The 2017 Results Report on the state of education in South Seattle and South King County is now available. It's time to organize collectively across sectors and communities to fight for our youth and families. Through data and stories, the report highlights regional progress, as well as barriers and opportunities.



Thousands of Washington state students, including many from our region, got the chance to see Hamilton for $10, and perform their own work as well. 

Noise pollution is interrupting learning in Beacon Hill, so Cleveland High School students are taking matters into their own hands by using data collection to confront the Federal Aviation Administration.

Auburn School District hosted an Early Learning Fair that offered free activities and resources for families. 

Rainier Beach students were among the student leaders who successfully advocated for legislation that changed school food policies so all students can get the resources they need to access an equitable public education.

Six seniors from Tukwila's Foster High School have received "Think Green" Scholarships for their environmental and community work

Community-level change requires collective action. The Road Map Project has many work groups and committees that help steer the direction of the Project and are responsible for identifying the actions needed to reach our goal. Here are updates from just a few of them!

The ELL Work Group called congressional representatives to support the Clean Dream Act at a recent meeting.
English Language Learner Work Group

Facilitated by OneAmerica, the ELL Work Group meets monthly to build systems-level change for the English language learners in our region. Their work includes supporting bilingual pride and language access, diversifying the educator workforce, improving the cultural competence of the workforce, and more. 

Leaders from the Reengagement Provider Network.
King County Reengagement Provider Network

Last month, nearly 100 members of the King County Reengagement Provider Network gathered together for a day-long professional development institute focused on racial equity. Workshops addressed topics such as interrupting microaggressions, supporting positive identity and bilingualism, and culturally responsive practices for working with Black youth. Practitioners heard directly from Latinx youth about their experiences and ideas for improving and making alternative education programs more culturally relevant. 

Aligned Funders Group 

The Road Map Project Aligned Funders group is open to all public and private funders that fund education efforts in the Road Map Project region. The  group meets every other month to discuss work happening to advance educational outcomes in South King County and South Seattle. Some of the funders contribute to a Rapid Resource Fund, which provides support for  immediate, short-term opportunities identified by Road Map Project work group members and partners that leverage potentially larger, system-level changes. The next submission deadline for the Rapid Resource Fund is May 9.


Suspensions and expulsions in our region have declined since 2010, but students of color are still more likely to receive exclusionary discipline.  Discipline Practices and Disparities in South King County and South Seattle , a new data brief, finds that coding alignment is a barrier to helping us understand what's happening in schools. 
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The Road Map Project is a collective impact initiative to improve student achievement from cradle through college and career in seven King County, Washington school districts: Auburn, Federal Way, Highline, Kent, Renton, (South) Seattle, and Tukwila. 

Through multisector collaboration with more than 200 partners and individuals, the Road Map Project aims to eliminate the opportunity and achievement gaps impacting students of color and low-income students by increasing equitable policies and practices in education systems by 2020 and for 70 percent of its region's youth to earn a college degree credential by 2030. 

The Community Center for Education Results (CCER) is a nonprofit created to staff and support the Road Map Project. CCER works alongside partner organizations and individuals to provide research, communications, strategy and operations support. 

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