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Volume 3 Issue 12December 2012
How To Say No To A Personal Loan

There's nothing wrong with wanting to help a loved one in a financial bind, but not if it will derail your own finances.  Lending money to family and friends can also ruin relationships. Lenders and borrowers often have a different recollection of a personal loan's terms, and unpaid loans can lead to lingering bad feelings between the lender and borrower, according to a study published in the Journal of Economic Psychology in June 2012.  Still, many consumers have a hard time denying requests for financial help from family and friends. In fact, a July 2012 study in Britain found that children as young as 8 are breaking the piggy bank to lend money to their parents.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is they say yes without thinking it through, says Kathy Virgallito, a regional director of partnerships for Apprisen, a credit-counseling agency based in Columbus, Ohio. Many also say yes when they want to say no because they are afraid they will be considered selfish or they'll lose the relationship, says Maggie Baker, the author of the book "Crazy About Money: How Emotions Confuse Our Money Choices and What to Do About It."  Fear, however, should not determine whether you lend money, experts say. And if you say yes when you want to say no, you may feel resentment toward the borrower over time, particularly if the person doesn't repay the loan, says Linda Stiles, a Kansas-based licensed clinical social worker specializing in financial matters.





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How To Re-Grow Your Grub


Recently I rescued the butt-end of a bunch of celery from my niece's kitchen. Alison had planned to compost it. I planned to try something I'd seen in an article called "How to re-grow your groceries."  Erin Huffstetler had recommended sprouting the celery in water, but I put the stub directly into a pot of soil, gave it a drink and wished it well. Less than a week later a trio of teeny-tiny but heavily leafed stalks were growing from the old, dried-up part. Ultimately those leaves will flavor soup and the stalks will go into a stew or stir-fry.  Yes, I know it'll take quite some time. But my chilly Alaska day (7 degrees when I got up) is brightened by the sight of the new growth, which looks more vigorous every day.  Celery isn't the only grocery item to re-grow, according to Frugal Living guide  Huffstetler. She suggests growing the following crops in your garden or on a sunny windowsill:



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The great thing is that you don't have to be a craft extraordinaire to make handmade gifts for the home. These easy and especially budget-friendly DIY gift ideas are sure to please most everyone on your list.