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Indiaspora 2013


Join PanIIT USA as we partner with Indiaspora 2013 Inaugural Presidential Ball  
Join the world's oldest and largest democracies in congratulating President Barack Obama as he is sworn in to his second term as President of the United States. Leaders from the 3-million-strong Indian American community, compatriots from India and American well-wishers will celebrate the combined achievements of the two nations and cultures. Guests may choose traditional "black tie" or Indian formal attire.  


PanIIT is proud to partner with Indiaspora to celebrate the re-election of President Barack Obama. Sid Chowdhary, President PanIIT USA announced this partnership with the statement, "The role of IIT alumni has been ever increasing in the USA and today we hold prominent positions of leadership in large corporations, academic institutions, and professional and non-profit organizations.  As a public recognition of our contributions, we have been honored by the US House of Representatives (HR 227) for the economic innovation attributable to graduates of the IIT.  Since then IIT Alumni have continued to play significant roles in the main stream America and have had an increasing voice in government policy matters.  PanIIT USA today celebrates all accomplishments of IITians and Indian Americans by partnering in the Indiaspora 2013 Inaugural Presidential Ball." 


The Indiaspora Ball will highlight the very best in Indian American cuisine, culture and music. Guests will enjoy fabulous networking, cuisine from the four corners of India, delightful entertainment and Bollywood dancing. Stay tuned for the entertainment lineup. A limited number of VIP tickets offering exclusive benefits and special guest access are also available

Location:  Mandarin Oriental, Washington, DC
Date:        January 19, 2013 from 8:00pm - Midnight

Event Website: http://www.indiaspora.org/inauguration

IIT Campuses

IITGN Director, Dr Sudhir K Jain

IITGN Director elected President of the International Association for Earthquake Engineering (IAEE)


Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) Director, Dr Sudhir K Jain, has been recently elected as the President of the International Association for Earthquake Engineering (IAEE). After serving the Board of Directors of IAEE as a President Elect for the next two years, Dr Jain will take over as the President of IAEE in 2014 and serve as President for the next four years. 


IAEE is an international organisation whose membership consists of earthquake engineering associations/societies of 56 countries in the world. IAEE leads the efforts on research, policies, regulations, education related to earthquake engineering around the world through various forums, e.g., journals, world conferences, international meetings, workshops, etc and provides global interface to local societies of different countries. Read More.

Saurabh Srivastava Exclusive | Saurabh Srivastava: Another Era is Beginning as Start-up Culture Matures

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Saurabh Srivastava shares his views about the rise of start-up culture in India and how the country is now aspiring to achieve in the sphere of product development.


There was a time when India was known to the outside world for its ability to provide enormous labour at relatively low prices, prompting global companies to outsource their work to India. Indian companies very quickly transformed the value proposition from cost to quality with more IT companies in India having global quality certification than any country in the world. This made India the outsourcing capital of the worldRead More.  



Desmond Nazareth IIT (Innovations In Tippling!)


An IITian shifts focus from 'high tech' to 'high spirits'!!!  


Here's a candidate for the next: an 'out of left field' alcobev company, Agave India, started by 1981 IIT-M alum, Desmond Nazareth (BTech, Mech), and significantly backed by a core group of 20+ IIT & IIM investors, as well as several international and marquee Indian angels.

It all started when this amateur mixologist could not find his favorite Margarita ingredients, when he 'retired' back to India from the US, in 2000. After ten years of background R&D, battling village, district, state & central government level bureaucratic obstacles with an anti-corruption policy, and raising funds through the recent economic downturn - all done virtually single-handedly - the 'never say die' serial entrepreneur has come finally through. Read More.



India by the Indian : Quirky ideas for us!

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"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet". Well, yes, as long as you have a name like William, but, dear Mr Shakespeare, if you were me , I bet you a thousand roses, you wouldn't have come up with this quote. 


Let me explain. The name given to me at birth- rajeshree , later got changed due to some sort of naga dosha with naga tribes explaining how the child would  be unlucky if nag was not incorporated into the name ... had to get converted into a nagrajeshree. As if the original wasn't complicated enough. And my sister, who was luckier in the name section, didn't do so well otherwise as she was dunked in oil for 9 days before my dad got to see her. Whats amazing is how , my doubly educated parents ,Dad, with a super Phd from MIT , Caltech and my mum , even though one of the first woman engineers in the entire state of Gujarat , were the most gullible and submissive folks in the face of such strong beliefs. Parental pressure must be so much so that I got the cobra( nag) name and my sis, a bit luckier, got the oil treatment. ( well she must be luckier as the oil got washed away but the name stuck to me , forever, and will do so even in my grave, unless if I do something prompt, I suppose). Read More.  
IIT Chapters


Baton Passed on for PanIIT Global Conference 2013 in Houston

Every year, PanIIT conferences take place amid much pomp and fanfare. But what happens in the time span between two conferences? How is PanIIT shaping up? How can the India chapter learn from their Indian counterparts? All of these were discussed and the baton for Houston PanIIT Global Conference 2013 was passed over on the last day of the PanIIT Global Conference 2012.

