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December 2015 


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Sunday, December 6th,10:00 am
Murphey Hall
UNC-CH Campus

Each film in the series revolves around a topic of Jewish interest and has been selected for its entertainment value as well as its validity as a basis for discussion of Jewish themes.  Comedies, dramas, musicals, animation, classics and contemporaries, there's something for everyone.  

Come and enjoy the third film in our series, The Front, Martin Ritt's 1976 film about McCarthyism and the Blacklist stars Wood Allen (in his first serious role), Zero Mostel and Herschel Bernardi. This Academy Award nominated film tells the story of an ordinary working man who decides to do something about the pain and trials experienced by blacklisted writers during one of America's darkest times - a tale told with humor which is, unfortunately, all too relevant today.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for: 

        Jan. 10th  CROSSING DELANCY         Presented by Burt Rauch
                     Feb. 7th  A WALK ON THE MOON        Presented by Susan Davis

Saturday, December 12th,10:00 am 
Home of Ev Glatt 
Carolina Meadows Retirement Community 
Chapel Hill, NC

The book group will discuss The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit: A Jewish Family's Exodus from Old Cairo to the New World, by Lucette Lagnado. For more information, contact Lynne Kane (919-960-0983) or

Saturday, December 12th, 5:00-8:00
ERUUF Fellowship Hall
4907 Garrett Road,
Durham, NC
Celebrate Hanukkah with Kol Haskalah! Participate in a Havdalah/Hanukkah service and enjoy eating latkes, a holiday music singalong and an olive oil tasting.
Bring your own menorah for a joint candle lighting moment. Make a menorah at home to enter our annual homemade menorah art exhibit and/or participate in the contest to create your own menorah on site. Bring whatever odds and ends of craft supplies, i.e. paper scraps, popsicle sticks, shoe boxes, glue etc. for others to share in making their creation. Each person who displays their "menorah" will get to pick from a prize bag.
A potluck dinner will finish off the evening. Please bring a dish to share with at least 6-8 people and plan to either come early to help set up tables or stay late to help clean up. Many hands make light work!   Also, if convenient, bring your own plates and cutlery to help the environment.  

We will be collecting winter coats in all sizes as well as non-perishable food items for local food pantries. 
We look forward to celebrating with everyone! Open to the public. Bring your friends!
RSVP to Karen Schinsky at or 919-370-9887. 


There is lots of excitement and discovery happening at Murphey Hall thanks to our terrific faculty, music staff and especially our kids and parents! Shout outs to Paul, Dan and Frank for all the music, and to Dara and Matt and Suzanne and Ofer for providing snacks. Your contributions make Sunday School way cool!  
The Juniors continue to explore the basics of Jewish beliefs, holidays and culture, and the Humanistic Jewish ways of celebrating their Judaism. Last session, they had a great time learning about Shabbat from their guest speaker, Allana. They learned what traditional Jews do and discovered the world of Shabbat - candle lighting, songs, even the havdalah spice box -  the importance of a day each week dedicated to peace, respect for the world and renewal. Now the Juniors are exploring the shared values of Humanistic Judaism and Thanksgiving, and will present what they've learned at Family time.
The Seniors are making great progress with their comparative religion unit. Recently, they heard from a guest speaker about Hinduism - it's terrific that Hannah has been able to provide a series of guests to share personal knowledge of the world's major faiths - and led a very informative Family Time focusing on the Abayudaya, a Jewish community in Uganda, sharing an amazing YouTube video- well worth watching.
This week, the Mitzvah Class is starting the serious and exciting process of preparing the their big days! They're researching opportunities for their Mitzvah projects, volunteer positions at which they put the Jewish values they've been discussing into action, and identifying candidates for their mentors. We saw the results of that process in Sylvia and Sara Gordon's recent B'nai Mitzvah a truly wonderful culmination of all the twins learned in the Kol Haskalah Sunday School. Great job,Sara and Sylvia and mazel tov to all the Gordon/Sessler clan!

Friday, December 25th, 9:00 - 5:30 
Levin JCC 
1937 Cornwallis Road 
Durham, NC
The Jewish Federation of Durham-Chapel Hill in conjunction with local synagogues and Jewish organizations, is proud to be hosting the 10th Annual Mitzvah Day, a day of service where over 500 members of the Jewish community serve over 25 local non-profits. Participate in an exciting day of volunteerism, activism and unity that benefits the entire community; an opportunity to come together and do something meaningful.

