July 2017
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Dangerous by design
Safe Routes to Transit
Pedestrian Safety Action Plan
50+ Walks Profile
Why are pedestrian fatalities spiking in Georgia?
Are roads in the Atlanta region designed to kill? During a recent interview, Sally Flocks, President & CEO of PEDS, said yes. 

"It's not deliberate. . . . But that is the design. And a key thing is will we change it."
GBP radio interview
Safe Routes to Transit
We recently audited a 2.2 mile segment of Covington Highway, one of the 15 most deadly corridors for people who walk in Georgia.

The wide, high-speed road has frequent bus service, commercial and residential development and plenty of people walking. 

Woman crossing Covington Highway
One out of eight people who live along Covington  Highway use p ublic transit to get to work.

While auditing bus stop locations, we watched as a woman waited a nd waited and waited for a safe gap in traffic.

Elsewhere a man crossed the road one lane at a time, waiting for gaps as he approached the next lane. 

Covington Highway-transit access
Covington Highway lacks sidewalks, median islands and overhead lighting. It has few intersections, crosswalks or other pedestrian safety treatments. Many stops are located where people can't see what's coming around the corner or over hills. 

Draft Covington Highway Road Safety Audit
The draft report documents hazardous conditions and
recommends improvements. Serious visibility problems make changes urgent at some locations. 

Most bus stops on Covington Highway do not meet minimum safety standards. For each of these, the report calls on  transportation agencies to either install safe crossing treatments or relocate the bus stop.

Next steps include promoting collaboration between MARTA, DeKalb County and the Georgia Department of Transportation. Prioritizing  projects, setting timelines and determining who takes responsibility for design and implementation are all essential.
Georgia Pedestrian Safety Action Plan
Last year 236 people were killed while walking in Georgia. That's a 40 percent increase in just two years. 

Draft PSAP
The severe upward trend in pedestrian fatalities is alarming, and PEDS 
is working closely with the Georgia Department of Transportation and others to reverse it.
We recently completed the draft Georgia Pedestrian Safety Action Plan , which is now being reviewed by transportation professionals and stakeholders throughout the state.

The plan sets clear goals and identifies strategies and action steps. It also names the parties responsible for implementing each of the steps and tools for holding them accountable. 

Calling all transportation nerds: Check out the plan and let us know if you recommend changes.
5 0+ Walks Profile: Nothing stops Dorothy from walking
Dorothy is a long time resident of the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. "I was born in the Old Fourth Ward back in 1945 on Felton Drive to my parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams." Dorothy said. "I attended C.W. Hill Elementary School. I grew up and grad uated from Howard High."

She walks every week with 50+ Walks with others at City Lights.  "I had lived in Bedford Pine Apartments for 40 years or more. Then I had a chance to move to City Lights living center for seniors. I love it, and I just enjoy living here."

"I walk because it gives me a chance to be around other people, communicate, socialize."
Dorothy leading City Lights walk
It's easy to see why Dorothy loves walking in her neighborhood. "I like communing with people," she says, "We are just getting along and going out and having fun, walking and talking about our children and grandchildren. We just have fun hanging out with one another."

Nothing is going to stop Dorothy from walking. "I've been walking around here for so long!," she says, "I ain't worried about no improvement, I'm gonna walk anyway."

On second thought, she could think of few things that need improvement: "Fix the streets, they need to be fixed up to walk on," she says, "Make a better walking area, more safe walking areas with lighting so we can walk more than just the afternoons."

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