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December 2012 C-Blast:  Monthly News From the Community Music School
Clarinet Master Class
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Time to Re-enroll!
Expressing Gratitude for Our CMS Teachers
Concerts & Events Happening around St. Louis
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December 9:  Jazz Lab Ensemble Concert at 2 p.m.
December 14:  Deadline to re-enroll for Spring 2013 individual lessons 
December 16:  Percussion Ensemble Concert at 7 p.m. 
December 17-20:  Make-up lessons only; JLE & YPCO will not rehearse; SO/SE & YPSO will rehearse.  Always check with your individual lesson teacher or orchestra/ensemble schedule.
December 22-January 1:  ALL CMS branches closed for Winter Break

January 2:  ALL CMS branches re-open for lessons 
January 7-12:  New student walk-in registration, click here for more info and a full list of times and locations
January 11:  Young Years Spring Registration Deadline, click here for more info about classes and registration form
January 12:  Sample a FREE Young Years Class at Demo Day!  9:30-11:30 a.m. at Strauss Center and 1:30-3:30 p.m. at Webster Groves, click here for more info 
January 13:  YPCO Concert at 5 p.m.
January 15:  Last Day of Fall Semester Individual Lessons 
January 19:  School Recitals at 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
January 20:  String Orchestra/String Ensemble Concert at 2 p.m.
January 20:  YPSO Concert at 5 p.m.
January 21:  All CMS branches closed for Martin Luther King Day
January 22:  First day of Spring Semester Individual Lessons 
Diana Haskell
Clarinet Master Class with St. Louis Symphony Musician Diana Haskell


Diana Haskell, Associate Principal Clarinet for the St. Louis Symphony, is conducting a clarinet master class at the CMS Center on Tuesday, December 4th, 7-9 p.m.  She will work with individual CMS students in a class setting where others may observe and learn along with the participants.  The master class is open to all music enthusiasts! 


Diana Haskell joined the St. Louis Symphony as Assistant Principal Clarinet and Wilfred and Ann Lee Konneker Chair in September 2003. Prior to coming to St. Louis Ms. Haskell was Principal Clarinet with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra from 2001-02, and Assistant Principal Clarinet with the MSO from 1991-2003. She has performed as soloist on numerous occasions with orchestras throughout the United States, and served as Principal Clarinet of the Santa Fe Opera.

As a result of being a finalist in the 1986 Naumberg International Competition, Ms. Haskell performed a solo recital in Carnegie Hall. Since that time, her international appearances have included concerts in Cuba, Europe, and Japan. Ms. Haskell was Principal Clarinet for the Grammy award-winning recording of Samuel Barber's Antony and Cleopatra, an opera directed by Gian Carlo Menotti and produced by New World Records.

Ms. Haskell has held the post of Principal Clarinet with the Buffalo Philharmonic, the Savannah Symphony Orchestra and Charleston (SC) Symphony Orchestra, the Colorado Festival in Boulder and Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds. Ms. Haskell has taught at SUNY-Buffalo, Houghton College, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and Wisconsin Lutheran College.  Her students have received scholarship offers from some of the most prestigious clarinet programs in the country, including Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Eastman School of Music, Northwestern University, University of Michigan, USC, and others.

Ms. Haskell holds degrees from the Juilliard School and Eastman School of Music. Her principal teachers were D. Stanley Hasty, Mitchell Lurie, and Joseph Allard.


For more information, call 314-968-5939. 

NEW! All School Concerto Competition  


On Sunday, March 10, 2013, 7:30 p.m. the Community Music School will stage it's first ever concert of concerto movement winners. Sponsored by the Preparatory Program, the concert is an effort to bring together the entire CMS and Webster University Department of Music community to showcase the achievement of students of all ages and levels.
The competition is open to CMS students enrolled in private lessons, Preparatory Program students, and Webster University Department of Music students. The orchestra will be comprised of PREP students, faculty members, and volunteers. Dr. Paul Davis will act as conductor. Up to 8 winners may be chosen, depending on length of entries. 
Concerti may have orchestrations of strings, pairs of winds and brass, and limited percussion. Repertoire exceeding that instrumentation must be approved by the competition committee.


Auditions will be held in the Concert hall on Monday afternoon, January 21, 2013 beginning at 2 p.m. Entries may not be longer than 12 minutes. Students must bring an original copy of their part to the auditions. Accompaniment is not required, but suggested.  There will be 2 rehearsals prior to the concert.


