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July 2017 Newsletter
Dating With Children:  The Power of Household Rules
When dating with children, one thing that becomes apparent after spending significant time together is that each family has their own rules and ways of addressing behavior issues.  When entering into a serious relationship, it is important to start talking about how to combine parenting styles. 

Kids will pick up very quickly if one child is held to a different standard than another, or if consequences vary by child.  Just like with every issue when dating with kids, the key is to        be . . . To continue reading, click HERE.
  Tip of the Month - Preparing for Mediation

Those going through divorce often use mediation as a way to come to an agreement on issues such a child support, alimony, and division of assets without having to appear before a judge.  This is a much more informal meeting where the parties hire a neutral third party to mediate the process and help reach an agreement that works for both people involved.
  1. Be Prepared - Have all the documents requested by your attorney ready to go.
  2. Be Fair -Remember this is about what's best for your kids, not getting back at your ex.
  3. Be Realistic - The reality of the situation is that you will not get everything that you want. 
  4. Be Flexible -Be willing to make small compromises if it is in the best interest of your kids.
  5. Be Willing - Your attorney has a lot of experience in this area.  Be willing to listen to his/her advice on what is the best course of action for your situation. 
Thank you Aubrie!

Aubrie Casey interned for the firm her second summer in a row this year. She assisted with our Team 100 program, answering phones, and being available to help with anything that we asked her.  She works very hard in all that she does.  

She was president of her soriorety ZTA last year and continues to be very involved this year.  She is attending college to get her degree in elementary school education.  We just want to thank Aubrie for all her hard work and dedication.  We wish her the best of luck as she heads back to school and can't for her to join us again next summer!  

Happy Fourth of July!
Fireworks! Backyard BBQs! Friends and Family! Freedom! These are often the things we think of on the 4th of July.  Each year, this holiday reminds us of the luxury that we have as free citizens and how lucky we are compared to other countries.  But the reality is that some people don't feel free. 

Many people feel like they are trapped in their own marriage.  They aren't free to live a happy life.  We are here to remind each of you that you can be free, and you can live that happily ever after life that you want.  If you can't do it on your own, reach out to a friend or a family member or us, and we'll help you find that freedom you lost along the way.  
Congratulations to the Atlanta Divorce Law Group!
The Atlanta Divorce Law Group is proud to have been awarded the 2017 Client Choice Award for Divorce and Child Custody.  Our team strives to provide the best possible service and are continually looking for ways to improve even more.  We're excited to continuing working hard for our clients!  

Calendar of Events
July 2017
7/4: Happy 4th of July
       H appy Birthday Erin!
7/5: Happy Birthday Stacey!
7/10:  In Court; Troup County
7/11:   In Court; Cobb County
7/13:   In Court; Canton,Ga
7/19:   Mediation;  Alpharetta, Ga
7/20:  In Court; Hall, GA
7/26:  In Court; Forsyth County
7/27:  Status Conference; Fulton County
7/31: Mediation; Cobb County 

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