August 2016

David Higgins has practiced exclusively in the qualified settlement fund and structured settlement industry for 30 years, currently managing funds containing hundreds of millions of dollars and serving as tax counsel to the largest qualified settlement fund in the world containing billions of dollars.

He is a tax attorney and the principal drafter of the structured settlement law (sections 104(a)(2) and `130 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986). Mr. Higgins was also the legal adviser to the industry committee that drafted the Uniform Qualified Assignment document to implement structured settlements. He thereafter served as the first Executive Director of the National Structured Settlements Trade Association and as the first Treasurer of the industry's political action committee. 
Relating to the Taxation of Settlements

How will the IRS treat your client's recovery? We can help. Read some of the most commonly raised questions related to the taxation of settlements and contact us with the details.  

Need help finding and Paying Medicare Liens?

Help with forms is here... 

Tax Settlements and Over-Structuring

In certain settlements, the total tax plus your fees and costs can exceed the client's settlement amount. That is, your client will go out-of-pocket to settle the case. This happens in nonphysical, non-civil-rights cases because the plaintiff will have to pay an alternative minimum tax on your fees and costs. If you are settling a nonphysical, non-civil-rights case, your client needs advice


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