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Dr. Gregg's God's Modern Day Millionaires Devotional for Market Place Leaders, A 30 Day Devotional, "Time To Prepare For Increase"


Day 25 of 30 "Have You Been Rejected and Attacked By Family and Friends?"


One of the most painful experiences of any person especially leaders is when they are being rejected or abused by those they love. It is especially painfully when you are being attacked and rejected by your own family members. This was the case of Moses in Numbers 12:1-9, You see the children of Israel were formal slaves. They had been in captivity for 400 years. Even though they had been set free from physical bondage and slavery, they still had the mindset of slavery. They demonstrated this behavior by how they lived, what they spoke and the way they thought. Numbers 11 shows us how they criticized Moses' leadership and were tired of the diet of the desert wilderness. They wanted meat and were tired of manna. Have you ever been around someone who was just like the Israelite slaves? I see it all the times. When politicians, ministers and businessman who have been elected by the majority of the population, the very same people when things do not turn out the way they expect, they begin criticizing and attacking their leaders' leadership style. It's not always those who are poor and disenfranchised who do the criticizing. A lot of the times it comes from those who are very wealthy, educated and influential. So this lets us know you can be wealthy and still possess a mentality and the behavior of a slave.


Moses was rejected and criticized by his own brother Aaron and his sister Marian. God used Aaron as Moses mouthpiece. God Told Moses he would use Aaron, as his spoke's person, because Moses continued to use excuses about accepting the leadership responsibility to lead the children of Israel out of Egyptian Bondage. He lacked confidence in his speech. He had a speech impediment. Aaron was also used when Moses stood on the mountain, while Joshua and children of Israel were in a battle. It was said that as long as Moses hands were up lifted, the Israelites got the victory. However when his hands were down the Israelites were defeated. So it was Aaron and Hur that accompanied Moses to Mount Moriah as they held up his hands. The Hebrew name for Aaron meant "strength ". Up until now Aaron had been a source of strength to Moses. When Pharaoh's daughter found Moses hidden in the reeds, it was Miriam, the same sister of Moses that suggested to Pharaoh's daughter that Moses mother was qualified to be the baby Moses wet nurse. This was the same Miriam that we saw at the foot of the Red Sea after they witnessed a miracle of the parting of the Red Sea. She broke out in a dance as she played the tambourine, leading the children of Israel in praise and worship. Miriam was also used by God to prophesy. And now the two of them are rejecting, and criticizing the authority of their brother Moses.

 I often wondered why was it that Miriam was the only one of the two that got leprosy. Numbers 12:4-9 says that the Lord's anger was kindred against the two of them. Verse 4 says He immediately confronted the statement of Miriam. Now I know you may say that it was both of them that spoke against Moses. However even though Aaron is present and indeed probably shared Miriam's sentiments, it was Miriam who spoke. In verse 1 the statement "talk against" or spoke against" is translated in the Hebrew as a feminine singular verb. This lets us know that it was Miriam who did all the talking against Moses. Which is why Miriam ended up being afflicted with leprosy and not Aaron? Also it has been said that in Biblical times when a woman especially the mother of the family spoke negatively, it was the responsibility of the father to confront the negative words immediately. This is probably why we see father God immediately confronting Miriam in her negative statements towards Moses. Words are powerful. The Bible says," Life and death are in the power of the tongue". Women who are nurturer must always be careful to use their words wisely. What you speak are seeds that will create a harvest of good or bad. It's up to you "YOU ARE ONE OF GOD'S MODERN DAY MILLIONAIRES"


Let's Pray, Dear God I forgive those who You have called me to serve. T.hose who may have rejected me or even abandoned me when I needed them the most. I thank You oh God for healing and restoring me. I renounce any negative words that have been spoken by me or by others. I renounce every spoken curse, and decree that will not penetrate my bloodline or Devine destiny in Jesus Name Amen.


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