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February 2018
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PSA: Annual Training & Deadlines

1:10 minutes


Make sure your annual training and education is done  in 
time to meet the DFSP report deadline at the end of March.


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Go Ahead ... Ask!



"One of our warehouse workers is getting ready to come back to work after having back surgery. The surgery was a pretty intense one, so I imagine he was prescribed pain medication. What should I do when he comes back to be sure he and everyone else out in the warehouse are safe?"



Great question! Medication-related situations are sensitive, especially employee protections as they relate to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and your actions should be well thought out and intentional.


A good place to look for guidance is in your drug-free workplace (DFWP) program documents (i.e., your policy). Ideally, your policy should provide ...


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Guess what we heard? Report recommends lowering BAC limits


A new report advocates for the lowering of the legal BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level from .08% to .05%. Researchers suggest the change could help reduce drunk driving incidents. The report also advocates raising alcohol taxes and setting more restrictions around alcohol sales.


Since 1982, 33% of all traffic deaths were caused by drunk driving.


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Mark Your Calendars: Upcoming DFSP Deadlines
  • Public Sector Enrollees
EEReminder - Upcoming Classes


Employee Education:

2.21 - Training of Trainers

3.14 - Webinar


Supervisor Training:

2.14 - Webinar

2.21 & 2.22 - Training of Trainers

2.27 - Webinar

3.07 - Webinar

3.15 - Webinar

3.21 - Webinar


Boo(s)t Camp:

5.15 - Program Administrator


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Not being able to find workers and the threat of losing seasoned employees is forcing many employers to evaluate their willingness to offer a second chance to employees who test positive.  Discover what factors make a successful second chance policy and program.
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Talking with your family about the risks of drugs and alcohol? Check out this list of substances for more info on effects and risks that come with each  ...

Thinking about your drug-free workplace program is probably just a small part of what you do.  

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