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Teenage Brain Research

The Teenage Brain: Research Highlights
While 95 percent of the human brain has developed by the age of six, scientists report that the greatest spurts of growth after infancy occur just around adolescence. What are these changes? How do teenage and adult brains differ?

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Special Conference Issue
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'Hippie School' Votes For School Choice
By Ron Matus

The tiny Grassroots School in Tallahassee, Fla., is democratically run. Everybody votes on everything. Some of its 24 students recently led a successful bid to limit use of school computers. Others debated whether Grassroots should raise chickens or rabbits. The chicken faction won.

School choice has been on the agenda, too.

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Debbie Meier Exclusive to AERO on CPE Attack
 I first met Debbie Meier when she was directing her revolutionary Central Park East Alternative School. This led to dramatic changes in all of District 4 and is a template for the kind of change that is possible in the public school system.
As you'll read below, long after Debbie's retirement there is now a raging controversy about the school, with parents and teachers claiming that the new principal was selected to sabotage the school. We were able to obtain from Debbie an exclusive statement of her stand.

- Jerry

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In Our Village: NYC Elders Through the Eyes of Its Youth
How do stories awaken our conscience? How is history witnessed in the present? Diana di Rico, who teaches Global Literature at Baruch College Campus High School, recently asked her students these questions. They answered by interviewing, photographing, and creating word portraits of elderly citizens in their community. Their just-published book, which includes student insights about the project, offers a stunning model for how teachers can engage their students in cross-generational story telling.  
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