fabric - we just want it FLAT.


Pressing is different. Quilters want their patchwork to be accurate. There are several steps that impact accuracy: cutting, sewing and then, pressing. If we are careful when we press, our patchwork will be flat and there will be no shrinking or stretching of the fabrics.


Steam or No Steam?
I suggest 'no steam' to all my students. It takes practice and re-learning to press instead of iron. I use a spray bottle with water or Mary Ellen's Best Press, a starch alternative, for stubborn wrinkles. A bonus with this method: I don't have to clean my iron as often to clear calcium deposits and my iron lasts longer.


How should we press seams?
The generally accepted method is to press all seams toward the darker fabric. Often this is just fine. But sometimes it makes sense to press toward a lighter fabric or to press the seams open.


Here is an Ohio Star Block.

Ohio Star - Right Side


And here is the reverse side of the block. The seams marked A are pressed toward the darker fabric. But the B seams are pressed to the light fabric; this results in 'opposing' seams where the rows of squares are sewn together.
And the C seams are pressed open; this makes the block very flat and there is less bulk where the triangles and squares meet.


Ohio Star - Wrong Side


Special Circumstances
When sewing together 2 blocks made with my Give & Take Applique technique you may be joining two pieces with fused applique. I press all these seams open for a flatter quilt.


I hope this gives you some tips for better pressing and that all your blocks are flat!



I love sharing but please include the information below if you use my article.

Daphne Greig is a designer, author, teacher and fibre artist. Her bi-monthly e-zine offers tips and inspiration for quilters and fibre artists. You can sign up for a FREE subscription at:

On my Bookshelf


Inuitive Color & Design - Adventures in Art Quilting by Jean Wells


I attended Jean's lecture and PowerPoint presentation at the APWQ show in Tacoma over the weekend. I already had this book and I have been doing some more spontaneous work in the last few years. It was wonderful to hear Jean talk about the process and techniques she used to create the art quilts in her book.


One of the main suggestions she has is to use a sketchbook to record ideas. As I get older I find ideas can be 'fleeting' and it is good practice to record them or they become lost in the hubub of everyday life!


This book will take your use of color, design, and piecing in dramatic new directions. See how to use photographs to inspire your work and techniques for piecing that will have you putting away your ruler and learning soft curve piecing. Innovative finishing techniques are also included.


I like books that include exercises and Jean gives assignments to help reinforce the topics throughout the book. You can tell that Jean is an excellent teacher by the way the book is laid out.


Jean had two quilts in the APWQ show. This is After the Rain , inspired by stones in the high Cascades. Jean's 'portrait' style finish is unique way to keep the uneven edges on the main quilt.


After the Rain by Jean Wells

If you want to try some spontaneous work, this is an excellent book to get you started.  The book is published by C&T Publishing and autographed copies are available directly from Jean Wells.


Upcoming Workshops


Brochures are now available for the classes at both Calico Cupboard and Satin Moon here in Victoria. (Click the links to see them online).


Upcoming in the next month:


September 7 (daytime): Give & Take Appliqu�™ - New York Beauty Runner (from my new book!) - at Satin Moon


September 7 (evening): Beginner Quilting starts at Calico Cupboard


September 10:  Machine Quilting workshops - at Satin Moon


September 17: Strippy Stars - a NEW way to use Jelly Rolls, Bali Pops, Stone Strips, Tonga Batiks (2 1/2" strip packs) - at Calico Cupboard



September 19: I leave for Nova Scotia to teach for the Mayflower Quilters Retreat in Pictou. I'll be teaching Give & Take Appliqu� for 3 full days - what fun we'll have!  Then I'm taking a bit of vacation to tour Cape Breton with friends and we will golf, sightsee and eat lobster!  I can't wait.


Watch my Facebook page - I'll be posting reports from Nova Scotia!


About Daphne

Daphne Greig began sewing as a young girl, making outfits for her dolls. She made her first quilt in 1980 and started teaching quilting classes in 1990. She teaches and lectures internationally, has co-authored 5 quilting books and hundreds of patterns, regularly writes articles for several quilting magazines and teaches online at Quilt University . Her work has been exhibited in Canada and the United States. Daphne lives and works in her studio North Saanich, British Columbia.


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