Prep 21 - Day Six - Friday, January 12, 2018

Drop the Anchor

    We have this hope as an anchor for our soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain. Jesus has entered there, on our behalf as a forerunner, because he has become a high priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek. 
Hebrews 6:19

Anchors for some of the world’s largest ships can weigh anywhere between 30-50 tons. Each chain link for that anchor can weigh 500 or more pounds. A person standing on it would be the size of a little green army man toy. That is big, but essential for a ship that weighs over 600,000 tons. Anchors keep a ship from drifting away from its’ location. 

The author of Hebrews compares hope in a believer’s life to an anchor. What is this hope? Not wishful thinking, but a confident assurance and expectation of a desired outcome. Not confidence based on our situation, but on the truth of a relationship with God. When we place our hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ that we are His, it is an unshakeable promise.

God is true in all of His Word. The anchor of Christ Jesus will hold us. That sure and steady anchor will keep you from drifting. You can trust Him that your salvation is secure and held, and you can trust Him daily for every need. When our lives get heavy and burdened, this anchor is a daily security. 

Have you drifted lately? To see revival, we need to put our trust in God and let Him hold us daily. So, drop your anchor and feel the security that gives us hope and be confident. 

If you would like to, do one of the following as a part of this coming week. Find a picture of an anchor and make it your social media profile picture for this week. Another option, buy a small anchor pin and carry it in your pocket or on your keys, and let it remind you to trust in God and make Him your hope. If you have a small anchor, carry it with you wherever you go. I know it may look awkward walking into work with an anchor, but can you imagine the opportunities that you would have to share about the hope we have in Jesus Christ. 

Prayer: Thank God for the sure, steady, confident, hope in our salvation and relationship with Him.

Written by Larry Morrison

Prep21 - Days of Prayer and Fasting
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A spiritual awakening is no more than God's people seeing God in His holiness, turning from their wicked ways, and being transformed into His likeness.
- Lewis Drummond

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