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Congratulations to:
Ashley Fuller 

This month we asked you to submit your awkward santa photos!
Congratulations to Ashely Fuller for her adorable submission of her sweet baby girl!   
A special thank you to all who participated!
Keep scrolling to see our January Photo Contest, as well as some other exciting news for our residents! 
Manager's Message
Merry Christmas and Happy New YEAR to All

I really don't want to be the Scrooge this month; however, I want to make sure all residents can enjoy the holidays, parks, and neighborhoods at Morrison Ranch.
We continue to receive complaints regarding dogs not being leashed and pet owners not cleaning up after their pets. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF YOUR MORRISON RANCH NEIGHBORS AND FRIENDS. Even if your pet is "very friendly" not all dogs respond well when approached by another dog and not all people are comfortable with a dog running up to them. It is both an ordinance and a courtesy.

One way traffic - If you are new to Morrison Ranch you may not be aware that Park Avenue, Morrison Ranch Parkway, and Bloomfield Parkway are one-way streets. It may be a bit inconvenient to go the long way around, however, it is dangerous to go the wrong way on a one-way street.

Private Parties-  If you are planning a private party at one of the Morrison Ranch parks or ramadas, please reserve the ramada through the association office. If you have a team that practices on Morrison Ranch fields or basketball courts, these must be registered with the association office. This assures that we have the proper insurance in place to protect the association, and helps other residents know when there are private parties. The event calendar is posted on the MyMorrisonRanch.org website, so you can look to see which parks are available.

Thank you for your cooperation during the over seeding season. All areas have been overseeded and the last areas should be ready for group activity in the next two weeks. The landscapers will continue to fill in areas that did not come in well.

Replacement trees will be planted in February and March.
The association office will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, December 25 and 26; and on January 1 and 2. The after hours call number is 602-234-9288 and should be contacted for immediate assistance when the office is closed.

Cheryl Miller 
Community Manager
History of Morrison Ranch
Uncle Hugh's Home 
Howard Morrison, Board of Directors

This is one of our favorite early photos of Morrison Farms.  This was taken obviously from the top of the grain tanks looking north possibly around 1970.  It may be hard to see many details, but Red Mountain is in the background center.  The only single family homes (other than the farmstead) that can just be seen here are the large lot ranchettes that set just north of Higley Groves, just north of the SRP power lines.  Who knew that one day one of those homes would be on TV in a home-make-over show!
The complex in the center left is the site of Hugh Nichols' home.  This is where the red brick home still stands today just east of the Bashas' center.  Hugh Nichols is our generation's Great Uncle.  He was our Grandmother's, Leatha Nichols Morrison, brother.  In a sense he is to blame for the Morrisons staying in Gilbert.
After a brief stint in the area, our Grandfather, Howard C. Morrison, went to California. After an unsuccessful try at dairy farming, he came back through Arizona.  Hugh Nichols invited him to stay and farm with him, and the rest, is as we say, history!
Hugh Nichols was quite the character.  He was a farmer, inventor, and miner.  He created a bird sanctuary on the home site.  He had a pen of white deer next to his front yard that attracted a great deal of attention from local tourists.  There were always peacocks roaming the place.  He even built a plane that had engines that could rotate for it to take off vertically.  We wished we had many more pictures of his home place.  
Community with Character Award
December Award Winner
Tasha Fink, Communications Coordinator

Each month we recognize neighbors who exemplify why we are a "community with character." This month, The Morrison Ranch Community with Character Award goes to Heidi Duffy!

 "The act of giving without expectation of something in return is the definition of true kindness."  A very special form of giving takes the form of small, personal acts of kindness. There could be no truer words to describe Heidi Duffy.

Each year, in November, Heidi collects blankets and coats for those who have no 
shelter or relief from our chilly winter nights. This all started with a service project that her children were a part of, which took brown bag meals to the streets of down town Phoenix. After meeting and getting to know these people, as a family,  they decided they wanted to do something more.  She says: 'We knew there wasn't much we could do to fix their situation but we wanted to aide them in the best way we knew how. To think of anyone out in the cold freezing at night is something that just weighs on me during the cold months. So each fall we head to the area just east of the Capitol Building downtown where a lot of the homeless population congregates and hand out hot coffee, snacks, blankets and coats until we run out." In most recent years, Heidi has gathered many coats and blankets from residents here in Morrison Ranch. This year she will be heading down town on December 23 to once again, bless those in need. If you, or anyone you know would like to contribute, please contact the association office and we can put you in touch with her. 
Thank you, Heidi for inspiring us all to give more this Holiday Season. You are a shining example of what our Morrison Ranch Community with Character award is all about!
Do you have an incredible neighbor you'd like to nominate for our Community With Character Award? Email tfink@ccmcnet.com to submit your nomination. Winner receives Harkins Movie passes and a feature article in our monthly Newsletter!

Lifestyle Update

Ho ho ho! Thank you to everybody who came out to our Mrs. Claus event this week! Our annual neighborhood holiday party is always such a blast and this year was no exception! The renowned lights of Christmas on Comstock are the perfect backdrop to this event and we are so grateful to the neighbors who pour so much time and energy into decking our streets and opening up their driveways for this signature Morrison Ranch event! If you weren't already in the holiday spirit, hopefully you are now!

After a fall full of fun events, we are giving you a break for a few weeks. We know you'll be busy spending time with your families and friends and we will be doing the same with ours! But come January, it's on!
We're excited to announce two new events that we will be bringing you in 2018 that we think you will love!

In January we are hosting our first-ever Morrison Ranch's Got Talent! Mark your calendars for Saturday, January 27th because you won't want to miss this one! If you've "got talent" (which is unfortunately not a camp I fall into!), start preparing your act! We're looking for singers, dancers, magicians, jugglers, tumblers, and anybody with enough chutzpah to showcase their skills on stage! Stay tuned for more details!