Mitzvah Day kicks off with a community breakfast at the Levin JCC at 9:00 am. After breakfast, volunteers depart for their various assignments around the community - cooking meals at local shelters, cleaning parks and trails, delivering gifts to those in need, delivering food to police officers, making blankets for the homeless, visiting the elderly and more.

For more information and to register for Mitzvah Day volunteer opportunities go to:

Going out of town? You can still be a part of Mitzvah Day by donating to our online Tzedakah (charity) box to help pay for food and supplies for projects, or by donating new and used items to those in need through our Diaper Drive and Away for the Holidays program.
Want to be a Project Leader? We still have a few spots left for committed volunteer leaders with strong organizational skills. If interested, please contact Phil Seib,     
To See Other Programs/Events Offered By The Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Federation  
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Sunday, November 27th, 4:15 pm 


This month, please consider helping Kol Haskalah, along with Judea Reform and Beth El, provide dinners to homeless and hungry people in Durham. We serve over 200 people each month and the number keeps growing. We feed all ages, all backgrounds, all religions.


We need donations of 10 tuna casseroles, cookies, 14 large cans of green beans (Costco size),  2 large cans of sweetened iced tea mix, 12 cups of shredded cheese and peanut butter and jelly (there are so many kids now!) and 3 large bottles of Ranch or Italian salad dressing. 


You can drop off the food at Judea Reform by Friday, December 25th or take supplies directly to the shelter on Sunday, December 27th. Please let me know what you can donate so I can coordinate with the other congregations. Contact Francis Presma at or 919-451-6207. We would love to have more participation from Kol Haskalah in this mitzvah. 


Also, please consider joining the prep crew to prepare and serve meals to help the needy and hungry; it's fun and a minimal time commitment. We begin at 4:15 p.m. and are usually finished by 5:45. Children over 13 (and Pre-Bar and Bat Mitzvah) may use time to participate in making or buying food for these dinners as part of their community service activities. What better way to teach what Humanistic Judaism really means. Contact Frances Presma at if you would like to sign up.



Tuna Casserole Recipe


2 bags of noodles (any kind)

3 carrots and 3 celery stalks, chopped

2 large cans of cream of mushroom soup (Food Lion has their own brand)

6-7 cans of chunk light tuna, drained


Cook noodles, blend all ingredients together, put in disposable tin (one really big or two medium ones). You can deliver anytime to Judea Reform for them to freeze in advance or deliver fresh on Sunday to the Community kitchen. So easy! Prepare when you have



We continue to collect non-perishable foods for the food banks and old towels/blankets for the animal shelters. We also collect soaps, shampoos, etc. (all those samples that we get and never use) and donate them to the Durham Women's shelter. Please bring to any congregation event. We will deliver for you!   

Renee and Burt Rauch  

    12/02   Tovah Wax
    12/04   Abby Zachary
    12/07   Jenn Sessler
    12/12   Holden Krueger
    12/19   Naomi Lehavot
    12/22   Milo Davis
    12/28   Rena Zita







I f you have, or know of, member life events that you would like to share with your Kol Haskalah community, let me know at

 ... AND  IN  YOU ~


To all our members: If you or someone in your family could use community support, please contact us at to let us know what we can do or If you're in a position to offer some help.




Tributes are greetings,  thank yous, or other messages from members to members acknowledging celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries or other events with a donation to Kol Haskalah in that person's name. We ask that a minimum donation be $10 per greeting.

Please send tribute notices and checks, made out to Kol Haskalah, to:
Barbara Flink, Kol Haskalah Treasurer, 10100 Rock Hollow Road, #108, Raleigh, NC 27617


Unless otherwise noted, events occur at
Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

  4907 Garrett Road

Durham, NC 


    6/10 mile east of 15-501, on the left 


Click for directions/parking info


  Seder and large celebrations are in the Fellowship Hall at the front of the complex  


Shabbat celebrations are in Classrooms 4 & 5 at the back of the Care Building, at the rear of the campus.