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Dealing With An Irritating, Bragging Co-Worker



Listening to irritating co-workers you can't escape on your job is frustrating.


And, when a co-worker brags about leaving the job soon, which you would like to do too, but can't, it's enough to make you scream.  Even more irritating is them talking about how much money, stocks or investments they have that will allow them to walk out the door.


So how do you handle it?  Consider the Source.


Why is it necessary for this person to brag?  Telling you they are leaving is one thing, but continuously bragging on what they have going on outside of the job, and constantly saying they are leaving, even though they haven't turned in their notice, is obviously bragging.


Think.  What is their reasoning for bragging to you? Maybe they are excited and are truly speaking from their heart.  However, the co-worker who continuously talks about what they have going on is outright bragging. Bragging is an insecurity.


Are they jealous of you? Do you have a social life, a family, a love relationship, or something else going on outside of the job they know about, and would like in their life too?


Do they really have the resources to leave?  Will they be happy when they leave?  How many people have wished they could have returned to a job that they left too soon? Or, did lying around, doing nothing suit these people after the first few months?


Refuse to get into competition with them, perhaps lying about your own resources.   

This only drags you into their mentality, and you find yourself playing the "Keeping Up With the Joneses" game.  Stay above it all.


Getting angry with them, or telling them to stop bragging will also drag you down. What you resist, persists.


Refuse to beat yourself up.  Some of us begin to feel bad about our own economic situation.  You may think, "Why don't I have enough money, an opportunity to leave."  Remember, you are not in competition with anyone but yourself.  You have no clue what that co-worker's real situation is outside of the job.  There may be things that they are not telling you that is horrific.  Or maybe, they are simply lying to make themselves feel better because they are insecure.


The answer is to go inward as they are bragging to you about any subject.  Be Mindful how you feel as they are talking.  Instead of tensing up when they come by you, especially when they are bragging, use them as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with yourself. Focus on where in your body you are tensing as they are bragging.  


Being aware of that knot in your stomach or chest, allows you to release stress, and for you to rise above their bragging with ease.   It's not what someone says to you, it's how you accept it.


Silently ask yourself, "What am I feeling?" 


Allow that emotion to come up without judgment, just accept the feeling.  Next, say to that part of yourself that is knotted, or those thoughts of regret,  "I love you."  Sending yourself love is the most powerful energy on the planet which can transmute any negative energy, including a bragger. 


Master these steps, and you will find yourself not being affected by the bragger.  In fact, you will wish them well. Mindfulness dissolves envy and jealousy.  It gives you inner peace. 


Love, Light and Blessings, 




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