The roundtable was attended by Arvind Gupta, HR Vaish, Sid Chowdhary, Sandipan Chakraborty and Arjun Sen. The panelists shared their experiences and traced the journey of Pan IIT and its objectives. Read More


WHEELS Adds Meaning to the PanIIT Global Conference 

Is the PanIIT forum all about just playing catch up and networking with long lost friends? Or is there something more substantial? The plenary on WHEELS (water, health, education, environment, lifestyle and security) showed that IITians care for the society too and it isn't just about fat pay cheques and a comfortable lifestyle.

'Wheels is a thought-leadership program. We want to encourage people like Madhu Pandit Dasa (an IITian who became a monk with Isckon and has launched a meal program called Akshaya Patra) and help them by providing time, money and opening our connections. Pan IIT created the platform to start Akshaya Patra in West Bengal, for instance,' said Suresh Shenoy of Wheels. Read More.
PanIIT Annual Global Conference - Kolkata 2012

NR Narayana Murty
Narayana Murthy Outlines Harnessing World Class Technologies for Masses
Harness technology to better the condition of Indians. That was what Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy urged IITians to do at the PanIIT Global Conference 2012 in Kolkata on Sunday (Dec 9).
"I believe we Indians can create technologies to improve the lives of people, not only in India, but all over the world. Technology has played an important role in improving lives of people," Murthy said while speaking at a session on "Harnessing world class technologies for millions." Read More.

Shenoy brothers

Infra Sector Still has Potential, Decides Panel 
Is the India growth story on? How will the country provide employment to the rising population? Will development of coasts and the consequent shift of population lead to a social upheaval? How does India manage to solve power problems?
On Day 2 (Dec 8) of the Pan IIT Global Conference 2012, a panel chaired by IITian Sudhakar Shenoy tried to find solutions to all these questions and more at the session called "Investment in rural and urban development." Panellists included  Vinayak Chatterjee, chairman and MD, Feedback Infra; Subrata Paul, Director, Bengal Aerotropolis and Ashish Wadhwani, partner, IvyCap Ventures. Read More.

PanIIT Panel Highlights Skewed Sex Ratio in Engineering, Science Streams

It is often joked that you would need a microscope to locate women in the engineering colleges, especially in the elite ones. Various researches have often been undertaken that mathematics and science are not really a woman's cup of tea, though to much debate.
But beating all stereotypes and prejudices, a lot of women actually enter the prestigious engineering colleges and do quite well for themselves despite the skewed gender ratios in the campuses. Read More.
IIT Events



10th Annual Alumni Meet, IIT-KGP
Event Date: 4th-6th January
Time: 4th 8 Am- 6th 5PM.

They come and go like muffled and veiled figures sent from a distant friendly party, saying nothing, and if we do not discover the gifts they bring; they carry them as silently away."

"60 Years of Glory, A Decade Of Reunion"

IIT-KGP is organizing the 10th Annual Alumni Meet between 4th-6th January, 2013. All the esteemed alumni of IIT Kharagpur are cordially invited to be a part of the Meet with the passing out batches of 1963 (Golden Jubilee), 1973 (Ruby Jubilee) & 1988 (Silver Jubilee) being our special guests of honour.

Click here for more details.

IIT Alumni - Join us on LinkedIn


IIT Alumni Linkedin Group has emerged as a very vibrant resource for our community. We are now 21400+ strong and growing. The group is a great way to connect with fellow IITans living in your area, working in your industry or from your batch. It is great resource to find employers, employees, contacts or customers via qualified introductions on an opt-in basis. The members are finding it as a great place to discuss their ideas or to promote their products.

Recently, the whole IIT community came together to support IIT Bombay Heritage Fund for a noble goal of securing donation worth $10K from Chase Community Giving contest, where engaging fellow IITians through Linkedin played a key role.  Congratulations IIT Bombay Heritage FundThank you all who should IIT Tempo and voted.  


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