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Warning Sounded on Tech Disrupting Student Sleep

Educators who promote the use of education technology are working harder to caution students and parents about the impact of digital devices and the "blue light" they emit, which can disrupt student sleep patterns.

A recent meta-analysis by British researchers has brought renewed attention to the issue, calling increased use of mobile devices at bedtime a "major public-health concern" for children and teenagers.

As many schools and districts shift to 1-to-1 device programs, often allowing students to take those devices home each night, education leaders are looking for ways to incorporate warnings about the detrimental effects of mobile devices on sleep.

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Some Holiday Sales Continuing
We are continuing a few of the holiday sales for the week. These include:

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All the prints of Bill's paintings that were ordered have been made and they are beautiful!
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Most selected Bill Mintz painting

Boys Read Better If You Let Them Play More
Study from Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.

If you want your son to read better, a study suggests one way to do it: let him go outside and play! Moderate-to-vigorous physical activity influences boys' reading skills, researchers observed. More specifically, the more time a boy spends in active play, the more fluently he reads. In addition, he understands what he reads better. Conversely, if the boy spends much time sitting around, his reading ability suffers.

The same associations did not seem to exist among girls.

Movement and Reading

The researchers conducted this study among 89 boys and 69 girls. The children were between 6 and 8 years old. The researchers measured physical activity with movement sensors, heard rate counters, and other tools. They measured reading fluency and comprehension with standardized exams for first, second, and third graders.

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Betsy DeVos of the American Federation for Children
Interview of Betsy DeVos of the American Federation for Children by Ed Pozzuoli of Tripp Scott
9th Report for Sprouting Seeds Learning Centre in Myanmar
Jim Connor, long time AERO member, founded Whispering Seed in Thailand, now in Myanmar

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters of Sprouting Seeds Learning Centre,
Thanks to all of your support we are now entering our busiest period for the café with a renewed sense of confidence. We took the time during the rainy period to further improve the interior of the café and are delighted with the natural look and feel of the space. Pine tables and the earthen counter blend beautifully to create a calming environment for weary travellers and locals alike to rest and enjoy our culinary delights! We also took the time to experiment with new ice cream flavours and a range of exciting baked goods including ...... , the response to which have been fantastic!

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