December 2017 
Dear friends of MMHS,
Our 18th Annual Winter Celebration was a perfect day of beautiful weather, a wide variety of music and activities, a  thousand visitors being welcomed by several dozen volunteers - and lots of history being shared and learned right here in the Walter Jones Historical Park.
I have been reflecting on this day and was just overwhelmed with the amount of positive spirit and generosity that was displayed  all over the park. It takes a tremendous amount of commitment and work to make an event like this successful but everybody did their job joyfully. We are so grateful to ALL who participated in any way - our own team of volunteers, the non-profit groups, the Maple Leaf divers, the sponsors and the visitors who came out to enjoy the day.
Check-out  photos of the day on our Facebook page,  
I'd like to give a big shout-out of gratitude to the Mandarin Garden Club for their faithful and outstanding decorating of the farmhouse in an old-fashioned and natural way. It brings the place alive every year. They went above and beyond this year. Thank you for all your time and effort to make a beautiful view for the community to enjoy.  
The photos seen here are of our own MMHS youth volunteers, Camiya and Camille, Harleigh, Miguel and not pictured here, Francesca. I chose to feature them for several reasons: because they care about their community; they are extremely talented; they are generous of their time; they are amazing young people and THEY ARE OUR FUTURE!
They give us hope that the love of this community, its heritage and all the important and fascinating stories will go on and on into the future. Thank you especially to them for their involvement with us - we love you all. 
Sandy Arpen 

Allstate Foundation
and agent Randall Bogani
Fresh Market
Julington Creek Fish Camp
State Farm Insurance - agent Jim Register
Metro Diner
Fisherman's Dock Seafood
Marks Gray - John Crawford, Esquire
Marco's Pizza
Edward Jones - Mitch Wright
Pink Nickel
Douglas - Haute Headz Hair Studio
Ace Hardware
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YOUR museum.
Farmhouse decorated for Winter Celebration
Just in case you missed the beautiful job done by the  
Mandarin Garden Club! Thank you! 
Looking Back on November
We had a great morning doing a special frog painting with the Mandarin Women's Club. What a great group! They had a wonderful time making their own unique frog creations and we had a fun time being with them.  

The Third Thursday lecture, occurring a few days after Veteran's Day, honored Pvt. Marion Losco. The speaker was Pail Ghiotto, who had an excellent presentation about his book "A Soldier's Story." Be sure to see the exhibit at the museum about Marion, based on his letters home from France during World War I.

And our orange crop was coming in right on time. All is well!

Thank you to all!

