June 30, 2016

DataWing Partners with Aviation Specialty Insurance (ASI)

DataWing and Aviation Specialty Insurance team up to provide insurance discounts for drone pilots within DataWing network.

San Antonio, TX – DataWing announced today that it has partnered with Aviation Specialty Insurance (ASI) to provide discounted insurance rates to drone pilots who join the DataWing network.  DataWing’s nationwide network provides independent drone professionals the opportunity to work with major companies across many fields such as oil and gas, insurance, construction, and emergency response.  As part of the network, pilots can benefit from:
  • Direct access to over 20 North American aviation insurers which include all of the primary drone/UAV insurers.
  • Loss prevention guidelines and coverage education available to all operators.
  • Industry leading response time to all inquiries including quote requests and coverage questions.
  • A virtual guaranteed premium savings over existing or current in-force coverage by way of market reach and underwriting capability.
  • A special members-only discount to all DataWing members ranging from at least 5%-10% (Discount based on identically quoted coverages and limits.  Actual discount may be greater.)
  • Cost effective premium payment plans including the ability to pay with any credit card.
“We are excited to partner with Aviation Specialty Insurance,” said Steven Fargo, President of DataWing.  “This relationship is clearly a benefit to DataWing, ASI, and our pilots, but it also helps to reassure DataWing’s clients that we take safety and professionalism very seriously.”

About DataWing
Founded in October of 2015, DataWing is a professional, nationwide UAS service provider that specializes in monitoring assets, processing collected data, and providing compliance-based reporting capabilities for clients primarily in the insurance, energy, construction, and emergency response markets.  DataWing is led by Air Force fighter pilots who set the highest of flight safety and operational standards and ensure that all members of its exclusive, nation-wide network of approved UAS service providers meet the high level of quality that our clients demand.  DataWing is poised for large-scale nation-wide contracts and has the ability to standardize processes through efficient operational workflow management.

About Aviation Specialty Insurance

Aviation Specialty Insurance is a USA-based global aviation insurance firm with a specialty in insuring unmanned aerial systems. Founded in 2009, Aviation Specialty Insurance’s mission is to provide operators access to cutting edge products with an industry-leading response time and unmatched client service. Aviation Specialty Insurance has offices in three states and representation of over 20 North American aviation insurance carriers, giving operators the most comprehensive and competitive insurance solution available in the marketplace.  Aviation Specialty Insurance maintains constant communication with carriers and underwriters regarding the latest in drone coverages, loss prevention, and continuing education, putting them on the leading edge of protecting drone operators everywhere.