Connecting for Collective Impact

As we head into the end of 2017, all of us here at the California Breastfeeding Coalition would like to take a moment to reflect back on the year. Amid hardships and tragedies here at home and abroad, and much political and cultural shifting - we pause to focus on the accomplishments and progress in breastfeeding and lactation made here in our shared home of California. In many ways, the Golden State continues to lead and be a model for "the way forward" in breastfeeding. Let's look at some of our moves forward in 2017:
  • 10 new hospitals received Baby-Friendly Designation bringing our total number to 98 hospitals statewide (continuing to be the most in the nation!) Read more here...
  • SB 63, the New Parent Leave Act, was signed into law, and starting January 1, 2018 n ew parents working in businesses with 20 or more employees will have job protection when they take time to bond with a new child - birth, adoption, or foster! Read more here...
  • ACR 113 officially declares August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month in the state of California!  Read more here...
We look forward to celebrating ALL our collective leaps at next month's
California doesn't lead the nation by resting on our laurels. The Summit is a unique opportunity to accomplish things together on a statewide level:
          • Learn about evidence-based practices
          • Collect and share new resources
          • Establish new connection
          • Network with colleagues from throughout the state
In our ever-evolving public health climate, the Summit is a place for us to stay informed about State and National policies that impact breastfeeding including:
  • The legalization of marijuana
  • Current breastfeeding and birth data
  • Baby-Friendly and Model Hospital Policy implementation updates
  • Creative strategies to support breastfeeding
  • Media controversies and digital campaigns in breastfeeding and much more!

I personally look forward to seeing everyone in San Diego next month. On behalf of the staff and board of the California Breastfeeding Coalition, I wish you all a peaceful year-end and give a heartfelt thank you for the work and love you put into our common mission and vision. Together we CAN break down all barriers to breastfeeding in our great state!


Robbie Gonzalez-Dow,  MPH, RD, CLE
Executive Director
California Breastfeeding Coalition
8th Annual California Breastfeeding Summit
Join us in San Diego and become an active part of the breastfeeding movement in California!
EARLY BIRD Registration ends December 23rd!

Make sure to bookmark this CBC website page for updates:

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Calling all Sponsors & Exhibitors!
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Calling all Breastfeeding Coalitions, Hospitals, Community Clinics and Community Agencies
Sharing table opportunities 
to share an activity or project that supports breastfeeding to increase local breastfeeding rates and to remove barriers by addressing the  Surgeon General's Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding 
with a focus on advocacy, breastfeeding and communication activities at any level of change.

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Calling Local Breastfeeding Coalitions!
We want to showcase YOU- the local coalitions, collaboratives, and consortiums. Apply for a Golden Nugget Award so that can recognize your hard work, grassroots efforts, accomplishments, and challenges.

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Highlighting Advocates Presenting at 2018 California Breastfeeding Summit
"State of the State of Breastfeeding in California" 
"Supplementation of Breastfed Infants - If Not for Medical Indication Then for What?" 
"Do Formula Marketers Use Social Media to Undermine Breastfeeding?" 
"Mobilizing mothers and communities for social change using social media" 
Opportunities for Strengthening Lactation Accommodation Enforcement and Implementation
"Culture, Trauma and Breastfeeding: How it is all Connected"
Camie Jae Goldhammer, MSW, LICSW, IBCLC
"Using Videos to Provide Birth & Breastfeeding Education" 
Peter Cardellichio, PhD, Global Media Health Project
"Addressing Fear-Based Negative Breastfeeding Campaigns" 
Kimberly Seals-Allers
"Strategies for Providing Inclusive Lactation Care for LGBTQ Families"
Gina Buccolo, IBCLC
"The Future of Breastfeeding Promotion and Support in the Current Political Environment"
Locally and around the world
CDC: "2015 Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) data" (Breastfeeding in Infant Health section) 
Breastfeeding Education throughout California
California continuing education programs presented by local and regional breastfeeding coalitions, community-based organizations, and health care and educational institutions. If you would like your program listed, please email Robbie at

Together we are working towards a vision of no barriers to breastfeeding in California