On Saturday, February 24th you'll want to come out to Elliot Groves Amphitheater for Bike-A-Palooza! BMX pros (and former X-Games participants) from StuntMasters will be putting on a ramp show featuring high-flying flips, crazy stunts and extreme entertainment-just for Morrison Ranch! We'll be raffling off a new bike and a helmet just for registering for this free event! We encourage you to roll over to Elliot Groves Park for this event because after the show and after signing some autographs, there will be a "Bike With The Pros" around the neighborhood!
We hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your families and loved ones this year! It's the time of year when we tend to think about all of the things we are grateful for, and at Morrison Ranch, we are so thankful for you. It is because of YOU that this neighborhood is so special and all of our events are so wonderful and fun.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our Morrison Ranch family to yours!

Brought to you by the Arizona Landscape Contractors' Association, and the Arizona Certified Landscape Professional program (ACLP) www.ALCA.org.

Will winter ever arrive? Someone needs to remind Mother Nature that the Desert Southwest wants to experience cooler temperatures at some point. With all our warm fall, plants that normally go dormant have continued to grow, putting some frost-sensitive plants at risk of freezing back when our winter finally does arrive. A plant's 'hardiness' is its cold temperature threshold: the more 'hardy' the plant is, the more tolerant it is to cold temperatures. Here are some frost facts to know when preparing your landscape for the (possibly) cold Arizona winters:
  • Frosts occur in Phoenix area anytime from late November until late March
  • Coldest time of day is just after the sun comes up
  • Cloud cover can protect from frost damage by trapping warm air close to earth
  • Calm, clear nights (no wind or clouds) pose the greatest danger of frost
  • Low lying areas get more frost (hot air rises)
There are a number of frost protection strategies, including frost blankets, anti-transpirant foliar sprays and even Christmas lights can warm cold-sensitive plants. Frost blankets seem to be the favorite choice in our region, providing up to 8-9 degrees of protection. However, they are often used incorrectly, just covering the top of the plant, which unfortunately does not provide any protection from the cold. Here are a few helpful hints to make sure you are using protective frost blankets correctly:
  • Use cloth or paper, never use plastic!oSheets or blankets, should be removed dailyoFrost cloth can be left on for a few days
  • Drape plant from top all the way to the ground
  • Do not allow any openings (trap heat rising from ground under cloth)- this is the most important part of proper covering
  • Do not gather the drape around trunk
  • Allow drape to cover all the way out to drip line, if possible
  • Wrap trunks of young citrus trees loosely to the ground (can be left all winter)
Additional steps to help protect your plants from the cold:
  • Christmas lights at bottom of plant can radiate heat
  • Water under canopy adds heat: when water cools, energy is released=heat!
  • Don't fertilize- new growth is more sensitive to frost damage
  • Don't prune- don't prune sensitive plants until after threat of frost(late February)
  • Don't overprotect- allow plants to harden off, gradually expose to cold weather 


Curb Appeal Award
The "Curb Appeal" Award is Morrison Ranch's Yard of the Month. Winners are awarded a small token of our appreciation for taking pride in their yard and representing Morrison Ranch by maintaining their property, giving it excellent curb appeal. 

December Curb Appeal is awarded to:
4268 E. Amber

Thank you for adding value to Morrison Ranch.

Do you have a neighbor that you think deserves the Curb Appeal Award?
Please send nominations to: Tasha Fink at   tfink@ccmcnet.com.  
Those who nominate their neighbors will also be put into a drawing for a prize.
Moms Club

New to Morrison Ranch? Are you also a Mom? Did you know that we have an active group for neighborhood Moms? We plan fun events throughout the year for Moms, Parents, and the entire family. 

In the past, we have had some fantastic Parent's Night Out at Dierks Bentley, Top Golf, and Game Night. We also host Annual events, and plan lots of "Moms only" events too such as Bunco, Meet & Greets, Book Club, and more.
Make sure to check us out on Facebook and our website  MorrisonRanchMoms.com 
for all the latest.  More importantly, we and hope to see you all at an upcoming event!
Upcoming Events
How the Grinch Stole 
Merry Morrison Ranch 5K
December 16th

Join us for our 2nd Annual Merry Morrison Ranch 5k. Hosted by Residents Rick and Lisa Ampil. Weather you walk, run,or jog, this is an event for the entire family!  Register Here

Morrison Ranch's Got Talent 
January 27th 
@ALA Auditorium

We KNOW Morrison Ranch has got talent and it's high time we feature it!
We are looking for musicians, magicians, dancers .... basically, if you've got a talent, we want to see it!  Join us for this amazing night featuring YOU! 

Auditions to be held the beginning of January, or, you can send your audition video to  Tfink@ccmcnet.com by January 4th. 

February 24
@Elliot Groves Amphitheater

BMX pros and former X-Games participants from StuntMasters will be putting on a ramp show featuring high-flying flips, crazy stunts and extreme entertainment-just for Morrison Ranch! We'll be raffling off a new bike and a helmet just for registering for this free event! We encourage you to roll over to Elliot Groves Park for this event because after the show and after signing some autographs, there will be a "Bike With The Pros" around the neighborhood.

Bulk Trash
Bulk Trash pick up is the week of the third Monday of each month. December Bulk Trash is the week of  December 18- 21. To ensure pick-up, please have all items placed on the curb, off of the mow strip by 5:00am on  Monday morning. Bulk items may only be placed during the week of pick up, not before, and not after.
See below for the 2017 Bulk Trash Calendar. Morrison Ranch is GREEN ZONE 3.
For additional information on Bulk Trash pick-up,
Photo Contest
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