Meet our Accessions Team!
Back row L to R - Connie, Pam, and  Lynn
Front -  "Pooch"
"They are our unsung heroes," says Sandy Arpen when she describes the four women who volunteer their time to identify and record the accessions that come into the Mandarin Museum.
Those women, Pam Neumann, Barb Pucci, Lynn MacEwen and Connie Hendricks spend each Tuesday afternoon in the Museum office and accessions area. And what exactly do they do?
Every item that has been donated to or obtained by the museum is entered into a computer software accessions management program called PastPerfect. Initially and for many years, all accessions had been entered by hand on index cards.
After Sandy started working with accessions, she realized there was a huge backlog of handwritten cards that needed to be entered into the PastPerfect database. She knew that her sister-in-law, Pam Neumann's education, experience and interest in research would be perfect for this project, and recruited her as a volunteer.
A lifelong resident of Mandarin, Pam spent some years as a public school librarian before she became a medical librarian at the University of Florida Health Science Center/Jacksonville. She retired in 2006 as an Associate University Librarian Emerita.
Pam says, "Soon after I had started this project, Lynn MacEwen joined me and together
we were finally able to get everything entered into PastPerfect.  Once this was accomplished, I printed out an inventory of our items and Pooch (Barb Pucci) began her physical inventory of the collection.   
Lynn MacEwen says "I love Mandarin and I love history. As a retiree, I wanted to keep up with my people and computer skills. So our museum offered a perfect combination of things to interest me and to keep me in touch."
She retired from a software development and training company in 2010. For the last 15 years of her career, she was the Senior Sales Manager selling booth space, sponsorships, and advertising to vendors who attended the company's training and development conferences at various locations nationwide. In addition to working on the accessions project, Lynn volunteers as a docent at the Museum. . 
Using PastPerfect is interesting and challenging. It is surprisingly difficult to name ordinary items, when you must be accurate and meticulous as required by PastPerfect. Lynn and Pam recounted a time when printing out the inventory, they discovered a database entry for a piece of "gingerbread" which was categorized as a "food fragment." They decided that it was more likely a piece of decorative house trim called "gingerbread," thus they changed the item category to "building material."  However, the item hasn't yet been found in inventory to definitively learn its true perhaps we do somewhere have the remains of some long-ago meal!
Barb Pucci (or Pooch as she is known) moved to this area about 40 years ago from Pennsylvania. She spent 30 years in the mortgage servicing and servicing-related industries before she retired. "I have always been a detail-oriented and project-specific person," she said. "When I knew Sandy needed the accessions inventoried, I thought it was a perfect fit."
Over the last 4-1/2 years Pooch has endeavored to match each item in the farmhouse, barn, winery, schoolhouse and museum with its corresponding entry in PastPerfect. She is currently working on the Store and Post Office inventory.
Pooch's "partner in crime" for this project is our newest volunteer, Connie Hendricks. Raised in a small midwestern town, Connie has been a resident of Mandarin since the early 1970s. Her career was in the airline and insurance industries.
"Sandy was the leader of my daughter's Girl Scout troop. After I retired, I saw a newspaper article about the Museum and its need for volunteers. I recognized Sandy's name and photo and contacted her," says Connie.
"I'm more of a behind-the-scenes person, so I was thrilled when Sandy suggested I might enjoy working with accessions. She was right."
The inventory process is meticulous. Pooch and Connie look at each item in a building and find the PastPerfect number if it is marked. Then they measure the item, photograph it, and update the description on the printed inventory sheet, which is returned to Pam and Lynn to enter into PastPerfect. After all the numbered items have been matched up, then t hey'll have the task of researching those unnumbered items in order to complete the project.
Because so much effort is put into the inventory process, Pooch has a request of our volunteers. "If you move something, please, please make a note and leave it in the museum office so that we can correct the item location."
We really appreciate the countless hours these women give to the museum. As Sandy says, "they are our unsung heroes."
Paula Suhey

We will be open every Saturday in December and we have a terrific selection of books and art - all by local artists and authors or about local topics.

Just in for the season is our brand new Mandarin History Throw. This soft woven throw is a one-of-a-kind item. As you can see, it highlights many of Mandarin's historical structures. These large throws are $75. which includes shipping and tax costs. Someone in your family would LOVE this! It also makes a great graduation present for a young person going off to college. We have them in stock at the museum gift shop.

We also feature local artists Brenda Councill (including this special framed oil painting of Harriet Beecher Stowe's home), Julie Fetzer (a variety of Mandarin scenes, including this sign), John Kenning (Store and PO of the 1950s) and Lucinda Halsema (Mandarin scenes in pen and ink). This year's newest print is one of the schoolhouse done by Dorothy Greene to honor her granddaughter's work and passion for the building Some of these items are illustrated below.

We have books about the Maple Leaf, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Marion Losco, Mandarin's history and William Webb and much, much more.

We do have some Mandarin Frogs, about 18, left after the Winter Celebration. Still a good selection of colors.

And, the 2017 ornament is available, featuring the Mandarin Pharmacy, once located on San Jose Blvd. and Loretto Road, where the Taco Bell is now located.

Surprise someone you love with a hand made, unique and special gift for the holidays.



Mandarin Museum and the 1898 St. Joseph's Mission Schoolhouse for African-American Children are open every Saturday  from 9-4 in Walter Jones Historical Park - (11964 Mandarin Road) 
The Mandarin Store and Post Office (12471 Mandarin Road) is open monthly from 12-4 on the 1st Saturday of the month.   

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May you and your family be filled with 
the peace, love and joy of the holidays.
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