'Twas the Night Before Closure
This winter break, let your office appliances take a break as well by using the downloadable checklist above to guide your shutdown preparations. Our actions add up. For example, the College of Liberal Arts will be unplugging their hallway electronic signboards for the break, avoiding over $53 in electricity costs. Imagine the savings if this effort was applied campus wide. We can be good stewards of our environmental and financial resources with your help.
To help lighten your step, please enjoy this year's version of 'Twas the Night Before Closure' which GT member Ned Balzer penned. We hope you find it a humorous reminder of some sustainable actions you can take before leaving for vacation.

Feeling creative? Download the Word file for the full poem below and send us your edits for next year!

'Twas the night before closure, and all through the hall,
Not a workstation buzzed, not a phone made a call
The coffee pots were unplugged in the kitchen with care,
With hopes that the electric current would not soon be there
The compact fluorescent was snug in its plug,
No current was flowing, it pooled with a shrug...

Penn Staters can organize a low-waste event with three easy steps: purchase compostable products, invite your guests to help and sort items with ease. Watch this video as we walk you through the steps.

Accepting a challenge from Chancellor Kevin Snider, New Kensington became the firstcampus to have 100 percent of their faculty and staff successfully achieve Level Onecertification by Penn State's Sustainability Institute's Green Paws program. Since April 1, campus teams have been reducing waste and saving energy. "Sustainability is one of the focus areas in our strategic plan," Snider said. "We can succeed in improving our overall sustainability on campus with simple, relatively easy steps that require only small changes on our part."

The Climate 25: General Charles Jacoby
The Climate 25: General Charles Jacoby
With the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (aka COP21) occurring in Paris right now, we found this series of videos on climate change from the Weather Channel.

This video features retired U.S. Army General Charles Jacoby, who believes that while the issue of climate change has become "politicized," he says that, as a soldier, that doesn't affect his views on the subject. "For me, I deal with what's happening." And what's happening, according to the distinguished combat veteran and four-star general, is climate change.

Levi Strauss & Co. has partnered with Goodwill to offer free shipping labels and monetary contributions for each box of donated clothing during the holiday season.

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"We often don't give much attention to the food we consume. Grabbing a bite on the go or chowing down a meal are automatic actions based largely on appealing flavors and rumbles in our stomachs. Similarly, we often don't give much attention to the food we waste - which, annually, weighs close to 4.5 times the combined weight of every human being on the planet."

With that in mind, Ensia Magazine created this infographic with some surprising food waste statistics and suggestions for how you can reduce food waste in your own home.

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This Huffington Post Blog reminds us that sometimes the best gifts aren't presents, but experiences.
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