Qualified students may also volunteer to participate in the orchestra. 


Further information and application forms will be available on display and at by Monday, December 10, 2012.  


Application deadline:  January 8, 2013. 


Questions?  Email:


Continuing Individual Lesson Students:  
Time to Re-enroll for Spring 2013!

Re-enrollment forms for continuing students for spring 2013 are available online and at all CMS branch locations.  
Deadline:  Friday, December 14. 

To re-enroll please visit: 

or pick one up at your branch today!


Student, Alumni & Faculty Kudos: 
  • Sea Gira, piano (Gerassimova) received a 1 rating at the District and State Levels of MMTA Pre-collegiate Piano Solo Honors Auditions.
  • Joshua Hart, cello (Lehr & PREP) was awarded third place in the Marie Stillwell Young Artists' Competition and will perform the first movement of the Saint-Sa´┐Żns Cello Concerto in a minor with the Alton Symphony Orchestra on April 20, 2013. 
  • Brett Kim, piano (Z. Ilyashov) was awarded third place in the grade 8 division of the MMTA Pre-collegiate Piano Solo Honors Auditions
  • Akhil Mulakala, piano (Gerassimova) received a 1 rating at the District and State Levels of MMTA Pre-collegiate Piano Solo Honors Auditions.
  • Alexandra Rice, piano (Z. Ilyashov) was selected as the alternate at the state MTNA Junior High Piano Competition.
  • Grant Riew, cello (Lehr) will perform the third movement of Haydn's C Major Cello Concerto with the St. Louis Civic Orchestra on February 16, 2013.
  • Cello Instructor, Cathie Lehr, will be on the jury for the second National Mexican Cello Competition in Monterrey, Mexico from Dec. 15-19, 2012. 


Honor Ensembles


SLSMEA All-Suburban Middle School Band

Jacob Cytron, percussion (Elstner) 

Elyse Duffie, clarinet (York-Garesche)

Keturah Gadson, clarinet (York-Garesche)

Will Goetz, trombone (Frederickson & YPCO) 

Abigail Lakey, trombone (Frederickson)

Alex Mullins, trombone (Frederickson)

Jonathan Padgett, percussion (Elstner & YPSO)
Allie Schneider, percussion (Elstner)

Mtali Sharma, clarinet (York-Garesche)


SLSMEA All-Suburban High School Band

Thomas Barron, trumpet (Souza)

Lena Bohman, clarinet (Myler & YPSO)

Dan Fan, timpani (Elstner) 

Bradley Fargo, clarinet (York-Garesche)
Anne Fried, clarinet (York-Garesche)

Jeremy Glik, snare drum (Elstner) 

Maddie Goedegebuure, flute (Hoyer & YPCO) 

Kristin Gummersheimer, mallets alt (Elstner) 

Miriam Hauptman, mallets (Elstner) 

David Kim, flute (Hoyer) 

Tiffany Lee, clarinet (York-Garesche, YPCO & YPSO) 

Sakura Oyama, flute (Hoyer & YPCO) 

Tim Padgett, timpani (Elstner & PE)

Jacob Pavelka, mallets (Elstner) 

Kentaro Umemori, clarinet (York-Garesche & YPCO)

Risa Umemori, flute (Hoyer & YPCO) 

Claire Waldman, clarinet (York-Garesche)

Curtis Walls, trumpet (Souza)

Abraham Ward, mallets alt (Elstner)

Jeffrey Yung, bass clarinet, alt (York-Garesche)


SLSMEA All-Suburban Middle School Jazz Band

Jacob Cytron, drumset (Elstner) 

Will Goetz, trombone (Frederickson & YPCO) 

Alex Mullins, trombone (Frederickson)

Jonathan Padgett, vibraphone (Elstner & YPSO) 


SLSMEA All-Suburban High School Jazz Band

James McNair, alternate jazz piano (JLE)


SLSMEA All-Suburban Sixth Grade Honors Orchestra

Sophie Zucker, cello (Hornberger)


SLSMEA All-Suburban Middle School Honors Orchestra

Alex Bird, violin (SO) 

Elizabeth Longtine, violin (Horine & Koesterer)

Claire Maher, violin (Gerassimova)

Glen Morgenstern, cello (Lee)

Jennifer Morse, bass (SO)

Juliana Richardson, violin (McGowan) 

Shelby Schulz, violin (SO)

Nikki Seraji, violin (Liu)

Joshua Simelbauer, violin (McDonald)

Jessica Sun, cello (Hornberger) 

Brian Tang, violin (YPCO)


SLSMEA All-Suburban High School Honors Orchestra

Stephen Ahrens, viola (John Thomas, YPSO & PREP) 

Eric Bateman, cello (YPSO)

Sean Byrne, viola (Thayer & PREP)

Anusha Cherupalla, violin (B. Bauer)
Eric Cho, cello (Lehr & PREP)

Will Crock, violin (PREP) 

David DeBruin, bass (YPSO)

Robert Ewers, cello (YPCO)
Layla Foroughi, violin (Keefe) 

Caleb Henry, viola (PREP)

Giyun Kim, violin (YPCO)  

Margaret Madsen, cello (PREP)

Sarah Madsen, cello (YPSO)

Adam Martin, violin (YPSO)

Madeline Martin, viola (YPSO) 

Adam McDonald, violin (PREP)

Maggie Mueller, viola (YPSO) 

Melissa Priese, cello (YPCO)

Matthew Rho, violin (Smart)

Michael Robinson, violin (YPCO) 

Stella Schindler, violin (YPSO)

Maximilian Schindler, viola (B. Bauer & YPSO) 

John Schultz, violin (YPSO)

Emily Spiller, viola (YPCO) 

Ine Suh, violin (YPSO) 

Ally Uchitelle, violin (McDonald & YPCO)


Metro District 8 Middle School Band

Anna Watson, flute (Hoyer)


Metro District 8 High School Band

Michael Cuppett, trumpet (S. Dunlap)

Matthew Fink, timpani (YPCO)

Emily Zhao, flute (Hoyer & YPSO)


Metro District 8 Middle School Jazz Band

Christian McGhee, drumset (Elstner)


Metro District 8 High School Jazz Band

Danny Dwyer, trumpet (JLE)


East Central District #7 High School Band

Garrett Thomas, trumpet (Souza & YPSO)


Illinois District #4 High School Band

Abby McElory, flute (Hoyer & YPCO) 


Please note: this list was provided by teachers and parents.
If you, your student, or your child was selected to participate in an honor ensemble please let us know! We will do our best to include it in next month's c-blast. 

Expressing Gratitude for Our CMS Teachers


"We feel so grateful to the CMS for the fabulous teachers we have had for our children over the past ten years.  Cathie Lehr, Mary Lou Gotman, Angie Smart, and Vera Parkin have all played critical roles in shaping and developing our children's musical experiences.  We cannot thank them enough for their outstanding instruction, support and guidance that have all significantly contributed to our children's love of music and performance." 

-Mary and Dan Riew 


Many families, including the Riews, express their gratitude for the excellent teaching their children receive at the Community Music School by making an annual gift at the holidays in honor of their children's teachers.  If you are looking for a special way to thank your outstanding teacher, consider making a gift to the Community Music School in his or her honor.  It is easy to do online at the link below, or use the pledge card and reply envelope you receive in the mail. Be sure to indicate the name of the person you want to honor, and we will send them a personal note letting them know about your gift. If you have any questions about making tribute gifts, please contact Eric Schramm, development officer for the Community Music School, at (314) 968-5946 or   


Make a Gift

Concerts & Musical Events Happening Around St. Louis....

  • Monday, December 3, 7:00 p.m.:  The Webster University Jazz Singers present "Home for the Holidays" at the Winifred-Moore Auditorium on the campus of Webster University.  CMS instructor Jeremy Pfeffer, bass, will perform with the ensemble. Tickets are $3 at the door.  For more info call 314-968-7032.  
  • Tuesday, December 4, 7:00 p.m.:  Symphony Tuesdays at Tower Grove Park at the Piper Palm House inside Tower Grove Park. No tickets or reservations needed, but seating in the Piper Palm House is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  For more info visit:
  • Thursday, December 13, 8:00 p.m.:  The Sheldon Concert Hall presents "Peter Martin with Special Guest Romero Lubambo" at the Sheldon.  Peter Martin is a CMS alumnus.  Tickets are $50 VIP, $35 orchestra, $30 balcony, student tickets: buy one, get one free (balcony only).  For more info visit:   
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